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  1. That fake ceiling was criminal. Well done sir, and a lovely reclaimed space.

    It reminds me very much of the Barnston women's institute hall which is around the corner from us and where you'll find a plaque informing you it was the venue at which the Beatles appeared for the first time in the suits Brian Epstein had bought them. 

    Yeah, yeah, yeah.....






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  2. 25 minutes ago, Peckris 2 said:

    Never mind hammered. How much would you say a circulated 1949 brass 3d (F/GF) should go for ? £10 (plus juice)? If you're lucky?

    DNW estimate was £60 - £80. "Aha" I thought, "an obvious error. Just see what it actually fetches, and observe the faces with egg on..."

    IT FETCHED FIFTY QUID!!! Plus juice...



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  3. 1 hour ago, secret santa said:

    Just heard that Boris and Rishi have received fines for breaking Covid rules so they'll presumably resign in the morning, or maybe get on with the important things like supporting Ukraine ?

    Ah, I see you've deleted 'getting on with important things like genocide' and have replaced it with 'get on with the important things like supporting Ukraine'.

    The question remains: what does one have to do with the other?

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  4. 23 minutes ago, jelida said:

    Interesting, but are you sure there isn’t a join between the beads and the rim in the first image? It’s amazing what a skilled craftsman can do with a lathe - but I hope I’m wrong. If genuine that would be a great price, though I am surprised that obverse and reverse dies were interchangeable.


    That was my immediate thought too. The dark circle showing where the reverse of one coin has been sunk into the body of a second appears very obvious. The cut even clips through some of the beads.

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  5. On 3/13/2022 at 10:31 AM, blakeyboy said:

    OMG I made up 'Paracrufts' about ten years ago, and I've just found out that it bloody exists!!!!!!!


    There was an episode of Alan Partridge where he tries to pitch new programme ideas to the channel controller,

    all increasingly desperate, and one of them was 'Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank',

    which, bizarrely, years later, was actually made!!!!

    Yet, inexplicably, still no Monkey Tennis or Inner City Sumo.

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  6. Russians?

    We were in Liverpool last night for the Russian State Ballet's production of Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet. Fabulous, with Expressionism and Dada influences in evidence throughout, so I came away a very happy bunny (man) indeed.

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