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  1. jelida

    The rarest coin you own?

    That will be the F33 ‘N over inverted N’, you have it in your Freeman re-print Richard and it is in the Gouby update too. Other than the photo of a worn second that Larry has previously shown, I haven’t seen another despite several years passing and it does seem to remain very rare indeed. Still in my collection of course. As regards the ‘rarest’ coin in my penny collection I have several that are still in the ‘single figures known’ category from the Rarest Pennies database, with the above F33 and an F15 BRTTT perhaps the rarest. In my hammered collection I do have two of the four known 1558 dated mm lis Elizabeth Ist pennies, one being the Comber example. Jerry
  2. I have the options to view or download on my iPad, so I just viewed. J
  3. jelida

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Why do relatives always collect fakes? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/295597362675?hash=item44d2f9cdf3:g:PyAAAOSwN-FkJtWi&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAwBNK5e7w3pyQIo9f8GYVwwf43Cusu0Gd11idUWsv3RKprkFrUe8o1p5Xfq%2BOQnH6ukF1LF89Wf1EDNbDD%2F9scHHzsyAIuNjWDe6JV%2BVgzDAgFiotuhpebdbuIeHva%2BKGi3N5wn3%2FWvXXzYQay91kROuT2BgaHOCTvSRcY2OtP2MWrne9lcpxqp3FWX8NudNXvB7eEQxRWkUEUJRQ1FfJesIqTefqxmbSj8OyUGJeEOPbpzFHHzZP6fAUT9R%2BSi%2FXbA%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR_jjuoPnYQ Jerry
  4. I have a very similar overstrike 1/1, though I'm not sure the dies are the same but it is an F33. I don't think there is anything special about the digit punches, but it is notable that the 'P' of PENNY is an open 'P'. Richard describes this on an F20 and a couple of proofs, but is it often seen on F33?
  5. jelida

    Evasion and Contemporary Counterfeits

    Here's one I found metal detecting last year, a Charles II halfcrown clipped right down to the inner circles and a bit over 8g! Jerry
  6. jelida

    Evasion and Contemporary Counterfeits

    The punch simply created a small central perforation, round or square. There is even a book about them. https://www.galata.co.uk/the-punched-hammered-coinage-of-1696 Jerry
  7. jelida

    Evasion and Contemporary Counterfeits

    The hammered were checked for weight/value and if acceptable were centrally punched and allowed to continue in circulation. Jerry
  8. It’s automatic, I use Auction Stealer, and find it very successful, never missed a bid. I can set a bid days in advance, so if I have other commitments no problem. But I do put in my maximum bid, some you win some you lose. I occasionally give them a few dollars, and get a three second prior rather than ten second bid. They must have some direct access to the EBay system, and avoid issues with local broadband outages and upload speeds etc, so much less risky than hovering over the computer, though I occasionally watch my bid go in. Jerry
  9. I wasn’t clockwatching, I had set up my usual 3 second snipe, just in case of interruptions or outages. Jerry
  10. I’m afraid I was under bidder there, so cost you a few quid! I’m not too sad, as I already have several small date including one in very similar condition. But not a bad price anyhow, we’ll done! Jerry