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  1. Hi Could anyone give me a little help finding out more about this coin? The pictures are pretty small due to the forum size limit, but I can send more detailed ones if requested. From what I've found it is a Spanish Colonial real - But of all the similar coins I find, all have different details. I think its a pillar type real, but not sure how much. The other Colonial reals i see have the quantity stated. Im guessing it's from the 1500's but apart from that I'm completely clueless. The weight is 15.3g. Any shared expertise would be appreciated. Regards David
  2. daystar190

    UK Coins (and some others) for sale

    If you want better pictures just ask and I will PM you. Also, any info would be appreciated, particularly on the Cob. Cheers
  3. daystar190

    UK Coins (and some others) for sale

    Edit: Peterborough shilling Silver bank token 1811 cole & co
  4. daystar190

    UK Coins (and some others) for sale

    Thanks for the info Peckris, much appreciated. I wasn't expecting to make so much from them, but I have multiples of most of the ones listed. No the more valuable ones are not listed. I'm not sure if I will sell any of them. When I've sorted these out I will put them up to see what people say.
  5. daystar190

    UK Coins (and some others) for sale

    Ah, will add the pictures larger tomorrow. Thanks Just used water on them all, unless the 1935 crown was assaulted by a Brillo pad in the past.
  6. Hi guys I'm new on here and in all fairness new to Numismatics. I've had a number of old coins which where left in the attic of my house when my family moved in 20 odd years ago. We have just had them lying about untouched since then but of late I decided to do some research. I found that a few of them are possibly very valuable and quite a few others of moderate value. In doing the research I've somewhat caught the bug and am hanging onto the older and more valuable ones (for now!) A number of them though, I am looking to sell. I took them down to "Coincraft" in London to get a little info on. I am looking to sell them directly or if all else fails...Ebay. If anyone is interested in any of them, or has any advice on selling then I'm all ears. I will put up the missing photos shortly. None of the coins have been properly cleaned, as 1, I'm a novice, and 2 everyone seems to ruin them when they try! The coins are: Crown 1820 "Rocking horse" Crown 1935 Victoria Jubilee Head Six pence 1887 ( J.E.B below truncation) Peterborough Six pence Silver bank token 1911 Half Crown 1922 Australia Florin 1911 Spanish Colonial Cob, Pillar type (?) Reales (unsure of date) South Africa 2 and a half shillings 1895 2 Francs 1895 Thanks David