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  1. Jimmyb0468

    Hiram Brown

    I knew Hiram only the last few years. The vast majority of higher grade coins, I have in my collection, were purchased from him. You knew from talking to him, his knowledge was second to none. a true expert in the field of coins, that I'm sure will be sorely missed. He was also regarded as having the largest collection of coins in the country. Definitely a huge loss, to the hobby we all enjoy. RIP Hiram......
  2. I attended a local antique fair today, in my weekly hunt for coins. I made a few purchases and made my way to my car. Standing at the bus stop, I recognised a gentleman, who had rented a table at the fair, to sell some banknotes and coins. Knowing that he stayed in the same town as me, I put down my window and offered him a lift home, which he accepted. After a half hour drive, I stopped near his house and let him out. He offered me some money for petrol, which I refused. He insisted, and after rummaging about in his pocket, placed 4 young head Victorian farthings on my dashboard ! My question is.......Am I the last man in Britain, to be paid in Victorian currency, for a job !!!
  3. A few years ago, I collected British military medals. I went off them overnight, when I found out forgers were replicating certain medals, using original machinery that had been sold off years before. The forgers used British military records to correctly name recipients on the outer rims of the medals. I was once shown 4 general service medals for Northern Ireland. They were all inscribed to the same soldier!! Same regiment. Same service number. I started collecting coins, thinking they were a safer bet, Lol
  4. After posting earlier today about a Kew garden 50p, Chinese copy, I have spent the rest of today, reading about fake coins. This forum is full of posts about collectors who are worried about the authenticity of their purchases. There was a really interesting post about a 1934 wreath crown, graded and slabbed by experts, that seemed to really divide forum members, as to its authenticity. This got me thinking. We now know that the quality of forgeries has increased greatly in recent times. Experts are now being fooled and normal, everyday collectors (ME!!) have NO CHANCE of knowing, if what were buying, is genuine or not. It would seem that 10/15 years ago, fakes were slightly cruder and came with tell tale signs of their dubious origin. NOT NOW!! It looks to me as if we are fast approaching a time, where only an array of high tech testing equipment is required, to tell, if what we are buying is real or not. So, my question is......in every other walk of life, when a market gets spooked, prices plummet. Will this happen in COIN collecting ? Is there evidence it's already happening? Or am I paranoid!!!!
  5. Hi there. It's Saturday afternoon and I'm sitting browsing coins on eBay. Out of interest, I start looking at Kew Gardens 50p. (Which I don't collect) An earlier forum post had mentioned the price of this coin was rising and I thought I'd take a look. There is a coin for sale. It has attracted 25 bids so far, and with over 2 hours to go, its sitting at £59.....however, the seller CLEARLY states, this coin is a CHINESE COPY!!!!!! Why is this? What am I missing? Surely, copies are virtually worthless ? (Sorry, can't post a link, )
  6. Jimmyb0468

    Different types and varieties

    I'm in the early stages of coin collecting. I've only recently stopped buying everything and anything, regardless of grade. Now, I'm definitely more selective. I want high grades only, but I'm still buying any denomination, any monarch. I'm beginning to think that until a collector settles down into one or two categories, for example, collecting only pennies, it would be almost impossible to keep track of all the variations, of all coins.
  7. Jimmyb0468

    Different types and varieties

    Maybe one evening when the telly is rubbish, I will sit and check all the minute details of my coins. I might be sitting on a fortune. I genuinely, have only recently, checked my pennies for low tide/ high tide and mint marks. Haven't found anything that allows me to give up the day job..........yet.
  8. Jimmyb0468

    Different types and varieties

    This is my third post. ....at this rate I could be a "forum God" by Christmas!!!! What I would like to know is this. Since reading and enjoying this forum for the last year or so, I am aware that a number of members place great importance in owning, finding and discussing varieties, types, die numbers etc. Up here in sunny Glasgow, I know of no fellow collectors who put any importance in varieties etc. Every coin I have ever bought, I've never looked for anything else, other than year, grade, price, eye appeal. Only through this forum, am I beginning to learn there is obviously another level of collecting, above where I am at the moment. Is it a part of coin collecting, that you only get into after years of learning the basics?? The very few dealers I frequent up here, also seem ignorant to this other side of the hobby. Should I be learning all about die numbers, types etc, or am I right in presuming that the majority of collectors don't bother. (I once witnessed a dealer sifting through another dealers tin of scrap pennies, at an antique fair. After picking out 3 or 4 pennies, he asked how much. £2 was a the reply. He handed over £10, and said "keep the change" ......He walked away with a huge grin, and I've since wondered.......what exactly did he find in that tin of worn pennies! )
  9. Jimmyb0468

    1950 proof set toning issue

    A few months ago, a local coin dealer showed showed me a 1951 proof set. 10 coins, set in the green box. I didn't buy it, and went home empty handed. After doing a bit of research, I decided I would go back the following week and purchase the set. Of course, when I returned , it had been sold. The 1950 set I'm talking about in this post above, was offered to me at the weekend, by the same dealer and rather than miss out, I bought it. The asking price of the 1951 set was £120 and I now know this was a bargain.....
  10. Jimmyb0468

    1950 proof set toning issue

    Thanks to everyone who has read and replied to this post. I feel a lot happier with my purchase, knowing the ribbon toning is normal. I will need to get my head around this loading photos witchcraft. There are a few coins I own, that I would love to get an opinion on. Cheers, everyone.
  11. Jimmyb0468

    1950 proof set toning issue

    Thanks. That's good to know.
  12. Jimmyb0468

    1950 proof set toning issue

    A bit of advice required, gentlemen......earlier today, I purchased, amongst other things, a 1950 proof coin set. It's the 9 coin set, set in the red cardboard box. The box is in very good condition, with no damage. I had a quick glimpse inside the box and the coins looked stunning. On arrival home, I had a more detailed look at my purchase. To remove the coins, in order to view the obverse, you pull on a thin black ribbon. It would seem that over the years, this ribbon has tarnished exactly where the coins have been sitting on it. There seems to be a very slight difference in toning, the exact width of the ribbon, across the monarchs face. I'm hopeless with computers and would not know where to begin, in trying to upload photos. I'm hoping you experienced guys will just know what I'm rambling on about. Anyway, is this a common feature of boxed sets with ribbons, and nothing to worry about, OR, should I have been more careful in my inspection of the coins, as this has affected the value. The coins, to me, are still beautiful, but have the definite imprint of the ribbons on the side of the coin, which I imagine has been touching it, for 66 years. I'm hoping, you guys have opened hundreds of these sets and encountered the same problem. The set cost me £85, which I felt was a good price. Thanks for reading.
  13. Jimmyb0468

    Enthusiasm for collecting has stalled...

    Good advice, mate. Do you know, that since I came on this forum a couple of nights ago, I've actually began to show an interest again. I think my illness may be getting better, ha ha.
  14. Jimmyb0468

    Enthusiasm for collecting has stalled...

    Sounds as though I'm probably a normal collector then. Good. I was getting worried for a minute.
  15. Jimmyb0468

    Enthusiasm for collecting has stalled...

    Sounds like you have cracked the code. Well done mate.