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  1. If anybody can correct the pics orientation, please do! Jerry
  2. More. Got to keep Historic England happy, two small areas of cobbles and a remnant of flagstone floor was revealed when I broke up the concrete cow-house floor (With listed building consent). The flagstones I used were already on site from works in the ‘70’s under the previous owner who had taken them up, and the reclaimed cobbles had been used as hard-core under the C20 concrete. Jerry
  3. Excellent piece of work.....though I tend to find that I have to put in diagonal braces to stop wobble after a while, even when bolted. I am starting barn shelving out of 3x2” pine and 18mm shuttering ply later today, wife and I put last coat of limewash on the wall this morning. The homestead is almost starting to look tidy, have spent the last couple of months laying flagstones and cobbles!
  4. Something very strange going on there- the coin is not aligned with the slab on either side, which would not be usual even for a TPG; I wonder if it’s been out of the original slab for a rub, hence the fibres? Jerry
  5. Now that is a good idea, will give it a try, next time verd comes my way! Jerry
  6. Well done! I would definitely remove the verdigris, and start by removing as much as you can with a sharpened cocktail stick before using acids. If you have a binocular microscope and a steady hand a blunt needle is useful but only picking at the verd, obviously. Are you still after an F18? I have spares, in fine or a little better, for what I paid ie much cheaper than you bid for the F21! If you want pm me and I will take photos. Jerry
  7. Yes, Freeman 13, looks a decent example with reasonable lustre. Ticks all my boxes! Jerry
  8. The cruciform badge is ‘Church of England Men’s Society’, plenty on the net. Jerry
  9. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    True, but many times I and others here have reported items without any action being taken; I don’t know if there is a trigger point, a certain number of reports or whatever. Ebay really should have a small panel of ‘approved’ expert reporters who carry greater weight, I am sure there are members on this forum, for example, who might qualify. I believe there was a similar system operating for Ebay USA for a while, subsequently disbanded. Jerry
  10. You would be very welcome! I had some Tannoy 10”, I lent them to a mate to run with some Quad II amps I sold him, and his wife promptly kicked him out and he bu**ered off to America to another woman, taking his HiFi with him. She subsequently booted him, and now he lives on a yacht on a lake near Atlanta. Last saw him two years ago, neither of us talked HiFi. Sad, good speakers, my pair came from one of Van Morrison’s roadies. I still have a Radford amp that I bought from Tommy Hoy of ‘70’s band Magna Carta! Jerry
  11. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Reported, for what that’s worth. There have been some very active sellers of these fakes based in Poland and Serbia, a whole variety of home-made dies and they sell a lot at around £100. Some buyers, or their families, will get a shock in due course. I don’t understand how Ebay can get away with facilitating this trade, though I suspect there will be changes in the legal responsibility in years to come, in the same way that pressure is building on social media to be responsible for moderating what is posted on its sites. Jerry
  12. Perhaps I should adjust that to impaired good fine, it has clearly been deeply toned and cleaned in the past, now I look at it again. As I say, halfpennies are not my thing. here are photos, hopefully someone can tell me the dies? I will dig out Freeman later. These are low res pics, if higher res are any help I can email them to you Richard. Jerry
  13. I don’t have many half pennies, but I do have an 1861 R over B in BRITT in good fine, if you need a photo. Jerry
  14. I have many sets of speakers, but have never made my own. I have a dozen Quad electrostatics, the ESL57, and it’s a pair of these on stands I always end up going back to; I have a pair of ESL63’s I must re-panel soon, I have the materials, they have been sitting in my study, partly disassembled, for months but something else always crops up. My next favourites are a pair of Castle Harlech, the polyester coned ones from the late ‘90’s. In the workshop, awaiting their turn but working, are a nice pair of Lowther Accousta PM7a’s, B&W DM3’s and the massive B&W P2’s with the ionofane tweeters (serviced, you can still get the electrode and quartz chamber from the USA). Also Kef Concerto’s, Spendor SA1’s (really nice BBC LS 3/5a competitors, and others I can’t remember at the mo. I have had several Tannoy red and gold speaker pairs, but they have ended up in the USA and the Far East. Much of my HiFi has been sold on to generate cash for pennies. Jerry
  15. No, that is certainly different. There have been a number on the ‘bay sold as ‘dot’ pennies with raised mark consistent with the ‘blob’ on mine, which is something to watch out for, clearly not the true Freeman dot. Jerry
  16. Thanks both, most interesting, my other three ‘eight bisects’ 1898 are all the previous BP1898B variety, nice to add the BP1898Ba, unknowingly! Any idea of the relative rarities? Jerry
  17. Here is my wide date 1898 Pete, I think it is 11 teeth too, so BP1898Ab too. Jerry
  18. Thanks Pete. Lovely coin! I think I have a ‘wide date’ 1898 somewhere, will see if I have photos. Jerry
  19. I am pretty sure this is a very late stage of the ‘dot’ die, it’s now really just a ‘blob’ where three cracks converge. I have seen earlier stages of this die flaw, the round dot I think being the start of the flaw. Any other thoughts? I know these dot pennies have been discussed before. Jerry
  20. I also wonder whether this is a F10 with the second N in PENNY over an inverted N, certainly it appears to have the extra serif lower right but this area is badly affected by a die flaw and it is impossible to be sure it is not artefact.
  21. More, and an interesting 'third colon dot' on a Gouby G penny, I think it's a BP1860V and perhaps represents an incompletely filled original colon dot at the time the colon was re-entered.
  22. There were a lot of nice 1860 penny die repairs in the bulk lot of Hiram Brown pennies I bought, here are a few close-ups.