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  1. Joseph Lee

    1699 Halfpenny error?

    Ive never seen a stop that close to a shield before, Robs probably right. Die comparison is surely the way to go and often proves something. But as i often say with my coins ! going to need a better or clearer example to be sure. But consider this as a positive i thought the same as the other owners of this die type NO STOP REVERSE which it probably is, but were going have to wait for a better example to appear they nearly always do. Joe..
  2. Very interesting indeed, i expect if all the Farthing & Halfpenny anomaly's were to be listed ( if all know ) in one book it would be bigger than a standard annual Spinks catalog. Good luck with your collecting.
  3. www.farthingshalfpennyerrors.com/ rather than the address above, how i manage that i don't no.
  4. Hello all, I saw this posting and felt i should comment to Michael-Roo on the question about his William III halfpenny, im all very new to forms so here goes my second attempt ever. I did see this coin and message the seller saying its not a mule but almost certainly a 1697 date and he should be careful to sell as a mule. He replied if the buyer was not happy he would refund them ! not the responsible answer i was expecting from a red star seller, any novice collector buy with caution from these places. But on a lighter note about mules did you know there are four different types in existence from eight different dies, take a look at this website http://www.farthingshalfpennyerrors.com/ and look under William III Halfpenny for codes WIIIHE992 WIIIHE993 WIIIHE994 WIIIHE994A and see want you think. Thank you ...