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  1. yes , even if I think it is just due to the fact that bidding now is "open" ..
  2. Matteo95

    token or what ?

    Thanks, it could be and I admit that when I wrote contemporary imitation I was meaning contemporary forgery, however, due to the gothic style of the legends and the colour of the flan make me think that it couldn't be accepted at the time No, we don't have. In Italy, there is completely different legislation on m.d. finds etc.. and a tool like the PAS would be quite useless. I think that an equivalent of PAS can't be found in any other country.
  3. Matteo95

    token or what ?

    thank you all in advance
  4. Matteo95

    token or what ?

    Hi all! On an Italian forum, a member posted the images of this object. Clearly, it is not an authentic groat but anyway it looks old, do you know what is it? I thought that it could be a contemporary imitation or a token (or jeton)
  5. Matteo95

    Recent aquisitions

    Italy, Tassarolo Agostino Spinola 1/4 of Tallero bought at the last auction InAsta
  6. Matteo95

    massive hoard unearthed

    Thanks you!! It's extremely interesting, I hope that as soon as possible it will be published a detailed paper on it .. and why not , maybe it could became an opportunity to add one of these coinse in collection in the future .... I miss both kings
  7. Matteo95

    massive hoard unearthed

    I don't have a facebook account can you give me some info ? I am looking for on several websites but I haven't found any news about this hoard ..
  8. Matteo95

    Ribe – Northumbria- a connection?

    In the viking coin the symbol made up of three triangles is the so called "Valknut" which is sometimes associated with Odin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valknut
  9. Matteo95

    Farthing ID

    Hi, Yes it is a farthing of Edward I mint of London, Stewartby type B
  10. Matteo95

    Edward I penny?

    Hi Dave and welcome! These pence can be very difficult to identify properly, especially the first times... looking at your images I would say: London mint, class 10cf2 Matteo
  11. Matteo95

    Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    thank you! Even if I admit that I knew yet... It is a very detailed study and yesterday I spent a couple of hours trying to classify properly my coin, however, I still haven't found the exact classification ...
  12. Matteo95

    Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    Bought at a recent Italian auction: it is my first Scottish hammered coin James III 3 penny It should be the Spink 5308
  13. Matteo95

    Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    I agree
  14. Matteo95

    Recent aquisitions

    Genoa , Antoniotto Adorno, 7th doge of Genoa (1378). Grosso Weight: 3.00 g. Ex Ercole Gnecchi collection ( sold at Auction Ratto, 21th April 1914, lot 1513).
  15. Matteo95

    Recent aquisitions

    Genoa, Grosso da 6 denari ( 1215 - 1230 ca. ) , 1.67 gr. Ob: + • IA • NV • A • Re: • CVNRADI REX Ref: CNI 101. Lunardi 4. MIR 12.