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  1. Stuntman

    Latest 50p from the Royal Mint

    Dear me. What is this place coming to...
  2. I think you had a lucky escape, personally. I don't see value in this coin being anywhere near the premium being charged over bullion... The London Coin Company will have been given an allocation of the coins from the Royal Mint. Other dealers often do too, such as Chards - and Chards usually prices the coins below the official RM price if you're lucky/organised/quick enough to get one of their allocation at the time of release. The remainder will have been made available to buy on the RM website.
  3. I like your coin, ozjohn, and think I would probably call it GVF or maybe NEF as it appears to have less wear than Non's coin, which I have also previously expressed admiration for. I agree it has pretty good eye appeal. My own example, which I don't think is quite as good as yours, although the strike on the obverse is similar and the reverse is pretty decent too:
  4. What a fantastic result that must have been! In answer to the original question - a few, mostly in 1990 and 1991 when I worked as a betting shop cashier. A couple of shillings, one of which was George V and the other being George VI, and three florins, two of which were George V and one which was George VI. Two of these florins remain in my collection. The better one is a 1929 specimen and is at least VF, with traces of lustre. A nice coin that I still treasure!
  5. I hope it didn't damage your colon. Regarding the 1890 - interesting, thanks for sharing. Like Rob and perhaps many others, I wouldn't go out of my way to collect such a specimen - but if I had one just randomly, I would probably feel an extra bit pleased about it.
  6. VAT, manufacturing premium and delivery costs all contribute to the premium over spot. I like the design. I'm biased, I have the gold bullion version 😊
  7. Stuntman

    copy or real

    Looks real rather than fake to my eyes.
  8. Stuntman


    I was thinking the same!
  9. Stuntman

    1989 Half and Full Sovereigns

    The 1989 double sovereign is the value proposition for that year if you want the design, rather than the investment. It seems that most people don't collect the doubles, and the price of a double is often less than the price of the sovereign. I'd love a 1989 double sovereign, or indeed the quintuple!
  10. Stuntman

    Matte sovereign

    It's a no from me. I'll get a 2019 bullion sovereign when the gold price dips a little.
  11. Do silver and platinum attract sales taxes in the US? Sadly they do if you buy them in the UK (from a UK seller): 20% VAT. Therefore I have only bought a couple of platinum coins (2018 1 oz Britannia being the other) for interest value rather than investment value - despite thinking that platinum is currently very cheap. I have a few pure silver bullion coins but again, just for pleasure interest. The only 10oz one I have is the Royal Mint 2018 Valiant, which is lovely.
  12. Nice multiple! I think the most I have managed is 257,280 (67 pounds for a quarter farthing)!
  13. The 1/4oz and 1oz gold Queens's Beasts that I am buying/collecting are not that expensive a way to buy gold. Buying in the UK while they are on current release, the 1oz coins cost about 5% above spot, delivered. For example, today the gold price is GBP 1016 per ounce, and you can get a 1oz Falcon Of The Plantagenets coin for GBP 1065 delivered. That's decent value as far as I'm concerned, given that I like the coins in the first place. The 1/4oz are of course more expensive, the equivalent Falcon coin would cost GBP 303 delivered on today's price. Currently, people are paying significantly more than spot price for the earlier 1oz coins in the series - the Lion and the Griffin in particular. I certainly intend to collect the remaining 4 designs during their release time frame (about 12 months for each coin) and then enjoy them for many years to come.
  14. I like this series rather a lot. I'm collecting the 1/4 oz and 1 oz in Gold, and I also have a 1 oz Platinum Lion (it being the first 1 oz Platinum UK bullion coin, I believe) but not looking to add any more Platinum Beasts. Anyone else into these, apart from Azda and me?