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  1. terrysoldpennies

    1897 penny info please

    This is the narrowest Date type that i have come across, not listed by Gouby and even Rarer.
  2.  Richard , Not sure if you saw this very rough F32 that sold on E.bay yesterday for £68 plus postage.       



  3. Toothed coin ide say , definitely not beaded 🙂
  4. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    Its not a slender 3 type Mike but it is an open 3
  5. terrysoldpennies

    Penny -1874-H Reverse I

    The Picture is from my Library , mine is not that good !! , but yes an F69
  6. That really has been rotated quite a lot. I found one some years back on an 1861 6+G with the G in REG totally out of position , being low and to the left with the old G showing around it. Though its probably a G over G It could be over a C, but the coins to worn to be sure , and I've not seen another as yet to compare it with .
  7. terrysoldpennies

    Stuff to Make Us Laugh

    That is true dedication to getting a roll in just one film , its a shame it didn't lead to a career in football ☺️
  8. terrysoldpennies

    Halfpenny ID check

    In for a PLNNY in for a pound
  9. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    It doesn't , It just depends on whether you find date width variations interesting and wish to collect them on not. Many of them are ex rare but not many collectors are interested in them. They a more common in early coins as would be expected and seem to have disappeared completely by the 1940s . On the whole there inexpensive and new undiscovered types are still turning up. Its the thrill of the chase for me ??
  10. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    Is this what you mean . And yes Depeche Mode . Seriously one difference which Pete picked up on is that on the common type the 1 almost touches the tooth on the rare ones there is a gap between the 1 and the tooth
  11. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    I compared it with the common type Gouby Ab and the last 1 to the gap type Gouby Aa and i cant see any noticeable difference between any of them , but as both Aa and Ac types are so rare i would think that each were minted from just one die ,which would suggest that reserve dies were kept with just the first three digits stamp on to them and that they were later needed and had the last digit i.e the 1 inserted so as to complete the number of coins required . I guess this could mean that they were very slightly different.
  12. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    1901 with the second one in the date directly over the tooth . Blakeyboys newly discovered type , now listed by Gouby as type Ac
  13. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    My latest addition an F176 2+a in top grade