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  1. Thank you for your comments to the forum. You need to look for the book ‘Numismatic Photography’ by Mark Goodman, this covers virtually every situation. It would set you back about £50, there are copies on Abe books and EBay, but mostly from the USA and Germany. You may also be able to make a digital download. Almost any decent digital camera and many phones can do the job, it’s all about the focus, lighting and repeatability but as I say, read the book or spend some time experimenting with the macro settings on your camera and some bright directional lighting at an angle across the coin and as close as practicable. Jerry
  2. There’s always the Small Claims Court, which would almost certainly find in your favour, if they don’t have a lower limit for claims; might be worth a mention. I’m not entirely enthused by the idea of the likes of this duo stalking the forum; I don’t think a small pool of negativity here will alter their business practice, we are not the sort of customers they rely on; but a legal assertion of customer rights might. A copy of their massive catalogue came with my Coin News again this week. The Pembroke penny caught my eye at a bit over a grand. “How likely is that?” I thought. So I had a look at the grainy image. How could any-one be certain of the mint of this multiply and poorly struck coin? And I certainly can’t tie in the letters I think I can see. If you are going to pick a mint, pick a rare one. I wouldn’t have much hope for the Henry III Wilton penny at £50 either, no photo there. Jerry
  3. Yes it is there, it’s the dark toned EF plus ex Bamford specimen. Jerry
  4. I’m afraid I got those, Richard, I will keep at least one of them. One does not appear to have the die crack on the portrait and I suppose could be an earlier strike from a known die ; the second has a long die crack on the portrait which is in a different position from the others shown on your site so at least three D2 obverse dies. Both have the ‘nipple’ colons. There is also a nice ‘triple F’ ( a well lustred one went in the last DNW for nearly a grand, but usually just £2-300) and a lovely doubled N in penny, and other little repairs of interest. I was underbidder for the V over A and lot 372 with the good F24 and F5 heavy flan and nice F1 amongst others, I was sad to have to give up there (though both my F24’s are better). I won 368 with the N over Z, F1 and a couple of nice letter repairs and more importantly what I think is an F13 ‘ N over upside down N’ in Penny, with a serif bottom right and slightly wedged diagonal as in my F33. There is a die flaw in the vicinity, we’ll see how it looks under the microscope but I am pretty convinced. It would not be a surprising error as I’ve said before. Jerry
  5. jelida

    Possible Fake Coin

    How about a link to your EBay ad?
  6. jelida

    Possible Fake Coin

    Any chance of photos or a link?
  7. Or perhaps underwhelmed in anticipation. But if they do a good Job they could be a Revelation! On the other hand if the Judges say otherwise there could be Lamentations and an Exodus to the door. It’s the Numbers that matter. Amos-t telling point is that Peter Gabriel has declined to take part. Mark my words, they won’t be the Colossians they once were, Kings of the stage, superb Acts worthy of the Prog Rock Chronicles, that was the Genesis of the late sixties and first half of the seventies. Jeremiah
  8. Nay from me too. They were the soundtrack to my student years and I still have all the vinyl from Trespass to ‘Invisible Touch’; I saw them live with Ray Wilson on the ‘Calling All Stations’ tour in 1997 and they were great, in fact that was probably the best album since ‘Then There Were Three’. But the Gabriel years were undoubtedly the best, and before they turned into a pop band with Duke, Abacab etc. This sounds like a money making exercise, do they really have anything new to offer? I would rather stick with my memories. Jerry
  9. Perhaps she’s just concerned about her health. ‘Bit like me every morning, “not dead yet”! Unlikely to be contradicted, until I won’t really care. Apparently the term “so well” has already entered into common parlance across the pond, as in “swell” meaning fantastic! If only Trump was a bit more hip, we’d be hearing that all the time....... Jerry
  10. jelida

    Refused compensation by Royal Mail

    Probably, then point out that all legal tender 50p’s are BU at the moment they leave the die, and still valued at 50p, so the added value is in the handling and presentation, not the coin, and certainly not free! Jerry
  11. jelida

    Refused compensation by Royal Mail

    You could try arguing that you want re-imbursement of the ‘presentation pack’ , of which the coin was just a part. The value would then be what you paid, less 50p which by their argument is the value of the legal tender coin. But you would still probably get nowhere. At least you would feel you had logic on your side. Jerry
  12. jelida

    Mary I Groat

    It looks OK to me, probably a detector find judging by the marks. To elicit the 'ring' of silver you need to drop it - not too far- on a glass surface for consistency. But beware that if it is a 'dug' coin it may be brittle. What is its actual weight? Jerry
  13. Don’t forget casual losses, judging by detecting finds, could easily amount to a few per cent, and unofficial melt post decimalisation could also account for many. As you say, the actual numbers available to collectors will be a fraction of many of those estimates. Jerry
  14. For this date, simple identifiers I use; toothed border, no lcw and a straight exergue line above the date ( D and F slope up on the left) Reverse E only occurs in 1860, and has lcw below the foot. From 1874 a couple more identifiers would be needed. We are talking Freeman here, not Gouby. Jerry
  15. The first one is in appalling condition, worn, battered and disfigured around the date. I would not want it in my collection. The second DNW one is at least showing more normal wear, and would be tolerable. Given they are not really ‘that’ rare, I think they are overpriced if in the thousands (plural). But I hope to get a decent one one day. Jerry PS and despite what I said a couple of days ago re the rugby, I do wish some success to England. I would at least like to see them prevent France getting the bonus point.😱