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  1. Thanks for your input Martin ill wait and look around more.
  2. I thought this coin may have been cleaned in the past PWA. and the edge damage was putting me off to Sword so I might just wait. I've been watching a few coins for a couple of days now and I'm not that impressed with the quality. I only have £200 to spend I know but I want the best I can find.
  3. This is the link to the page it has a few more pictures http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/George-IV-Crown-1822-/172788001805?hash=item283af7ac0d:g:0UgAAOSwVFZZcQ7K
  4. Hi I was wondering if I can have some opinions on this coin ? it's on eBay guy asking £230 I was thinking of making an offer of £200.What would you grade it ? and of course in this age of fakes what's your opinions of the coin I'm far from an expert but looks ok to me! and lastly value? in your valued opinions thanks in advance Vic.
  5. scotsman


    well I'm limited to £200 Rob
  6. scotsman


    Hi I'm looking to buy a George IIII 1822 Crown
  7. scotsman

    Gothic Florin

    Exactly Rob I appreciate the advice
  8. scotsman

    Gothic Florin

    Thanks for the reply Rob been on Ebay but not over excited about the coins on it at the moment
  9. scotsman

    Gothic Florin

    Hi looking for a nice grade Gothic Florin wiling to pay up to £300
  10. scotsman

    Cinquefoil stop

    Should read 1844 not 1884
  11. scotsman

    Cinquefoil stop

    Thanks for the reply Paulus appreciated
  12. scotsman

    Cinquefoil stop

    Hi bought this 1884 Victoria young head crown arrived today never noticed the star in original Ebay listing, with a little research I see it's called a Cinquefoil stop & there is also star stops that look similar to an asterisk, some sites I've been in don't seem to agree in which is more sought after any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. I don't have a camera anymore Coinery it broke a while ago, I need to get another one I've been using my phone and its just not taking a decent picture as the coin is much better in the hand thanks for the tip though I'll give it a try later.
  14. Would help if I posted pictures lol
  15. Acquired this last week quite pleased with it