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  1. terrysoldpennies

    F38 having 2 different obverse dies

    This was a little while back , so as I remember it, It was about the 1862 2+G only, and it showed that there were at leased two reverse G dies used with the obverse 2 die [ It could be that only one obverse die was used , and retooled to give a new outer circle line ] . With such a rare combination [ 2+G ] it was likely that only one reverse die would have been used in combination with die 2 , but this date variation shows that there were indeed two dies used .
  2. terrysoldpennies

    F38 having 2 different obverse dies

    Your right , but they also have different reverses , as they both have a different date width . The first has the 2 over the tooth [12 tooth width] , the other its positioned over the gap between the teeth and narrower [11.5 tooth] .
  3. I picked up a couple of lovely young lady's the other day , I think they must be twins VICTORIA and VICTOEIA 😊 I'm not into Farthings much but these came up so I jumped at them . The E in VICTOEIA is extremely clear with just the tip of the long downward arm of the R showing.
  4. terrysoldpennies

    1953 Farthing

    I've just check out all the wren Rev. and - Edward viii and George vi Reverse A , same as Elizabeth ii 1953 Reverse A - Has narrow rim 80 teeth 1953 Reverse B - Has narrow rim 79 teeth 1954 Reverse C - Has wide Rim 76 teeth 1955 Reverse D - Has narrow rim 76 teeth Some years after this reuse these four reverses , But Your New find VIP proof has - 1953 Unlisted Wide Rim 77 teeth not used as far as i can tell on any other year !
  5. terrysoldpennies

    1953 Farthing

    Pete it looks very much like the reverse C found on the 1954 with the F in FARTHING to the gap, and as you say is not listed for 1953 . one other noticeable difference is the outer rim is much wider than the A or B. It also looks to be in Cameo with polished field and frosted images . Well done great discovery
  6. The saying goes the camera never lies, but can distort the truth.
  7. terrysoldpennies

    Please allow me to introduce myself

    Welcome to the Forum , and happy hunting. 😀
  8. terrysoldpennies

    1867 Penny

    What makes me think its been crushed is that the BRITT part of the legend is much wider spread than it should be. I would think that someone has used the coin , being made of bronze and rather soft, as some kind of cushion between two pieces of pipe while being hammered, possible made of cast iron which is rather brittle .
  9. terrysoldpennies

    1867 Penny

    It looks to me as though it could have been crushed around the edge, but leaving the center largely unaffected , and then undergoing a long period of corrosion. !!
  10. terrysoldpennies


    I think I recall Bernie saying that the F27 always has the dropped second 1 . So difficult to be sure . The two in the middle are F5 on the left F6 right and maybe its me but your two look more like the F6 on the right.? Used your great Pics. Richard
  11. terrysoldpennies


    I wonder what aspect of the Obverses make you think that they are F 5s , as example one to me looks more like a 6 . All the 5s I have seen have a distinct gap between the back of Victoria's head and the bottom of the left corner of the B in BRITT, where as on the 6s it almost touches the head. Also both the 5 and 6 have the pinch in top of the ribbon so nothing there to determine the type. I do think that all three are reverse Fs as the plume is very wide as happens to worn Fs, and the square rock below the shield is faintly visible , and a slight depression to the left of the square rock seems to show. The example 2 has more chance of being a 5 as the teeth and rim when worn look narrower than on the 6, but the B in BRITT looks to close to the head to be a 5. ? But then who knows , who could be really certain !!!
  12. O yes I agree, its a combination between the rarity , The perceived rarity , and the demand and hype associated with the particular coin.
  13. If you make life to easy, there's no challenge , after all its the thrill of the chase . As we know most people just want one of each year.
  14. As Richard has shown the reverse is easy to determine by the date . at a distance the Freeman Rev. A is the wider of the two dates and has the 1 in the date to the tooth, even though it has less teeth than the Freeman Rev. B which has the 1 in the date to the Gap. Now the Obverse is a little tricky but , I find the best way is to look at the IMP as Pete suggests , but at a distance and on worn coins its good to look at the gap between the I and M in IMP. On the Obverse Freeman 1 the gap is wide [ I MP ] with the appearance that there are two complete teeth between the I And M . Where as on the Obverse 2 , the I and M are Closer together [ IMP ] with just one tooth between the I and M . So on the F174 1+A Both are wide , F175 1+B Obv. wide [ I MP ] - Rev. Date Narrow [ 1913 ] , F176 2+A the rarest type Obv. narrow [ IMP ] - Rev. Date Wide [ 1 9 1 3 ] . F177 2+B Both are Narrow . !! Both of the Rarer Mule types are opposite's . I trust I make myself perfectly Obscure . Terry