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  1. Matteo95

    Recent aquisitions

    Genoa, Grosso da 6 denari ( 1215 - 1230 ca. ) , 1.67 gr. Ob: + • IA • NV • A • Re: • CVNRADI REX Ref: CNI 101. Lunardi 4. MIR 12.
  2. Matteo95

    Export License

    Yes I think you are right... Before I was thinking that this is not my first coin from a UK hoard , however they are not so recents ( 90s ) and so even there are papers dedicated they can't be in the system.
  3. Matteo95

    Export License

    Thanks Rob , yes there is also here in Italy a similar procedure . However I was wondering why in this case it has been requested while for many others coins I bought ( in some cases also older and rarer ) not. Does it just depends by different auction policies or during the the last months it is changed something ?
  4. Matteo95

    Export License

    Hi all At the last Timeline auction I won this lot https://www.sixbid.com/browse.html?auction=4534&category=128220&lot=3720093 attracted in particular by his provenance . Anyway I see from the auction's website that it is has been requested the export license for this lot; do you know more or less how much time is requested to obtain it ? I bought dozens of time from UK auctions but this is the first time that happens to me , is it a consequence of Brexit ?? Thanks to all Matteo
  5. Matteo95

    Eliz. shilling id

    Yes I made confusion ...Perfect !! Thanks a lot
  6. Matteo95

    Eliz. shilling id

    Hi all, A frind of mine bought this shilling few days ago and asked me to help him to classify it correctly. Unfortunately I am away from home where I have all the books. Could you help me please , giving same references ? Thanks Matteo
  7. Matteo95

    London Coin fair

    very nice acquisition ! Congrats Stunning portrait and also a good provenance
  8. Matteo95

    Recent aquisitions

    Just arrived at home Genoa, Ducat, Pietro Campofregoso doge XXVI (1450-1458)
  9. Matteo95

    Small Coin Holders <18mm

    You could try with the plastic capsule for the 1 euro cent coin. They have a 16.5mm diameter. As example http://www.masterphil.it/products/506-capsule.aspx
  10. Matteo95

    Status of new Book

    read the last posts
  11. Matteo95

    Ed I Dublin, penny.

    Just received it
  12. Matteo95

    Catalog Christie's Milan 2003

    Hi I am looking for this auction catalog held in Milan in 2003. If you have a spare copy and you want to sell it, please contact me
  13. Matteo95

    Ed I Dublin, penny.

    Hi all this is my last acquisition of the year , a new Edwardian Irish penny Unfortunatly I have only the seller's images , when I will have the coin in my hands I will post better photos. Even if the conservation is not very high I decided to buy it due to the fact that, in my opinion, this is a quite scarce variant of the common class 1b, without the dot before EDW ( Stewartby writes: "rarerly omitted" ) and with the gothic "N" in the reverse legend.
  14. Matteo95

    Lovely Eddie farthing

    ops ... sorry , I didn't read carefully ...
  15. Matteo95

    Lovely Eddie farthing

    Really nice Congrats