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  1. Matteo95

    Recent aquisitions

    Italy Carlo Emanuele III Coinage for the Sardinia Half Reale 1769
  2. Matteo95

    Henry Vi farting?

    I think that a comparison with the image of the coin sold at auction could be quite clear. The pellets shape and their distribution in the inner circles are quite different as well as the shape of some letters, see the S for example.
  3. Matteo95

    Henry Vi farting?

    I would go for a fake . The dies seem to be engraved and not produced with the use of punches
  4. Matteo95

    Bu 2021 sovereign

    Absolutely. They have discovered this new business and now they are maximizing it .. the problem is that many of these new sovereigns are bought for speculative purpose In any case, just to be precise this is still a 2020 dated emission , for the 2021 it has been announced the proof one https://www.royalmint.com/sovereign/2021/the-sovereign-2021/
  5. Matteo95

    Elizabeth Half Groat on CCF.

    Also, the V of CIVITAS seems to be an A upside down
  6. Beautiful coin! Congratulations
  7. Matteo95

    Flatbed scanners

    last year I bought a cheap digital microscope on amazon ... at first, I was quite disappointed but then I started to get better results and now I use it very often, especially on small coins. Here an example ( diameter is 12 mm)
  8. here the lot 141 description In any case During the 1960s and 1970s material from the celebrated Archbishop Sharp Collection was sold through the agency of dealers A.H. Baldwin & Sons, and Owen Parsons of Gloucester. There were auctions of Continental Coins (Sotheby & Co., 14 March 1966) and the particularly important English Coins and Medals Charles I – Anne (and Colonial Coins) held by Glendining & Co., 5 October 1977.
  9. First of all, congratulations for your penny .. I really like it. If I remember right a first part of the Sharp collection was sold in a older auction , when I came back to home I check it.
  10. Matteo95

    Flatbed scanners

    I think that depends also on the type of coins that you have to photograph .. generally speaking scanner tends to flat the highest details of the coin and have some problems when the coins are very small and/or very dark. Also with gold coins I got bad results.
  11. Matteo95

    thoughts on ebay sale

    Honestly, I wouldn't buy it .. It reminds me a series of fake Italian coins
  12. just received from @Rob my first victorian farthing
  13. Beautiful coin ! Unfortunately I can't help you. Maybe is it possible that this piece was bought directly from Stack's shop ?