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  1. Do yourself a website on wordpress. Extremely easy to do and as long as you remember to upload the photos you can keep track and compare grades etc of what you have v what's on offer. Mind it won't stop you buying duplicates. I have 3 x 1911 and 5 x 1923 half crowns.... www.noncoins.wordpress.com Is mine and is really useful at the coin fairs.
  2. Thanks! I wish that was really the case, I am still make regular mistakes, normally spur of the moment purchases. I really need to try and curb my spending and focus in on 1 or 2 particular coins to fill type gaps in higher grades.
  3. Struggling to get them in focus but my 1829 Maundy set:
  4. Not intentionally at all. The main thing I try to do is get the angle right so any dinks, hair lines etc do show up but also any toning. The lights are off in the room bar the lamp when I take the photos.
  5. Happy to talk about the pics and how I take them. The back ground is black neoprene. The light source is a single daylight lamp directly overhead. The coins are at around a 15 degree angle under the lamp to enable me to get them in the light without the camera casting a shadow. He camera lens is at the same angle to ensure the coin appears 'flat in the pictures.
  6. Another one for the date run:
  7. To be honest the same place as you guys, trawling dealers sites, coin fairs and auctions. It's got to the point where if I like the coin and the price isn't silly I will grab it but that also means that at some point I will need to thin things out a bit.
  8. A few recent additions 😊: Shilling: Shilling:
  9. Vicky if you want me to talk you through how to add pictures to the forum gallery so you can post them yourself I am happy to.
  10. Nonmortuus


  11. Nonmortuus


  12. I will try to upload them tomorrow guys ad I need to resize them.
  13. Yes please. I will pm you my email.
  14. Don't worry about inexpensive mistakes, just learn from them. We all have cocked up at some point!
  15. Nonmortuus


    I would be interested to know when NGC finally start slabbing at Spink.
  16. Sorry! 😊 It looked too nice to pass up on even though I paid the same for it as the seller did for it and another coin.
  17. Another type gap filled: 1886 Sixpence
  18. 1701 Halfcrown, looks like it was historically lightly cleaned but it is still a nice example.
  19. Also: 1825 Sixpence 1745 Lima Shilling
  20. I have not posted for a while however here are 2 recent additions: 1708 Shilling 1750 Sixpence