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  1. Michael-Roo

    1860 penny Freeman 14. LCW below foot.

    My wife, a Cambridge Phd, teaches Classics. I think it best I don't show her this thread. 'Don't get me started' doesn't come close.
  2. Never saw the Who but, same time frame, Stones (Mick Taylor era) at the Liverpool Empire '71 was pretty special. Check out the Marquee film from the same tour and the '72 US films for a taste. Then there was Ziggy's farewell tour in '73, and me touching his bare foot. With this hand, yes, this one here. Didn't cure anything, unfortunately......
  3. Possibly a little more than £100. This damaged specimen realised £400 hammer at LCA five years ago.
  4. Michael-Roo

    Halfpenny ID check

    😄 Good one.
  5. Michael-Roo

    1818 George III halfcrown

    Looks kosher, and I doubt you'd see those contact marks on a wrong'un.
  6. Repro, surely? http://northshorenumismaticsociety.org/short-cross-coinage-england/
  7. Michael-Roo

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Whatever it is it must be pretty potent. From the same seller: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Art-By-A-Dog/174641826230?hash=item28a976c9b6:g:YRMAAOSwK21gLVSP https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/large-antique-oil-painting-Signed/174640109563?hash=item28a95c97fb:g:0QgAAOSw3e9gJ5eG
  8. Michael-Roo

    Mr. Grumpy.

    Yup, can't argue with that. The reason I put up this screen shot here was, I suppose, to illustrate the extent to which I consider coinage design has lost it's way. From timeless, classic, objects of beauty, to images one might find printed on a plastic nursery lunchbox. Yes, I know, as it is with stamps, it's all about editions and 'collect 'em all' but I guess I'm just a little too set in my ways to see the attraction.
  9. Michael-Roo

    Mr. Grumpy.

    Pistrucci did.
  10. Michael-Roo

    Mr. Grumpy.

    Messrs Roettiers, Croker, Pistrucci etc. what say you?
  11. Michael-Roo

    Edward iv

    Bare hands?
  12. Michael-Roo

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    People are actually bidding for these. Incredible. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1797-George-III-Cartwheel-Two-Pence-2d-a-beautiful-coin-much-better-in-hand/224340950362?hash=item343bc33d5a:g:m6gAAOSwNYBgHYtB https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1763-SHILLING-GEORGE-3rd-BRITISH-SILVER-COIN-NICE/224340928048?hash=item343bc2e630:g:9IIAAOSwvkxgHYX8 But, oddly enough, not for this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Commonwealth-coin-1651-unresearched-and-havent-got-a-clue-about-it/224340981716?hash=item343bc3b7d4:g:vhkAAOSwSOFgHY-5
  13. Michael-Roo

    Steep slabbing premiums

    And described as 'choice uncirculated' by the seller. Ridiculous.
  14. Michael-Roo

    Steep slabbing premiums

    Oh, what a f**king surprise. I'm still smarting after being suckered in to pay £500 for a scrap value sixpence..... (er, not).
  15. Michael-Roo

    Steep slabbing premiums

    I have two Commonwealth pennies. Admittedly, neither are as good as this, but one isn't far off. I also have two Commonwealth half groats, one of which is a very nice, fully round, EF. Maybe I should have it slabbed and rake in the oof as our cats have been reminding me it's months now since I last supplied them with shiny new tiaras.