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  1. That is wonderful Pete- is it the Colin Cooke one?
  2. jelida


    First point - because Mike is known on this forum primarily for collecting pennies not threepence - I think Rob intended a gentle joke. Second point- yes, almost anyone can become a member of Facebook- that’s their business model, and what has made them so wealthy- but that is not the same as having full access to an individual site or group, which depends on how the site is set up. For example, a group might be set up as “open” in which case anybody can gain access, or “closed”, which means you can apply to join for access, which may be granted or refused by a group moderator, or indeed managed by a “bot” if so set up. An individuals site likewise may not be fully accessible unless you ask to become a “friend”, and this status is granted. Or a site may be secret, and not show up on Facebook searches, then you would have to be known to and approached by a site moderator and invited to join. Who knows, there may be other options too, to cater for paedophiles, terrorists, the Mafia, the Secret Services , the KGB - indeed whoever Facebook thinks it can make money out of. Or am I just being too cynical? Jerry
  3. Is lot 1978 really an F28? Looks a lot like an F20 to me. Jerry
  4. Yes, a nice selection and a couple of temptations. But I remain dubious about the 1862/1, if it is an overstrike it is definitely a different die from the examples thus far described. Jerry
  5. The exergue reads; ERECTED TEMP HEN 6 ie the building portrayed was erected in Henry VI’s reign. Jerry
  6. Over the last four months, the only one that still shows is the 1904 ( listed by forum member Coinery ). I tend to photograph new acquisitions in batches, hence intervals between posting on these pages. Jerry
  7. Here are a few of my recent acquisitions, the F169 is the Baldwins one, cheap enough at a bit over £500, the rest are from Ebay, a tenner for the Gouby X, less for the 1875 cannonball and 1860 Gouby G with very close colon dots. And I always said date spacings didn't float my boat but was tempted by the 1904 with 4 over tooth -just about- it is not exactly the same as the variation shown in Groom but either way seems scarce. Jerry
  8. I’m still going with normal 3. The angle between the top serif and the diagonal is just not tight enough- the inner angle of the (large) top serif on its right and the angle of the diagonal should be closely aligned. And the lower half of the 3 is too indistinct to prove anything. I can’t see this coin gaining traction......except possibly on LCA, where the 1862/1 they are touting looks dubious in the extreme to me. Jerry
  9. It’s so difficult with the wear. The most focussed picture is the top one, and on the basis of that one I would say normal 3. But the less focussed pics could suggest a narrow 3. On balance I would say no, with the proviso that I might change my mind in the hand with angled lighting and a loupe! Jerry
  10. Yes, the P is to a tooth. The narrower rim also confirms reverse A. Jerry
  11. Yes, it’s a decent example. I had spotted it too a couple of weeks ago- I think it did a complete cycle without a bite- but as I have a better example and am SKINT I left it. It was very good of Pete to think of another member here, HAT OFF Pete well done. Jerry