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  1. I guess you mean the Freeman 112 . Here is a link to Richards rare pennies site https://rarestpennies.wordpress.com/1882-f112/
  2. It does as you say Richard look as though there were two different dies , both of which underwent a repair to the 7 ??
  3. On Richards rare coin site I noticed that on Blake Davitts example, the inner line by the second N in PENNY kinks outwards , this same feature can be seen on my Penny, so I assume that they are both from the same die
  4. You could be right Pete, I think it may be an early example of the known type , ie before more of the old filled in 7 started to brake away, or a second type from another over stamped die ??? .
  5. Picked up this 1874 this week F73 with 7 over 7
  6. terrysoldpennies

    My collection

    Gary , you've placed the same obverse picture on the 1913 Penny F175 as on the F176. Easily done with all the work you've put in.
  7. terrysoldpennies

    Farthing pickup at brum

    Looks like someone was even worse than me at spelling.
  8. 1860 Gouby T missing colons . my best find for a while
  9. We should look up to our politicians, Pillars of society yeah Right.
  10. terrysoldpennies

    1860 D* 2*

    Well, It is '' Free for all to see '', But your right , I was so wrapped up in it I failed to notice. Smacked wrist.
  11. terrysoldpennies

    1860 D* 2*

    Lukas is claiming this to be a D* 2* ITS NOT it has a 143 teeth and is a D Freeman 2 not the D* 2* with 145 teeth I have informed him https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1860-Penny-Unrecorded-Gouby-Obverse-D-or-G-A-Of-Victoria-Points-To-Tooth-RARE/332960341847?hash=item4d85fb9f57:g:t0QAAOSwj-RcF8nw:rk:162:pf:0
  12. I could be wrong , but I could have sworn its 1908 Penny. Nice coin though