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  1. Small Coin Holders <18mm

    You could try with the plastic capsule for the 1 euro cent coin. They have a 16.5mm diameter. As example http://www.masterphil.it/products/506-capsule.aspx
  2. Status of new Book

    read the last posts
  3. Ed I Dublin, penny.

    Just received it
  4. Catalog Christie's Milan 2003

    Hi I am looking for this auction catalog held in Milan in 2003. If you have a spare copy and you want to sell it, please contact me
  5. Ed I Dublin, penny.

    Hi all this is my last acquisition of the year , a new Edwardian Irish penny Unfortunatly I have only the seller's images , when I will have the coin in my hands I will post better photos. Even if the conservation is not very high I decided to buy it due to the fact that, in my opinion, this is a quite scarce variant of the common class 1b, without the dot before EDW ( Stewartby writes: "rarerly omitted" ) and with the gothic "N" in the reverse legend.
  6. Lovely Eddie farthing

    ops ... sorry , I didn't read carefully ...
  7. Lovely Eddie farthing

    Really nice Congrats
  8. Battle of Hastings coin bars

    they seem to reproduces parts of the famous Bayeux Tapestry if you like medieval stuffs why don't you buy an original medieval coin ? just for et xample this nice penny today has been sold for 260 + BP £ at DNW. https://www.dnw.co.uk/auctions/catalogue/lot.php?auction_id=467&lot_id=243&backto=cabinet
  9. small medieval silver - ID help

    did you consider the hypothesis of a contemporary forgery ? The style of letters seems quite good but the position of some of them looks anomalous ..
  10. Recent aquisitions

    Genoa 5 soldi 1648 This coin was struck only in 1648.
  11. Lot 74 - Baldwins

    This option is not possible considering that he wrote: " I was the highest bidder at 460 pounds just before the live auction bidding started "...
  12. Help With Hammered

    You can't find on the Galata Guide because It is Ed III. Sorry but at the moment I can't give you a more detailed id.
  13. Unknown hammered token/coin

    it is Saint Martin ( read : SANCTVS MARTINVS ) .... pope Martin has nothing to do with this coin
  14. Few recent finds

    Congratulations for all your nice finds you're lucky to be allowed to do it ! This last denarius is really nice , if I am not wrong should be this http://www.wildwinds.com/coins/sear5/s6605.html#RIC_0629
  15. My dream hammered coin! <3

    never say never ....sometimes the burgain is behind the corner. anyway this is my dream english hammered coin : the famous Henry III gold penny... I gave a lecture on it