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  1. ArthurD

    Mints and Moneyers

    If you take a look at the SCBI and EMC you can filter by mint as well as monarch and view a comprehensive list of coins for that mint. It's excellent up to and including the Norman period, a bit sketchy for Plantagenet issues. Martin Allen is very approachable and always keen to hear about new discoveries and will also assist with questions.
  2. ArthurD

    English Hammered Provenance "Ex Lucas".

    Thanks again, the article specifically mentions the pre Conquest coins in the Lucas collection - these are the ones I'm interested in at the moment. I'll take a look for the Glendining and Spink catalogues mentioned. Cheers
  3. ArthurD

    English Hammered Provenance "Ex Lucas".

    Thanks very much indeed for the replies, much appreciated. I'll carry out some more research around the 1970's. It's a common provenance with hammered from this period so I'm sure there will be some info. somewhere. The coin I bought from the Spink Stewartby auction has a couple of old tickets which should also help me. I spend so much time researching coins before I buy them but this provenance just escaped me! Cheers
  4. HI Folks, my first posting even though I've been reading the forums for a while. I keep seeing a provenance for hammered silver as "ex Lucas" - what or who was Lucas? I've noticed it in particular for Edward The Confessor and Norman period coins. Over the past couple of years I've picked up quite a knowledge of coins from this period but this reference eludes me, I'm probably missing something obvious, not for the first time I hasten to add Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  5. ArthurD

    Buy the best you can afford

    I always try to buy the best I can afford. I think quality not quantity is the way to go with any collection. Rarity need not be at a huge cost, increase your knowledge, find an area to specialise in and you would be surprised at some of the material available. Personally I enjoy English hammered especially early medieval and medieval. There is a wealth of material available in the short cross penny type but it does need a specialised knowledge and lots or research, but that is the part I enjoy most and of course you learn a lot about history too! Most of all enjoy it whatever you collect, buy something because you like it and and you will never be disappointed, well not often anyway :-)