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  1. 1 hour ago, copper123 said:

    Impressive place have been to a couple of antique and collectors fairs there, and it really is a great place to visit

    The fairs are held in the main hall, the concert room is in another part of the building and is open for musical performances and recitals no more than a few times each year. It can also be booked for weddings. 


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  2. 3 hours ago, Peckris 2 said:

    Must be someone who peruses this forum - it's been pulled.

    That was me Chris.

    The owner believed it to be genuine and was distraught when told it is a modern repro. He paid genuine 1905 money for it some time ago on eBay and is now trying to get his money back. I'm told they're not being very helpful and so he's approached trading standards. I did suggest he sign up as a member here in case anyone would be able to help but he's having trouble registering. If anyone does have advice he could be messaged on eBay via the contact the seller link. I think his feedback profile attests to his fair dealing and his listing of a coin he paid a lot for believing it genuine. On being told it was fake he immediately cancelled the listing.


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    Never saw the Who but, same time frame, Stones (Mick Taylor era) at the Liverpool Empire '71 was pretty special.

    Check out the Marquee film from the same tour and the '72 US films for a taste.

    Then there was Ziggy's farewell tour in '73, and me touching his bare foot. With this hand, yes, this one here. Didn't cure anything, unfortunately......


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  4. Whatever it is it must be pretty potent.

    From the same seller:



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  5. 15 minutes ago, Sword said:

    Just his surname on coins I think.

    Yup, can't argue with that.

    The reason I put up this screen shot here was, I suppose, to illustrate the extent to which I consider coinage design has lost it's way. From timeless, classic, objects of beauty, to images one might find printed on a plastic nursery lunchbox. Yes, I know, as it is with stamps,  it's all about editions and 'collect 'em all' but I guess I'm just a little too set in my ways to see the attraction.