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  1. susieq

    How Can You Tell A Forgery?

    Thank you, any idea on it's worth if anything? Bearing in mind I thought it was like a gaming machine token!
  2. susieq

    How Can You Tell A Forgery?

    any thoughts on the dover port token?
  3. susieq

    How Can You Tell A Forgery?

    Haha! He then flung it in the bag of sliver 3d, and offered £13.00 the lot :-( thought when I found it that it was too good to be true!
  4. susieq

    How Can You Tell A Forgery?

    thanks again! Susan.
  5. susieq

    How Can You Tell A Forgery?

    Oh well I won't give up the day job yet! Sorry about the image size, but the first files were too big! Would it be okay to post just one more coin for you to cast your expert eyes over? My dad as per, had boxes of coins, I have had them lying gathering dust until my son came up yesterday with an old large 50p! He thought that was an antique! Thank you for your opinions. Susan.
  6. Help required please! My husband took this coin to dealer who said it was a forgery, BUT, offered £30.00 for it! How can I tell if it's real or not? Thank you in advance Susan.