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  1. jelida

    ebay photos

    I see, I mostly use an iPad, and you can enlarge the pics and clear the thumbnails. I will try my pc later. Jerry
  2. jelida

    ebay photos

    Yes, this new style of thumbnail seems to have appeared in the last few days, you can still enlarge to get the full picture but it is a pain if you just want to scan the lists. Jerry
  3. There is one issue in replying the way Peckris does, and that is if you try to respond by quoting the annotations, you find you are quoting a blank page. I appreciate there are “copy and paste” ways around this, but from a simple quote and reply point of view it is a nifty way to end the conversation. Jerry
  4. But our discharge of the ‘Sick man of Europe’ tag was very little to do with membership of the EEC and everything to do with nearly two decades of Conservative government under Mrs T and Major, following a decade of largely inept government (of both colours) which allowed unregulated and strongly left wing unions to cause disruption throughout manufacturing and other industries in their efforts to prevent modernisation and efficiency savings which might just have allowed said industries to remain competitive. As a result we lost most to other countries which had modernised. It certainly took over a decade for the country to re-focus, primarily on the service sector where we are now. And I can remember inflation peaking at 15% in 1992, after nearly 20 years of membership, during the ERM debacle when the main though not only factor that triggered the instability with regard to the agreed parameters was high German interest rates caused by the costs of German reunification . Britain was not the only country affected, and 10 months later European monetary policy rules were relaxed; I suppose the point I am trying to make is that membership of the EU is not and will never be a financial panacea, there is too much regional disparity even within the Eurozone, and the situation with Spain, Italy and Greece is far from resolved. It is true that the EU would not be unhappy if we exercised our right to rescind article 50, but for our parliament to override the democratically expressed wish of the population is unlikely and highly risky. And the EU have made it clear that a no deal may be preferable to them than further years of indecision. Jerry
  5. Sounds like Corbyn too, though then you can add in misogynist and anti Semitic as a minimum. And how could he walk out of the discussion this evening because Chuka Umunna was there? None of our politicians come out of this with much credit, except that May has been steadfast in her determination to follow through what she reasonably feels is the will of the majority which is the job she is there for, while dissenters do their best to obfuscate that democratically expressed choice. The way things look tonight parliament will have to support her deal or in effect vote for no deal, the other two alternatives appear increasingly unlikely given previous votes in parliament, the timescale and the determination by the EU to force a decision. I have rather enjoyed all these twists and turns over the last few months, but it does have to reach a conclusion now so that the nation can move forward. Jerry
  6. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    This will be the very rare obverse F with the lcw below shield and pointed top lighthouse then........ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Victoria-1861-Penny-4-F-RARE/333120920754?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 I am watching it just to see if anybody falls for it. Apart from all the ‘wrong uns’ EBay is rather quiet at the moment. Jerry
  7. I tend to follow this ‘poll of polls’ which tracks polls throughout Europe. https://pollofpolls.eu/GB But take all polls with a pinch of salt. Don’t forget that the last poll released before the 2016 referendum gave ‘Remain’ a near 10% lead. Jerry
  8. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    This coin with the same story was for sale on EBay several times a couple of years ago, and featured on this site. It subsequently appeared with hype for sale via a conventional South Wales auction house (Dragon Auctions, or some similar name). After I sent them links to his EBay sale attempts, and to discussion on this forum , they sent me a pleasant email and withdrew the coin from sale. The story is of course total tosh, it is a modern Chinese replica, though he possibly paid too much for it himself if he did indeed buy it in Caerphilly and was taken in by the vendors stated provenance. Jerry
  9. jelida

    token or what ?

    It appears to have a core exposed in places which is subject to bronze disease, therefore a copper alloy. I wonder if (in common with many contemporary denarius forgeries) it is made from a high tin bronze, possibly the surface tin enriched by copper leaching. High tin bronze looks passably silver when polished. I have previously found forgery denarii of very similar appearance, and suspect this is a late Mediaeval equivalent , being a copy of a groat or half groat. Tin plating on copper alloy is another possibility. It does not look modern to me. Jerry
  10. I see it is “already marked as a red hot collectible”. Every opportunity to get your fingers burned then. Jerry
  11. That’s a blow, is the “details” statement justified in the hand? If not, break it out! I would not want a handsome coin condemned in print by somebody else’s opinion! And paying for the privilege! One more reason I would not use TPG’s. Jerry
  12. jelida

    Open 3 pennies

    True, the serif does very much look like an afterthought especially in the second and third versions shown. The serif in the first image does look far more conventional. I wonder whether there was ever a ‘no serif’ die. Jerry
  13. jelida

    Open 3 pennies

    The fact that there are three subtlety different ‘open three’’s in 1863 would suggest that this was a deliberate experiment and not a one-off mistake, though I cannot tie it in with the 1903. I suppose it could have been an alternative way of marking individual dies, more subtle than die numbers in what clearly was a year for study/experimentation. But I am not aware of any serious study on the topic. Jerry
  14. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    There seems to be a never ending supply of this sort of bollox on EBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RAREST-VALUABLE-one-of-a-kind-1971-1p-Penny-THE-VALENTINE-FRANKEN-PENNY/192837875655?hash=item2ce60877c7:g:6XIAAOSw78xcZaZH Another example of tape and acid dip. I am surprised he’s not also referring to it being an ultra rare ‘NEW PENNY’ 1971 coin as well. Jerry
  15. jelida


    You’re like the genie from the lamp! Nice to hear from you, hope all is well in Oz. You have my best mate and his wife over there somewhere at the moment, so be very careful in traffic or crossing the road, especially after the bars are open! Jerry