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  1. Another Ebay purchase I am pleased with arrived yesterday, surprised there were not more bidders as got it for £70. Nice F18, not advertised as such and much better than most, fairly worn dies as usual but little wear and a nice tone. Jerry
  2. jelida

    10p a-z

    I’m just going to hang on in the hope of finding one in change, just think how rare CIRCULATED examples will be! Jerry
  3. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Indeed! And free vendors fingerprint on the obverse from taking the photo! You can’t treat a proof like that! Jerry
  4. I can’t tell without the reverse, that is different from F6; F1, F6 and F7 all use (Gouby) obverse C though F6 is much the commonest. Jerry
  5. I am looking at photos of mine, may be clearer in the hand. But as the linear circle can be prone to die fill the proximity of beads to bust is probably a more definitive indicator. Jerry
  6. Sadly the ‘photobucket’ logo appears over the vital area on your coin, from what I can see the linear circle does seem to fade out early but the beaded border does not touch the base of the bust as it should on C1 so could just be a C with die fill. Interestingly both my F7’s are probably the same as yours, but my F6’s have the longer linear circle on the left as per the obv C description. Jerry
  7. Yes, Neil Paisley, he now works with Baldwins but I think is still a director of CC. Jerry
  8. I have on occasion left the coin overnight with a pool of Verdicare over the verdigris, this helps it soften and does not affect lustre or toning. Prodding the verd with a sharpened cocktail stick periodically is essential to free up the softened verd. I occasionally use a needle under the binocular microscope. Jerry
  9. Did anybody here spot this F32 at auction a week before Xmas? Sold as 1861 penny, but somebody else noticed it as it hammered at a grand, £1280 with costs, so not cheap but as nice an example as I've seen for sale in recent years despite a few marks. As usual the reverse F is weak, must have been a very worn die. Another for your list, Richard. Jerry
  10. jelida

    Farthing pickup at brum

    VICTOEIA? Looks good to me, though I know nothing about farthings. Jerry
  11. jelida

    1860 D* 2*

    Well done, the description has changed, now just “unresearched variety”. Jerry
  12. It’s “Stab it with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the beast”.........the “check out any time....’ quote above is correct, and very appropriate in that the EU will do everything it can to make leaving difficult, understandable self preservation but change will be driven from within over time due to both external and internal factors. Quite frankly we are better off in the long term ploughing our own furrow. I am amazed how the predominant political arguments seem to centre on wealth, income , future affluence or otherwise when the issues of democracy and self determination are so much more important. We are so lucky to be able to argue our case in a peaceful fashion, one has only to look around the globe where populations have lost tens or hundreds of thousands of lives often unsuccessfully fighting for basic democracy and freedom from tyranny and external control. They never seem to so willing to die for the pound in their pocket. Jerry
  13. jelida

    Books Section

    While we’re on books............🤫 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Story-Brexit-Ladybirds-Grown-Ups/dp/024138656X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1543924032&sr=8-1&keywords=Brexit Jerry
  14. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Reported, and vendor messaged. Coins are not their thing, they may just be in ignorance . Jerry
  15. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I agree, astounding! I have sent the vendor a further message , awaiting reply. I have reported it and would encourage others to do likewise. Jerry