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  1. Ed 1d Penny ex. Elmore-Jones

    Yes , you're right. We could start posting just a series of tickets / envelopes and then we put it in order on a word page that will be avaible on the first post
  2. Ed 1d Penny ex. Elmore-Jones

    Congratulations Very nice penny, not easy to find it in a similar conservation. ! I really like the Edwardian sterlings especially when they come from old collections .. It would be interesting to create a new discussion about the old tickets
  3. Unknown coin - Caracalla

    Of course I did ...and I saw ( and still see ) a modern token ( not a coin ) with no value at all ... you can find these things on the stalls for tourists in Rome at 1 €.
  4. Recent aquisitions

    interesting question .. it is the genoese gateway ... there are many theories about it .. My preferite is that it is a symbolic rappresentation of the city of Genoa itself . The medieval name of the city was infact IANUA that in latin means door or gateway. Genoa at the time was probably the most important mediterranean commercial port and the majority of goods destined to the today North Italy , Swiss and South Germany passed through it, so it was a sort of geteway to the central Europe. This Construction can be found on the first and almost all the genoese coins struck from the 1139 to the 1638 , including also many of the coins struck in his colonies. The gateway became a sign of quality and for that reason it was maintened for a quite long period, but was reproduced on many coins of others country in slightly different ways as for example on the Crusaders states coins. Here some examples of genoese coins reproducing the gateway
  5. Recent aquisitions

    Cyprus Famagosta Genoese domination , probably during the St. George bank rule Mid. XV Century. Carzia
  6. it is not easy with the coins in your hands ... just looking at four images ( with also different light ) is quite impossible... I would say 2 4 3 1... The second coin in my opinion could be the last one due to the mintmark looks more deterioreted than others.. I personally, think that it's important to look at the letter A because in the later example the "hole" in the middle ( sorry, I don't know how to describe it ) should be smaller ..
  7. Unknown coin - Caracalla

    more or less 1 £
  8. Henry VI Groat

    yes , a great ammount of groats were struck during the Henry's reign , the annulet groats are probably the most common english hammered groats... the war against France was very expensive ... also the groats of Henry VII can be found quite easily in good conservation ... What do you think about the Stewartby's hypothesis that the first annulet groats were struck during the last weeks of the reign of Henry V ?
  9. Henry VI Groat

    Very nice acquisition ! I have got a similar one but it is the previous variety , with the cross not curved ..
  10. Very interesting coin Rob ! I noticed it just now ... it looks a lis , a cross should have a different horizontal limb in my opinion
  11. Ex North, Mass, Sazama, H3 Short Cross!

    Nice penny ! I was watching it too
  12. Coins without Denomination

    technically a coin without denomination is not a coin ...
  13. It's French not Latin .....
  14. Vegas's Introduction

    Hi Vegas ! here you can find all the informations about your coins Matteo
  15. Edw 1 (maybe 2?)

    I agree