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  1. Matteo95

    Flatbed scanners

    I think that depends also on the type of coins that you have to photograph .. generally speaking scanner tends to flat the highest details of the coin and have some problems when the coins are very small and/or very dark. Also with gold coins I got bad results.
  2. Matteo95

    thoughts on ebay sale

    Honestly, I wouldn't buy it .. It reminds me a series of fake Italian coins
  3. just received from @Rob my first victorian farthing
  4. Beautiful coin ! Unfortunately I can't help you. Maybe is it possible that this piece was bought directly from Stack's shop ?
  5. Just arrived from the recent auction by Lacy Scott & Knight. Unfortunately I have some problems to take decent pictures. Victoria, Sovereign 1874 Melbourne. Marsh 70
  6. Matteo95

    Anglo-Saxon coinage

    Thanks, Rob! I really appreciate it. I know to have been too vague ... I will try to look at the specifics books and papers perhaps, starting from a specific period. I have already read the recently published Medieval European Coinage vol. 8 and in fact, the problems cited above are quite evident as well as for all books of this series.
  7. Matteo95

    Anglo-Saxon coinage

    Hi all I am writing this post because I would like to ask you which are, according to your opinion, the best books on the Anglo Saxon coinage. I've recently finished the reading of a book on the history of this interesting period and I would like to deepen the knowledge of the coinage related to it. Any suggestion is welcome!
  8. Matteo95

    My latest Hereford mint coin

    Lovely coin ! congratulations for your new acquisition
  9. Matteo95

    Books Section

    this is not a numismatic book but in any case, it contains several images and references to coins. I am reading it right now and I find it extremely well done despite the language is not the easiest for me.
  10. Matteo95

    Quarter noble

    The style looks quite regular to me, even if images are not perfect. From Lord Stewartby's excellent book "English Coins" at page 216 refering to pre-treaty group E : " the mis-spellings GHLORIA or GAHLORI on the quarters are less obviously explicable". So your coin could be a small variety of the coins cited above
  11. I suggest this book where you can find all the wax models by Benedetto Pistrucci that are in the collection of the Museo della Zecca di Roma. At the following link, you can read all the second volume https://www.museozecca.ipzs.it/repository/biblioteca/3/BdN_Monografia_1.II.2/mobile/index.html#p=1 In the first pages can be seen the models for the sovereign
  12. Yes I am with your opinion, even if I would like to know the source of 5500. It's he Royal Mint : ninety-seventh Annual Report of the Deputy Master and Controller for the year 1966. London, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1967. those reports were published every year , this is one for ex. http://www.galata.co.uk/store.asp?storeAction=showDetail&stockID=11274