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  1. terrysoldpennies

    1908 F164

    Nice one Gary, I must confess I didn't think it would get a 63 .
  2. Its nice to see new collectors , Good luck with your future finds.
  3. Nice one Richard , if you keep this up you'll have to sell the entire collection to buy the next coin up the price ladder.
  4. No Mike, too much for me just at the moment, but you never know just like an 11 bus another may come along quite soon.
  5. How about lot 620 with the F38 £650 !! https://www.dnw.co.uk/auctions/catalogue/lot.php?auction_id=545&lot_uid=355912&search=1
  6. terrysoldpennies

    1908 F164

    I Though you knew about Gary's example Mike, yes I guess my ones about EF/ EF+ and Gary's AU but, not quite uncirculated me thinks . Is there a perfect one out there . ?
  7. terrysoldpennies

    1908 F164

    You've told everyone now Jon. That one wont be cheap.
  8. terrysoldpennies

    1908 F164

    My F164a was on here posted some years back, it was better than my F164 until this latest find.
  9. terrysoldpennies

    1908 F164

    Reverse F164
  10. terrysoldpennies

    1908 F164

    Its funny a short while back I remember Mike showing us his new found f164 and saying just how hard it is to find one above EF , and I must admit I was thinking at the time that my own example was only about VF, then low a behold this turns up . A few bag marks , but for £23 .
  11. I believe a high percentage of pre. 1946 [ half silver ] and pre. 1920 [ full silver ] was withdrawn much earlier, but whether it was replaced in large quantities by the cupro-nickel before the final withdrawal I don't know.
  12. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    I hadn't read that Richard . Interesting
  13. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    Link below Richard. https://www.rct.uk/collection/443672/edward-viii-pattern-penny
  14. terrysoldpennies

    Maverick Britain

    Its those Bunny Pennies Again, they just won't go away.
  15. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    This is the Royal Mint's Example Richard RMM 52 , below is the blank side and the Rubber Pattern RMM 74. Also I noticed that your example 8 on the Rare coins is the Example held by the Royal Collection Trust . Terry