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  1. Nonmortuus

    Cleaned or not?

    That was a cracking price for the 1920!
  2. Nonmortuus

    hoard uncovered

  3. Nonmortuus

    hoard uncovered

  4. Nonmortuus

    hoard uncovered

  5. Nonmortuus

    hoard uncovered

    It wasnt a corroded hoard. They found 2 buckets worth of civil war coinage. I grabbed a couple of screenshots.
  6. Nonmortuus

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Not quiet ebay but facebook does chuck up the odd bargain. Less so now but 2 to 3 years back they did appear fairly often. This was one of my best buys off there via an auction.
  7. It was an absolute bargain 😉
  8. I dont have a proof example yet unfortunately. I will one day though!
  9. Something I bought a while back but sent it off to be graded the day it arrived with me.
  10. Here is my best example 1912 at the moment. CGS75
  11. Nonmortuus

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

  12. Hi Sword, its a CGS 80. I must say it looks much much better in hand.
  13. As the title, I have picked up a few Marks over the last year and wondered if anyone else collected them?
  14. Here is a few new additions:
  15. Results are normally up by Monday/Tuesday with invoices issued soon after.
  16. That's great thank! What do you use to do it?
  17. Pretty much where you can see a die clash on the picture is where its visible on the coin in hand.