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  1. The arguments for BOTH leaving should have been fully discussed not just one as you suggest. The electorate is a lot smarter than people give them credit for. A typical leftie ploy to brand your opponents as stupid if they do not agree with its agenda . The rest of your post is mostly irrelevant clap trap. The only thing it shows of relevance is the UK contribution to the EU budget and given the size of the UK economy is still a substantial amount of money. No figures just the normal miss information supplied by the left which is intended to mislead. Fake news perhaps. The best way to mislead is by waffle, belittling your political opponents and finally graphs and pie charts with no scales. The normal tactics of the left
  2. Well said compared with the noise and personal abuse that seems to come from some quarters. Typical leftie nonsense. Ignore the facts. Bring in every spurious argument that has no relevance to the subject in hand and then think they are champions of the people who are in truth well down in their list of priorities compared with their political agenda. Sometimes observing from a distance leads to clearer thinking something which seems to be lacking. I wish the good ship UK well but I fear it will end in tears.
  3. Why, you have had your referendum the people spoke. It's up to Parliament to implement it That's the job they are paid for. Probably a reasonable chance another referendum will produce a similar result especially after the way the EU has treated the UK over Brexit or do you keep on having referendums until it produces the result Parliament wants? I think I would be angry with the EU who have stymied every attempt to negotiate a separation also with May for throwing away her majority with the general election which seriously eroded any authority in negotiating with the EU who finally handed May a set of demands for the separation where May has been bludgeoned by the EU into accepting. GBP 36 B cost with out any guarantee of a trade deal or true separation from the EU. From here a no deal looks a much better option. Maybe some disruption but WTO trading is not so bad and you can also adjust the value of the pound to compensate for increased tarrifs and reduce company tax to attract business to the UK. As for no meds ( in OZ most of these come from India now days), truck mayhem on the M20, travelling to Europe. Well I don't have any trouble on an Australian passport and in any case if there were any reprisals from Europe it's a two edged sword which would hurt the EU just a hard perhaps harder as so many EU citizens live and work in the UK also the UK's unemployment is much less than most of the EU's 5% against France's 9% and much higher than elsewhere with perhaps the exception of Germany. That's why the UK attracts so many people from Europe I'm sure these can be managed with a little planning in the event of a no deal. You have had two years to prepare for this event which should have been put in place immediately after the referendum rather than waiting until the last moment further weakening your position. I guess in conclusion it's possible the May government was never serious in implementing the results of the referendum and kept on coming up with feeble excuses for doing nothing to prepare the UK for a no deal.
  4. Just looking at the Daily Telegraph with Colbyn pushing for another referendum. What happens if you get the same result? Have a third referendum a forth until you get the result you want.A referendum is supposed to be a vehicle used infrequently to settle a matter of national importance where 1.. the result should be implemented and 2. the results are final.
  5. I find it strange that a leftie would quote Churchill a Lib then a Tory when it suits. In any case this is only an opinion as the UK has no written constitution. I think Churchill was referring to the general running of the country and response to a crisis etc. . This is different Brexit was in response to a direct question asked of the people which was no doubt a surprise to the pollies that it attracted a majority of votes. Too bad they have let the cat out of the bag and it is their responsibility to comply.
  6. Sorry about the spelling border not boarders unless we have boarders on the border.
  7. If as you say a coalition of Labor and SNP for the future don't tell me Scotland's independence would not be on the agenda which would invite another hard boarder to mainland UK.
  8. The elected polies are supposed to support the wishes of the electorate not oppose them.. You had a referendum which was carried by a good majority (50% of the vote + 1 is a win) and the polies should respect the result not oppose it. If Tory do not deliver Brexit they will be booted out of office and Labor will form the next government. I'm not sure the Tories will survive and Labor will govern for a long time into the future. Maybe that's your wish but I think Corbyn will be a disaster for the UK.
  9. True but do not lose sight of the fact that a majority of the people voted to leave. Not a victory for democracy.
  10. Re above post. Delete ……..Europeans whose only aim is to diminish the UK and add ………..European bureaucrats something both Hitler and Napoleon failed to achieve.
  11. 1912 halfcrown NGS MS 61 that I brought a little while ago possibly a little under graded when compared with https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1913-NGC-MS-64-1-2-Crown-George-V-Great-Britain-Silver-Coin-18091610C/392215477362?hash=item5b51dd3c72. Any how I'm pleased with it.
  12. My Edward crown which was sold to me as a matte proof any comments as to matte proof or circulation issue welcome Thanks Sorry about the hair. Not sure whose it is as mine is white now.
  13. Assuming remaining in the EU could be the option adopted I wonder how the UK will work with the EU after all the angst caused by the referendum. If UK stays will it be under the existing arrangements or will the UK have to adopt the Euro for example? I also wonder how the. UK can live with its self after being beaten into submission by a bunch of Europeans whose only aim is diminish the UK..