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    Help ID please

    William the Lion Scottish cut halfpenny
  2. Nap

    Edward I Groat

  3. Nap

    SPINK AUCTION - 29/01/19

    Ceolwulf I was reasonable and I regret not bidding on it. Remarkable provenance.
  4. Northumbrian coins can be linked to other Saxon coins as well, as well as other coins of the contemporary 8th-9th century. Here is a coin of Aethelred II of Northumbria by the moneyer Leofthegn, featuring a hound, compared with a series K sceat of Kent from nearly 100 years before. The "hound" creature is very similar on the two coins.
  5. Interesting, this looks like a brand new type. And a large hoard to boot
  6. Nap

    SPINK AUCTION - 29/01/19

    Williams IV was weaker than the other portions of the sales. Less interest in the specialty collection probably led to less interest in the main auction.
  7. Nap

    massive hoard unearthed

    All the Harolds. This issue seemed to be getting "less rare" even without this hoard (yes I know they were never that rare to begin with). I guess in retrospect it was fortuitous to have not purchased a Harold II penny yet. Even if this hoard goes to a museum in entirety, the knowledge that there are so many floating around will surely impact the prices. Well maybe it will.