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  1. My dream hammered coin! <3

    never say never ....sometimes the burgain is behind the corner. anyway this is my dream english hammered coin : the famous Henry III gold penny... I gave a lecture on it
  2. very nice acquisition Congratulations
  3. in my opinion 271£ for the coin above is in proportion more expensive than the first coin of this discussion ... that I don't think is too bad this one for example was sold by Spink in September 2014 for 450 + rights
  4. Edward III Penny

    In my modest opinion ,it's a normal Ed III treaty-period penny Type B1, according to Stewartby's book.
  5. Just to let you know - my "The Gold Soverign" book arrived today. I think you will like it.

  6. Lombardic or Roman n/N

    Thanks .. It's quite funny that here in Italy we don't usually use that term .
  7. Lombardic or Roman n/N

    Just a normal roman N for me , although the image is not very clear. I would like to know why it is used the term Lombardic to identify that type of N
  8. Edward Penny from last night

    I personally , would go for the father. Look at the crown and the letter E in particular .
  9. Edward penny ? identification

    yes , also the portrait is quite different
  10. Edward penny ? identification

    It's doesn't seem an english emission , I'd go for a contemporary continental penny
  11. Edwardian pennies

    Hi nice lot Let's start with a first part I'd say n° 1 : Ed I, Durham class 4c n° 2 : Ed I, Newcastle class 10ab n° 3 : Ed I, Canterbury class 3g - egg-waisted S n° 4 : Ed I, Lincoln maybe class 3g or 3cd I'm not sure... for others ? n° 5 : Ed I, London I'd say always 3 cd.
  12. lovely jubbly

    Amazing can we see all ?
  13. Looking at the shape of the letter S I'd go for a class 3g too . In particular I'd say 3g1 with S.2. ( North 167-170)
  14. Penny 1874

    Perfect ! Thanks a lot
  15. Hi all A member of the italian forum asked a correct id. of this penny that he found in a lot of coins . We don't know well these coins , I'd go for a 7+ G but I am not sure, what do you think ? Thanks in advance