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  1. terrysoldpennies


    One bit of advice while you have the wasps , DO NOT BUY ANY COINS AT HOME , as you might get stung
  2. terrysoldpennies

    Hi, I'm new to the furum

    Welcome to the Forum Adam , or should I say the mad house , don't be scared to put your !!Two Penneth in !! [ excuse the pun ].
  3. But it's Rumoured that Macron might veto an extension.
  4. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    It does really depend on what type of tank you strap onto your back, if you use a Centurion tank it helps you get to the bottom really quickly.
  5. terrysoldpennies

    September 2019 LCA catalogue now up

    I thought that to , it says all major details clear !! Round top lighthouse - Prominent square rock under shield , I don't think so
  6. Well thanks Pete , I have been looking for years to find this one.
  7. Well that's an obverse 1 yes Ian, but as Pete says a 1908 1+C F164 with the wide date, as my example is a 2+C F165.
  8. This widest date 1908 type is mentioned in David Grooms Bronze book, but its the first one I've personally ever seen , its just a little wider than the reverse D which has the one in the date to the gap, but this being the reverse C has the 1 in the date to the tooth. I don't know if its to be found paired with obverse 1, does anyone have an example ??
  9. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    I'm Getting Tide of all these silly jokes
  10. terrysoldpennies

    Had a field day on e bay......

    Thanks Mike that's interesting , so his 1944 wide date example had a light finish to. Now I wonder which is most common the light or the dark. ??
  11. terrysoldpennies


    One possible explanation is that F160 that we assume was probably released first, was not initially released in the UK, but that they may have been shipped to one of the colonies early in 1905 using the old 1904 dies . The location they were sent to may have been somewhere that few bothered to put aside a batch of uncirculated coins , and that sometime later in the year the new reverse die came into use, with the bulk of the release going to banks in this country , the dealers and collectors would then have put aside the newly released penny, unaware that the earlier penny released abroad was in any way different to the ones that they had put away. Shipments to the colonies were probably sent out early in the year so as to be available during the year actually stamped on the coin , and we must remember that in those days it took quite a time to ship the coins around the world.
  12. terrysoldpennies


    Misuse of the word scarce perhaps on my part, what was meant was that the 12H was scarcer than the 12 and its the other way around today with there being more 12Hs than 12s.
  13. terrysoldpennies


    I do think your right in that the supply of rare unattributed coins will gradually dwindle as there's is a finite number of coins to be discovered , As to collecting though I think that as the kids of today start to bore of internet games the same media ie the internet will actually in courage more people to take up collecting again.
  14. terrysoldpennies


    One thing that must be taken into account is that the F164a was not discovered until after the recall of all the pre decimal coinage , and that means that none were syphoned out of the vast numbers of the 1908s still in circulation back in 1967. This disproportionate survival rate of known scarce and rare types can be seen with the 1912 and 1912H , as when I was young in the 1960s the 1912s were really common, but the 1912H was scarce, but if you look on e-bay today there are far more 12Hs than 12s due I think to the hording of 12H and the 12s being withdrawn and melted down. I would personally think that the F164a is as rare as R15 ie 101 to 250, this judged by the numbers turning up and the prices they attain. As you say more are coming to light all the time, and its down to the internet , and the high quality of the pictures now available to us making them easer to spot. just my opinion but I think that they are just a little rarer than the open 3 ,
  15. terrysoldpennies


    To me it seem there are only three ways in which high grade examples survive 1 That somebody in 1908 or any other year stored away a batch of brand new examples which then at a later date ended up in the hands of collectors. [ if this had happened to the 164a you would have expected many examples in high grade to be in circulation between collectors and dealers. This I think must have been the case for the F14 LCW under foot, of which there are many high grade examples, also I believe with the 2* which I surmise was part of a test run using this die that were never released into circulation, but that a small batch was smuggled out of the mint. This would account for all of the examples found so far being of a high grade, 2 That an odd example is taken out of the country in loose change, and being of no use in that country sat in the back of a draw for many years surviving almost unworn 3 and the odd example or two that was lost at or around the time of the production, and survived at the back of a draw , or by falling through the floorboards, or some other such way. These lost coins that subsequently reappear would I think be what happened to the odd 164a and the Hollow neck and open 3, though not in the case of the F169 , as I personally have never seen an example better than good fine.