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  1. ok - will try to download a new pic
  2. Jerry if you click on the photo does it not clear? so you think this is a F7?
  3. Thats what i rread on your varieties page - hence the confusion. Im rather slow so forgive me - but the coin in hand shows that the left linear circle ends at the second bead below the bust.
  4. hazelman

    What is the best coin collecting software

    Kronos what have you finally settled on?
  5. hazelman

    Various Country Grades

    what about for Portugal?
  6. That should read a 1860 British 1 penny C1
  7. Secret Santa mentions in his varieties an obverse C1 - which is easily identified by the the fact that the "linear circle on the left, ends at the 2nd bead below the bust". Has this ever been found on a thin rim?
  8. hazelman

    My collection

    Gary what programme did you use to record your collection?
  9. hazelman

    Trials, Proofs and Anomolies

    thanks to you both this has clarified all my concerns.
  10. Help ! Going through Michael Gouby Specialised Penny Edition it has a section on Trials,Proofs and Anomolies. Well I think im comfortable with proofs which if im correct tend to be created with polished dies giving an almost mirror like field, but what is a Trial? or rather how would you identify a trial? Traditionally in the sense of trial id think this would be carried out in the design period and post design it would be put into production so even the 1st coin would end up in circulation?. Oh and what is are anomolies?
  11. Thanks for that - I can just about see the possibility of a 6 - my astigmatism doesnt help - just going through your varieties again as you posted. Such a useful resource - have you bound any hard copies yet?
  12. Its seems to me that though I have been collecting for what seems like forever and now I have what i would consider a decent coin collection I still struggle identifying the varieties.