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  1. Hi, im from South Shields, which is why I'm looking for tokens from here and also Durham. heres what I have available to swap if need be
  2. Mark240590

    1933 Wreath Crown

    Hi, im looking to change to a 1933 date as its my late grandfather's birth year. As part of a deal I could include my 1928 example:
  3. Mark240590

    NGC - Good / Bad / anyone got any views?

    I've been considering which one to send my Gold Coast ackey too.. Based on this I may go for NGC. Of the day 10 slabs I have 8 are NGC, 2 PCGS. Has anyone found a decent way to post to PCGS it was more to post there than it was to have it graded ! Normally I like my coins raw but at the end of the day certain coins it is nice to have the slab to back it. Especially for resale confidence.
  4. They have some of the best selection of coins I want there but their prices aren't quite for me 90% of the time. They have a South Shields halfpenny which doesn't really seem to be in any better of a grade than my own which is NGC MS63 RB which I would love but at the same time physically couldn't drop that much cash on that !
  5. I shouldn't have logged on yesterday I ended up buying the bank of Ireland 6 shillings token ! To be fair though I've wanted one for a while..
  6. I won a British Honduras 6 Shilling 1 Pence and the Doninica 1 1/2d from the London coins auction. I missed out by a tenner on the bank of Ireland six shillings which I really wanted. I wish I could have been there in person. i know this is the British forum but we issued them ;P
  7. Mark240590

    Recent aquisitions

    I've just won both of these cut/ countermarked West Indies coins. British Honduras 6 Shillings 1 pence dominica 1 1/2 bits (Moco) which is the sit part from a Spanish dollar.
  8. Indeed ! Haha "excuse me mate my 1933 penny was poorly struck can you do it again please ?"
  9. That is the way I would have take it to be, but another forum people seemed to suggest by the polishing being missing detail it could contribute to a lower grade. I know I would love one with the full details in this grade too though
  10. Hi guys I'm just wondering if there's any set rules in grading these as they weren't always struck with healthy dies.. this is is the coin which has prompted the question. I really want to have as near to great as I can I now have four of them 2 without the die cracks but are VF at best 1 VG/F and this which I would say EF.
  11. Mark240590

    CGS membership for free

    That's even worse I registered a long time ago so can log in free I guess ! They're getting a little too big headed then and that's a shame as something like this had the chance to really work out here as long as they Kept the fees low and the turnaround time a little better.
  12. Mark240590

    CGS grading

    I never use the Sheldon scale and have about 6 slabbed coins. The other 2000+ are in flips ha ! generally I would put it at VF but it's just the authentification I want really. Again I know sometimes they get it wrong by then there's a guarantee from them and it makes it easier to sell in the future
  13. Mark240590

    CGS grading

    I'm not paying £500 like PCGS it will be, even though I'm not a slab fan.. Some coins just have to be in one for peace of mind etc.. I know they're by no means perfect but the mind can be at ease.
  14. Mark240590

    CGS membership for free

    Where is the link for this ? All I can see is that £499 membership !
  15. Mark240590

    CGS grading

    I've also just checked the site for the first time in a very long time and if you don't sign up to a £499 "elite" membership you cannot ship & deal direct with CGS. You may be able to find an agent to help you but when you follow the link there aren't any.. Great.