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  1. Thanks, Rob and Coinery! Think I will not bid for these coins
  2. Hi everyone. Both shillings are belong to the same ebay seller and both looks a bit suspicious. Your opinions are highly appreciated.
  3. Doctor

    Tower shilling - Charles I

    Thanks a lot for very useful links! Attached are the promised pictures
  4. Doctor

    Tower shilling - Charles I

    Thanks for response! Will take and post photos this evening
  5. Hello everyone. Need your advise. The coin is from my collection, looks like it is S2797 but crown is bigger that it should be. Am I right and it is S2797?
  6. Doctor

    Rare but holed Charles Exeter shilling

    Do you have the their contacts?
  7. Doctor

    Rare but holed Charles Exeter shilling

    Yes, I believe his turn round times are quite long, but his prices are quite reasonable. The price is 225$ and turn round time is approximately 6 months...will think.
  8. Doctor

    Rare but holed Charles Exeter shilling

    Will try to contact him, thanks. But as far as I understand he is very busy...
  9. Doctor

    Rare but holed Charles Exeter shilling

    Thanks to all! It is good to heard that the coin worst the money I paid. will leave it as is, never planned to sell it anyway thanks again
  10. Doctor

    Rare but holed Charles Exeter shilling

    Thanks for response. Yes, I paid £340 for this coin and images were taken for ebay listing. What about repairing? Is it wosrt to do or better to leave the coin as it?
  11. Hi, The rare but holed Charles I Exeter shilling - S3085. Spink doesn't indicate the price just stated that this variation - 16rose44 - is rare. The only analogue I can find is here: http://www.dnw.co.uk...s&lot_id=130049 Questions: I understood that the hole extremely affects the price but would ask how much does it cost approximately?Is ti possible to repair the hole and if yes will it positively affect the price and what is the best way to repair it?Regards, Doc