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  1. Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum whilst deployed for the past 3 month and after reading many posts to pass the time at sea i think its time to sign up and get to know a few people. I was given a gold Sovereign for Christmas and i have been fascinated with it ever since, its like jewelery money I have been researching the history of Sovereigns, all the different Kings and Queens of England and i often find myself going off on interesting historical tangents all because of the initial sovereign google search. I looked at a few other forums but this one seemed well organised, friendly and full of people full of information, some useful some not so However when i search for Sovereign related "chat" there doesnt seem to be much, which surprised me. Im wanting to start collecting them and for my collection i was thinking of starting with all the different types of Elizabeth Sovereigns, as i already have a 2013 Then i would move onto Victorian Sovereigns as i like the Victorian era. I was hoping to find other Sovereign collectors on here to pick their brains but it doesnt seem too popular, is this correct?? And if so why?? Looking forward to hearing from other members Ant
  2. Ant

    Newbie with Sovereign Question.

    Thanks OZJOHN, i did notice the Royal Mint coins seemed very expensive. Im home very soon so i can order a couple of publications and have a good read about the Sovereign. Im currently looking for a Gold Sovereign / Coin dealer near my home town Hartlepool, does anyone know of any in the North East? A lot of the posts ive read have mentioned retailers in London and down south.
  3. Ant

    Newbie with Sovereign Question.

    Just looked at Marshes book on amazon and it looks like thats the one ill be getting, thanks Azda!
  4. Ant

    Newbie with Sovereign Question.

    Thank you for those comments, i suppose i was just a little naive to think that everyone would like sovereigns as much as i do. With regards to type i was looking at: Victoria- Young head Shield + Young head St George Victoria - Jubilee Head Victoria - Old Head Nothing too difficult, just 3 nice coins of a Queen i find interesting. Chris i had seen those coins on the forum and i was trying to figure out why they are so expensive, i know i have a lot to learn, the only sovereigns i have seen for sale are the ones on thegoldbullion website and they are a lot cheaper than the ones you metioned. Please could you give a simple answer as to why they are priced as they are? I am thinking along the lines of rarity? My coin from the above website was £201 ish when the price of gold was £820+ per ounce so now gold is about £745 per ounce i would expect the coins to be cheaper. I WILL purchase some publcations when im home next month, and like i said i have trawled through the forum before asking this question. Its just good to be actually talking to other people about my interest