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  1. Hi. There does seem to be a fractionally larger gap on the 1922 coin as showed by the photo above comparing it with the 1921 coin. It does not seem to be beads either more teeth when comparing on the 2nd photo i've posted. Its also bled. If you have a very zoomed up close look at the central trident it aits just below the teeth. Very hard to see but i appreciate my camera is not that good. Anyone else able to give me any ideas?
  2. Heres a comparison with an earlier 1921 coin.
  3. Thanks Azda. Much appreciated. It turns out i was already using your website... its fantastic btw. Can you take a look yourself please and give me your own opinion as it seems legit? Kind Regards.
  4. Photo is here everyone. Sorry had to crop it to fit it on.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm new to coin collecting so need some advice on a coin i found in a job lot. I believe it to be the 1922 Penny with the Britannia reverse from 1927 which i know is rare. It is a little rubbed but i believe the gap above the 1922 along with Britannias arm and the way it slopes up (along with it being thin and not muscly like the original 1922 reverse) gives it away. The border teeth seem to be rubbed however if you look next to the 1922 the teeth seem alot more obvious there. Can you please confirm if this is right or not? I have been made an very good offer by a dealer who is convinced it is right i just need to know whether or not to accept it and what the value is if its genuine?