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  1. Danok

    New to Roman coins

    My rule for collecting is a half decent portrait so I waited a while for the Henry IV until I found something with a fairly good portrait for not a ridiculous price. I’m getting quite excited about Roman now - it’s opened up a whole new area that I can start to enjoy. Thank you both again.
  2. Danok

    New to Roman coins

    Thank you Paddy, great advice too. I know the process I think after recently buying a Henry IV penny to finalise my hammered English monarchs! I think I’ll have fun collecting the easy emperors first, build up some knowledge and then see how I feel about the rarer ones. Interesting that this could also be expanded to the Roman women coins.
  3. Danok

    New to Roman coins

    Thanks Pekris, some really useful information. I was planning on concentrating on denarii and antoniniani for different emperors, similar to the full set of English monarchs silver coins since William I I have put together over time. It’s reassuring to know that the risk of fakes is low for Roman silver and I’ve got an ok level of experience for hammered coins in general. I’ve been really surprised by the prices after spending significant sums on the rarer medieval monarchs. Thanks very much again! Dan.
  4. Danok

    New to Roman coins

    I’ve been a collector of hammered medieval for a fair few years and randomly bought my first Roman coin recently. I’m interested in this new collecting area but my eye for genuine and quality medieval coins isn’t translating as well as I thought it would to ancient coins. So thoughts on how to avoid fakes and perhaps where to focus collecting initially would be very much welcomed. Any thoughts on my first coin (photo of Septimius Severus denarius attached) would also be welcomed. Thanks!