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  1. zookeeperz

    1873/2 Penny has it been recorded?

    I don't know if this makes it any clearer I have over layed the normal 3 on top
  2. zookeeperz

    1873/2 Penny has it been recorded?

    It is one I just wanted to know if anyone else had 1. through the loupe its clear but for some reason whatever spectrum the digiscope uses it is great for a small area at about 3 inches away but get any closer and you might as well look at a box of mud lol
  3. zookeeperz

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    but what amazes me even more they don't even check anything. there are loads of them all for £6. Either they are lazy,more money than sense or just dumb
  4. zookeeperz

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I am always left with a shaking head and a jaw trailing along the carpet when I see the stupidity of Joe public. I don't know how many times this guy has told them this is the proof copy (it isn't it's a fake) there are no official copies as far as I am aware? He then reminds them again at the bottom "this is the silver proof copy" IT IS NOT LEGAL TENDER. It's not legal tender because it is fake and it isn't silver either or proof. it is a nasty knock off It's a chinese knock off the way the guy hams it up as if it is an after thought of the RM to ask someone other than themselves to produce a copy for the poor collectors who don't have one and even worse than that the dumb planktons bought it hook line and sinker @ £22.50 a pop 132 sold. Amazing how thick people can be and how deceitful a sales pitch can be spun to sound genuine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2009-Kew-Gardens-50p-Coin-Uncirculated-Very-Rare-And-Collectable-See-Details/323157513865
  5. zookeeperz

    what will they think of next???

    i'll wait for the royal mint version
  6. zookeeperz

    My Latest Acquisition

    See what you done you started me back on my unfinished project . I saw this so I bought it. I doubt I will ever get 1 this cheap again 1946 . So now only a few more to go . i'll get a better pic when it arrives.
  7. by strange coincidence I received an email from which magazine which is further food for thought. Richard - Bank branches are closing at an alarming rate. Our research found that 60 bank branches close down every month, leaving many communities struggling to access financial services. And although online banking and mobile apps are available, recent IT meltdowns at TSB and Visa have shown such systems aren't infallible. Access to cash is even more at risk as free-to-use cashpoints are coming under threat, which means many communities could be stripped of their access to cash entirely. We want to know: do you find it difficult to access cash in your local area? "The noose tightens"!!!
  8. zookeeperz

    1847 gothic crown

    I said how much ??? £2600 for a cleaned GVF/NEF I think not
  9. I hardly would call it booming in relation to the rest of the mainstream industry. My point being we have adapted to the changes even if at first we were either unsure or dead against them. The goal posts will be moved throughout the decades and eventually as sad as it is . It is inevitable there will be a cashless society but only when technology catches up with everything that is cash operated which wouldn't take a lot of changing tbh just how quickly is anyone's guess but I think reasonable to assume within the next 100 years
  10. Well I don't believe in coincidence so that would make us both mad as march hares. I have seen things on coins for as long as I can remember but never enough detail to be able to put a name to it which always led me to the must be multiple die clash theory or subtle double or even triple strikes at rotated positions which can appear to the eye to be something completely different. The worse thing from my point is the closer you get to the coin the less you see of the distortion . I have seen a recurring pattern on pennies for some years and to be honest it kind of freaks me out as I am not looking for anything it just appears and with the same design. I have a theory as to what they might be but it's just a theory to try and make sense why it keeps happening. I saw on a penny one day intricate lines and curves like mesh netting and small squares and looped lines and realised these were sail masts with crows nests and the lines were the ropes , even the bows of the boats became visible. We don't have this on regular coinage so I left it sitting for years and just put it down me seeing some parodie effect. Then I bought a few canadian and australian books and some on trade tokens. Now this totally blew me away as what I thought was ships could well be that. Trade tokens at the time carried a whole host of imagery on them covering a multitude of industries. Now bearing in mind these were produce in all metals and was a direct result of there being a shortage of coinage. So what happened when the shortage was over what happened to the millions of trade tokens? I have a theory and only that. Could the Rm have sequestered the tokens by informing business these were no longer acceptable as a valid payment and to return the coins to the mint for a value for value swap with the new coinage? And is it possible that these coins were rolled or buffed to dampen any imagery on the coins? It would make sense if we follow the good housekeeping premise.? So "IF" and it is a big "IF" that could of been what they did with the no longer needed trade tokens bearing in mind they were precious metal and would save the mint a substantial cost in reproduction the resulting strike on these ex token coinage could still have left residue images from what was on them before? you only need to look through the trade token era to see how many used ships as themes or animals. I know it is a leap but is it that far of a leap for it to be completely an absurd notion?
  11. Of course we will become a cashless society everything being pushed on us is for a more contactless way of doing business. For security reasons alone it makes perfect sense. There will be a multitude of scan and pay for everything you can think of. But probably not anytime soon but within the next 100 years and history tells us that these slow burners at the start rapidly gain momentum first we had vinyl records (still have them and the sound is far better than auto tuned junk of today)then a short 4 track 8 track car sound players that really never caught on . then the more streamlined cassette players that brought forth the mini hifi systems that just exploded on to the market only to be superceded CD and DVD and at the time is well touted they would never catch on. Now you don't even need DVD with digital downloading on most things. Which eventually will be the norm . Logistics are different but if you think about it we go from vinyl to digital downloads in a 30 year time frame yet for 30 years there was only 1 format. We are now at the same stage as the the first vinyl records (with cash) granted a tad more complex but nothing that cannot be done it's just about acceptance and how fast the wheels of commerce are willing to move to get it done. It will be touchy feely at first as we are already seeing with the introduction of plastic notes for a longer circulation duration meaning less need to be made in subsequent years but they day will come when momentum will be more robust and before we know it we will be a cashless society.
  12. zookeeperz

    1911+1912 H Both same rev?

    yes I noticed on the coins I had different rim sizes one almost had no rim and just teeth some seem to be square cut with a flat surface and others are what looks like wire rims. Also you'll notice the placement of the center trident prong differs in relationship of how close it is to the rim of the coin. this also occurs on other specimens some are virtually touching it.Also i noticed that the lettering style on these 2 coins the bases on one are straight and the other has a gentle concave curve on the feet
  13. zookeeperz

    1911+1912 H Both same rev?

    I don't have 2 good examples to check from . but i'll work on it
  14. zookeeperz

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1804-5-Shillings-Dollar-NCG-XF-45/131643734497 becoming more evident these across the pond TPG just cannot grade english coins or can't be bothered. since when was that coin a NVF in any book?. I would of thrown it at them
  15. zookeeperz

    1911+1912 H Both same rev?

    i'll set something up in the morning . Here is the 1912
  16. If there was some particle or debris on the die wouldn't that produce an incuse mark and not a raised mark? unless the master die received a second impression of the top of the lighthouse . Looking at how the USA define a doubled die which after all these years I am now just starting to understand. Cast your mind to the double ear on lincoln cent I think this is the same thing but the top of the lighthouse has two impressions on the striking die. The only other explanation is they reused older coinage and that is the remnants of another lighthouse but a different type as the tip section is box shaped rather than a ball or a point? there's definitely underlying scaring to suggest something was previously on the coin
  17. zookeeperz

    1863 OPEN 3

    number 2 is definitely a 3 a 5 wouldn't curve up at that top left edge plus the back of the 3 is top right and scaring from the downstroke. The differences between some are i would imagine where the repunch was set as in high / low tilted clockwise or anticlockwise?
  18. zookeeperz

    mail tampering

    Update 2 : Just had a knock on the door from the post office specifically the bloke who was supposed to have delivered my 1902 half-crown. He scanned the item but put it in 364 instead of 346. It is all time stamped shows where he was, the time and the date. After I registered the complaint I never received the mail he went back to the address as he said to me when they told him he knew what package it was . He knocked on the door and asked for the mail back to which the Polish resident denied ever receiving it. When the proof says otherwise. Sooner Brexit comes the better. If you see any 1902 half-crowns that look a little dusty but full detail give me the nod. I might still be able to get the bloody thing seeing as I can get pictures of the original. What happened to honesty I almost went knocking myself but was talked out of it after a lengthy forget it water under the bridge discussion. Looks like 364 is off my xmas card list
  19. zookeeperz

    1911+1912 H Both same rev?

    Here are the relevant obverses. almost forgot. the E in DEI on the 1911 obverse has a longer bottom base the rest of the E's are equal.
  20. zookeeperz

    Paddington 50p

    Underhanded ebay again protecting what was sold and the price it sold at. Illegal and extremely bad practice to delete the paper trail. Now there is no accountability if something goes wrong. I even tried to find my coin that never arrived and the listing disappeared from my purchased items list. I had to go to paypal to get the tracking number and the sellers name. They have got a bloody nerve and my xmas wish is the receivers are sent in to that shithole.
  21. zookeeperz

    2018 BRONZE 20p question

    I saw one of these coins for sale but I left it alone . Wasn't sure if it was just a lazy seller who had a one colour match setting for all his coins in Bronze\copper plated steel steel etc and forgot to take it off for the cupro coins he had although it was the only one that colour. To me it looked like it had missed the cladding part very golden brown colouring very strange. Wasn't be sold as anything other than a 20 pence si I just put it down to a crappy picture mock up. . Found it had a copy of the picture was from 1985 coin . not sure if this is a guilt version as there is a rub on the cheek that suggests there is a silver colour underlying?
  22. zookeeperz

    Paddington 50p

    what's with all the hiding of past sales ffs. Out of order by ebay it's a sham of a site. I wish someone would close it. It still amazes me how they get on TV advertising there is supposed to be a very strict code of practice policy check before you get to advertise to the masses. Ebay break more compliance and trading standards rules than any online entity I know of. I think the older the human race becomes the closer to the caveman we are becoming. Devolving at a rapid rate of knotts. Very sad
  23. zookeeperz

    My Latest Acquisition

    A few landed from croatia this morning and 1 i spotted on the bay of all places lol. another 1926OE sixpence. Accidental purchase forgot I had the other 1 or it was more than likely to cheap to pass on. 1719 Farthing cleaned at some point in its lifetime unlisted legend error still trying to work out what is exactly but if looks like a A struck over a rotated F@ 90 degrees clockwise or it could be an N. Pretty sure the T is struck over Rotated T 180 degrees so possibly can classed as rare? and my 1 ebay find which although not impossible to find as a variety in high grades they are not a common coin 1915 recessed ear Penny and my eyes nearly burst trying to decide from the crappy stock pick if it was one or not. I am siding more towards an A/N as the F still leaves metal I can't place anywhere. whereas the N not that its bang inline but what is left would be what the A should look like.? Your comments and thoughts welcome as always gents