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  1. While on the topic of pennies purchased from Australia, I got this one last year, a rather nice F77. I have noted that there appear to be two F77 reverse g dies , with different date spacing, 11 teeth (this coin, and my other) , and 12 teeth as per the pic taken from a LCA example. Jerry
  2. Here are up to date pics of the 1877 F90 penny from a 'deceased estate lot' in Sydney, Australia. Not a thing of great beauty, but in fact better than most so far on Richards site (I make it 6th best, probably...) Jerry
  3. I have to agree regarding specimen 11, it does not look right for the currently known F90 reverse, though I’m not sure what it is. And if you are talking about the F90 from Australia, it is now conserved and in my cabinet, at last one I can live with. I will post updated photos shortly. And I don’t think the price of the 1847 Medusa is that unreasonable either, a bit over £3k after currency conversion and import vat to the UK, I suspect if slabbed and the variety better known in the US market it would have gone higher. There were at least three bidders involved above £2.5k. Jerry
  4. https://www.sarc.auction/item.aspx?i=44913634
  5. jelida

    Elizabeth Halfpenny, good or wrong?

    I don’t think we can actually tell from the photos- just that the coin is not lying absolutely flat. The shadow does seem variable. Otherwise the coin does not look cast- and don’t forget how tiny these coins are, the detail is considerably magnified. Jerry
  6. Actually I have two more worn examples, I will send pics in due course. I bought one , but in poor condition, for 99 cents two days ago, with postage £22. Jerrym
  7. Not as good as mine which cost £8. Jerry
  8. Here is Michael Gouby's response to the photos of the new variant of F111 BP1882K 2 over 1 overdate. He is happy that it is a new variety to be designated BP1882Kc. Jerry "Hi Jerry, Thank you for your picture of the TWO 1882 H pennies (P + p) with 2 over 1. I agree that two images that you show of date and especially of the close up do not look like my BP 1882 Ka or K b BP 1882 Ka BP 1882 Kb BP 1882 Kc BP 1882 Ma Nor do I consider that it is a later more worn stage of either. The image of Kc is extremely close to the amount of the 1 showing to the same reverse die, with obverse R – BP 1882 Ma. However, the major difference is that on your Kc there is a tiny part of the extreme top left serif showing at 11 o’clock of the 2. The 1 that shows also appears to be slightly thicker than that on Ma. All of the found examples of 1882 - 2 over 1, found so far, are with reverse die BP 1881 Hb. Yes I am perfectly happy to accept that the image that you sent me of your 1882 penny with 2 over 1 is with a new 1881 H (altered) die to my Ka & Kb and I am perfectly happy to list it as BP 1882 Kc. I am perfectly happy if you want to share this email with any of the other collectors that have been involved with the discussions on the merit of your 1882 penny – 2 over 1 as being a new reverse die. All the best, Michael"
  9. I understand this to be near the system of the planets Xi and Kimil-Jong rotating around the sun Pu-tin. This sun is in the process of collapsing into a particularly unpleasant black hole, soon to absorb its surrounding planets. Few bodies can escape its attraction, Indi-A does not have the momentum to break away and Eee-U cannot overcome the bonds of the Gaz-prom force. Bi-den and Bo-ris appear to be falling under the influence of the proto-star forming in the Zelen-sky belt , and along with various minor planets may yet see the light. Ma-cron is an aberration, and could end up anywhere. Me, I’ve invested my future with the new God MUSK, and have become a disciple on his new world Twit-ter. I have become a twit. Nothing new there then. Mine’s a bitter. Jerry
  10. jelida

    DNW changing names.....?

    You might almost think it was deliberate that this was announced in the April edition of the magazine……… But if true, how stupid. Jerry
  11. It would appear to be a lead token of some description, possibly a metal detector find. It is quite large at just over 2cm, and is quite unusual in its design. I wonder whether it is the sort of thing purchased at a mediaeval shrine on a pilgrimage, one side could easily be a representation of a rood screen and the other perhaps an aisle or arch with figure representations. Certainly not a typical lead farm/trade token. Do you have any idea of how it was found? It won’t be of much value, but if you have any provenance you could show it to your local Finds Liaison Officer. Jerry
  12. Thanks Ian. Presumably each 2/1 variety is a single die issue, hence the scarcity. I will send photos to MG and see what he thinks of the possible Kc. And I will get pics to you too, Richard. Jerry
  13. jelida

    1953 Farthing

    This coin and two other ‘VIP’ 1953 farthings are listed in LCA past sales, but only this one appears to have the new reverse. A rarity indeed. Jerry
  14. And the other F111 with the smaller spike and top corners of the '1', and finally the F114. Again, I'm sorry the pics are all over the place, I really do need to upgrade the microscope and stand.
  15. And the F111 with the smaller spike and top corners of the '1'.