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  1. I really wouldn’t bet on it being F32, despite comparable date alignment when the other major identifiers are not there. Even the tail of the plume is too fine imo. But if any member has bought it, I am happy to be proved wrong! (not as nice as mine anyway 😉). Jerry
  2. Is that really an F32? Lighthouse looks pointy, and where’s the rock? Obverse is 6, with colon flaw, so not F21. it’s not F28 looking at the exergue. Not sure what’s going on there, must be missing something. And the bidding over £15 was driven entirely by two individuals. Jerry
  3. First thing I would do is find out the commission if any for sellers. Then I would look at their prices for similar coins in the past. That info will help you make a choice. I find both good but as a purchaser only. Jerry
  4. It actually does look very nice, good if slightly subdued lustre, merits it’s MS64 slab. The Jackson coin is just a bit brighter I believe. Jerry
  5. I don’t see why not, Guy (the Coinery) who now does the auctions of that name. Jerry
  6. Had a chance to see and handle(in its slab) the 40K 1882 F112 at the Midland Coin Fair today, a very pretty coin……but what a price! Anyway the new owner seems happy, I would have shown it off too! Bought some nice halfpennies, thanks Rob! Jerry
  7. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Is this Marleybob by a different name? She’s from Leeds as well. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255155828593?hash=item3b6878f771:g:BSsAAOSwxOthVHK0 Similar contrived sort of story, and look at the verbiage attached to some of her other items. And the number of faked ‘error’ £5 notes she has sold for good money 😠 Oh, and you can have the rag free too. Jerry
  8. jelida

    The Iain Dracott halfpenny article

    Thanks everybody, and particularly to Gary who has provided an excellent scan. Great response from the forum, as ever! Jerry
  9. Hi All, I have been looking at halfpennies this morning including Richards excellent pages; everywhere I see references to ‘Iain Dracotts definitive article’ but I cannot track down the article itself. Where was it published? Does anyone have a copy to spare, or is it available online? Any leads would be gratefully received. Jerry
  10. It’s on the Baldwins site, not St James’s. 😉 Jerry
  11. There has been a host server problem since yesterday evening, looks like it might be sorted now. Jerry
  12. I only bid for the Aethelred II Hereford penny, double struck obverse but a new moneyer for me, and I am happy with the price. Hereford is a scarce mint. I wonder, shall I go for the Charles I halfcrown coming up on DNW, putatively Hereford? Lotsa dosh. ☹️. Jerry
  13. jelida

    Help With Denarius Identification

    The way the silver appears to be bubbling and lost in places, especially on the reverse, makes me think it is a plated copy. Jerry
  14. In this case, as I understand, the finders had permission from the tenant, but not the landowner who is said to have been anti detecting. Had they declared the hoard initially, they would likely be deemed to have been acting reasonably, if unaware of the true land ownership, and would have shared half of the multi million hoard valuation. Instead they are part way through sentences of 8 and 10 years, and with confiscation orders hanging over them. I have little sympathy. Jerry