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  1. The first thing is how do you know it’s copper? Coins that have been in the ground often have a coppery sheen, the tone of yours does look a bit uneven. A very accurate weight measurement with a jewellers scales might help. The Royal Mint or internet could tell you what it should weigh . Don’t expect to get rich on this coin though even if a genuine mint error. EBay is usually the easiest place to sell this sort of thing . Jerry
  2. jelida

    1862 Penny G over C

    You’re looking at the picture in Gouby, Pete? I see what you mean, but I think the resolution is not great enough to come to a real conclusion, I presume someone has closely examined the original coin and been happy. Jerry
  3. jelida

    1862 Penny G over C

    We renovated an early Victorian villa some years ago, and when a proportion of the boards were lifted for woodworm prevention spraying I found 36 coins, ranging from farthings to a halfcrown, sadly nothing comparable in rarity. Old houses must be a significant reservoir of out-dated coinage. Jerry
  4. jelida

    1862 Penny G over C

    Thanks Rob. The corrosion does detract a bit, but could be improved, and I would still rate the coin at £1500 to £2000, perhaps even a little more at auction, I was the underbidder on one about the same condition but with fewer problems at about £2200 last year. When you say you ‘found’ the two pennies, do you mean under the floorboards or something? A good find either way. If you do intend to sell it, you could join the forum so you can receive pm’s! Jerry
  5. jelida

    1862 Penny G over C

    If that was the EBay one, it is tenuous in the extreme due to wear and from a vendor who frequently sells spurious ‘varieties’, though he has had some superb pennies too over the last year. Jerry
  6. jelida

    1862 Penny G over C

    And the 2 over 1, and the obverse 3 pairing. I agree that at the current rate of 2 or 3 publicised discoveries a year, the total VIGTORIA could well end up in the teens or low 20’s. I suspect more are found than shown on this forum. And I am still getting used to the ‘reactions’, seem to keep choosing the wrong one and having to correct the error. Sorry Mike. Jerry
  7. jelida

    1862 Penny G over C

    I think we would need a pic of the reverse to make a reasoned judgement. I am sure several of us would be interested. Jerry
  8. I agree, and the marks below the date do suggest that the H was once there, or is very weakly struck. I suspect it would be clearer in the hand. Jerry
  9. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1965-Proof-One-Penny-Coin/183360308485?hash=item2ab1204505:g:AjQAAOSwMMFbZW~m Quite easy to make a proof with a bit of brasso it seems. And R20, so it’s the only one! Jerry
  10. A couple of things strike me, the most significant being the strip of wood across the front of the trays, similar to Swann. Also Nichols tend towards piano type hinges these days. But of course they could be manufacturing to a specific design. And Taikonaut may be referring to something else. Jerry
  11. Possible, yes, but I think it is probably a die crack, the bar of the ‘inverted A’ seems to be a bit higher than on the actual ‘A’ s on this coin. As regards the Davissons coin, I think the grade is right but as you suggest a slightly worn die. Jerry
  12. There is one in the Davissons auction, and plenty of time to ponder. Some adjustment marks, but nice tone and the estimate is fair. https://davcoin.com/lot/e-auction-26-lot-89 Jerry
  13. It’s actually Larry who can see these images in the marks on a coin, not me. I remain dubious in the extreme, both in the (unrecorded) technology necessary and from my viewpoint total lack of evidence that can be interpreted by others in the way Larry interprets it. Larry however has extreme conviction in his theory and I remain interested in where it eventually leads him. Jerry
  14. Will happily have a scout around at the fair in two weeks, and pass on details of any suitable vendors .Wouldn't want a fee. Jerry
  15. jelida

    1703 VIGO Sixpence

    Stunning coin. Sorry for my confusion over the new ‘like’ system, got there in the end. Jerry