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  1. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    That’s what puzzled me, as I bid upper estimate for one and was ‘outbid‘. The reserve must have been above upper estimate! But I like Lockdales....the 1862 B/R penny in VF at £8 came from one of their trays at the Midland, and I also bought my 1863 die no 3 and 1882 no H there at reasonable prices, and an excellent unrecognised F763 for £180. Jerry
  2. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Yes, that is also possible. He probably made a simple error - which he wouldn’t have done if he took his own photos, rather than using Lockdales- but then his short fuse and erroneous assumption he was right let him down. Not a great advert for his dealings with potential customers. Jerry
  3. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I think what he has done is to use the Lockdales lot 230 pic to sell lot 229 on EBay. I have suggested this to him. I think he dug himself an ever deeper hole by his cursory response, and follow-ups. But I might bid on the coin I missed at Lockdales, just to piss him off further.... Jerry
  4. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    And this , I now wonder if he is genuine but has muddled his pics? He has sent a copy of his Lockdales returns list. But he does have a very entertaining turn of phrase. Made me laugh anyway....... Returns sheet below. Texts self-explanatory. All good clean fun! Jerry . A deeper hole. Haha Seriously mate get a life. Go bug someone else. Kind Regards Alexander Grant Dapper Coins https: www.ebay.co.uk/str/dappercoins Reply Make an offer Your previous message Dear Alexander, look at the Lockdales catalogue, page 2. Quote 'all rights reserved. No part may be reproduced without permission'. If you do have permission, that's fine. But otherwise that's the law, as well as Ebay rules. Stop digging a deeper hole. Best wishes and have a good christmas, Jerry mralexandergrant: They are my coins that I auctioned. The unsold have been returned to me and I am now selling on eBay. I do not take kindly to threats and you interfering in my business. There is no copyright on the photos. Goodbye. Your previous message Hello Alexander, thanks for that, it looks pretty definitive, I will post this all on the forum. It looks as though you outbid me on one of the coins, but to see the other as 'unsold' when Lockdales confirmed my bid above estimate is strange, I will speak to them this week, and to the originator of the thread who says he has one of the coins you are selling. You do seem to get riled easily, don't forget the Ebay rules on bad language and insults, and on stolen photographs, the latter is always suspicious. Now to get a mate to bid on your coins....... regards, Jerry mralexandergrant: Not that I have to but you have pissed me off a treat here is the sale sheet from lockdales. Shove that up your arse Jerry Your previous message
  5. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The conservation so far......read from the bottom. I was outbid on a couple of the coins he said were returns. Jerry New message from: mralexandergrant (411) You are a complete bore go and get a life. Kind Regards Alexander Grant Dapper Coins https: www.ebay.co.uk/str/dappercoins Reply Make an offer Your previous message Hello Alexander, I am a little surprised to hear they were unsolds from the November Lockdales auction, as I myself bid above the upper estimate on two of them and was outbid. In addition to my friends coin, which he has in hand, this does seem rather strange, I am sure you will agree. However I will leave it there, other than to check with Lockdales re the use of their photos on Monday, and to report to Ebay depending on the outcomes, of course. Regards, Jerry mralexandergrant: This is an unsold item from the lockdales auction they all are in the owner they were all passed Your previous message Hello, I think your EBay account may have been hi-jacked, your photo of this coin is taken from the November Lockdales auction lot 230, and this coin is in the possession of a friend of mine and this has been discussed online as a fraudulent listing. You need to check the details of your ad. Regards, Jerry 1854 Victoria Penny. PT. AU. Lustre.
  6. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Yup, all from Lockdales....... No reply yet. Jerry
  7. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Have sent him a polite message, let’s see if he responds. His account may have been hi-jacked, he has been around some time selling coins.......or he may just be a fraudster. Jerry
  8. jelida

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Lovely! And a very rare item.........one that NGC got right! 😃 Jerry
  9. Lukasz clearly has a good knowledge of coin rarities, or he could not mis-describe them so regularly; I think it must be a deliberate sales ploy, as it enhances the prices and even if some are returned he wins; it is not a victimless pursuit however, as less knowledgable collectors/investors can be guided by the supposed good reputation of an established EBay seller, and whenever this trust in ‘experts’ is broken genuine honest dealers are likely tarred with the same brush and overall trade suffers. Not to forget the many enthusiastic but less knowledgeable collectors happily enjoying their expensive though ‘ bargain priced‘ trays of ‘mint errors’, rarities and Saxon pennies from Poland where they are now ‘found’ in greater numbers than the Vikings ever took over. They will end up bitten. Jerry
  10. jelida

    New UNC Coins

    Chris also publishes ‘Collectors Coins’ , decimal edition which I believe includes the special issues and commemoratives that many decimal collectors are so enthused by, and it is true the pricings are not exactly the same but they are only guidelines. And it is updated regularly, ‘Check your Change’ only covers currency issues and has not been updated I believe for some years. Jerry
  11. jelida

    New UNC Coins

    I’ve used this seller before, a very reliable and knowledgeable chap 🧐. Don’t forget, you will have to pay postage on the Amazon order if you are not a ‘prime’ member, so the price is about the same. If decimals are your thing, it is essential. Jerry
  12. jelida

    New UNC Coins

    Difficult to be sure from the photo, but that doesn’t look like a manufacturing issue, rather bubbling of the copper due to rusting of the steel core. Looks like it’s been in the ground. Luckily it is still worth 1p, or even 2p depending what it says on the reverse. Jerry
  13. jelida

    Missing Waves

    Hmm, interesting idea, but as the dies were heated in an oven slowly to over 500 C, then cooled slowly before they were worked, I can’t see that an uneven anneal is likely, and the mint workers are very experienced at this sort of thing. The sea/waves on the master die/punch should all be engraved at the same depth and I think it unlikely they could be struck on the slant, which is why I think the sea would either be entirely present, or entirely absent with that scenario, and unlikely absent in part or on both sides of Britannia as is sometimes seen. I wonder what effect a convex planchet surface would have? Could that be a cause? Unlikely again, as the blanks were punched out of rolled strip. Jerry
  14. jelida

    Missing Waves

    Nice coins. I presume you bought them , Pete? Well, if proof dies are affected , then re-working of damaged dies is not the issue here, nor should die wear be as quality control was much more strict than for currency coins. Grease is certainly widely used for rust prevention of ironwork in storage, and probably even more so in the days before central heating and environmental control. But any fluid, even thin machine oil, would prevent a clean strike if trapped between the die/ planchet surfaces. Poor working die manufacture by the strike from the master die/ punch being of inadequate depth might give this appearance though would be surprising for a proof die, and I would have thought the depth of the sea cut into the die would be pretty uniform and thus the presence or absence of waves would be rather ‘all or nothing’. Examples where high points on the coin are affected as shown on the Heritage blog show that die fill did occur, and that fill does not have to be solid, just incompressible as liquids are, including grease. During the strike grease, like the metal of the planchet, will move and it is perhaps not surprising that it gets pushed against the inner rim as the alloy is forced down into the rim recess in the die, cutting off its escape. Grease trapped elsewhere might cause impaired letter strike, reduced high points etc perhaps giving the impression of a worn die. Can we prove grease as the cause of absent waves beyond doubt? Perhaps not, but affected proofs likely rule out some of the other possibilities. Jerry