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  1. ozjohn

    Possible fake 1905 Halfcrown

    I also contacted the seller and received a similar reply. I think its a case of someone buying the coin in good faith not realizing the possibility of it being a fake.
  2. ozjohn

    Possible fake 1905 Halfcrown

    I looked at Ebay's complaints procedure. I think you have to find the listing from its Ebay listing # 255868114069. I am happy to contact the seller along with the Predecimal picture as evidence. I am not accusing the seller as trying to sell a fake coin as he may well be unaware of the possibility.
  3. ozjohn

    Possible fake 1905 Halfcrown

    Is there anyway Predecimal can notify Ebay of doubt concerning this listing as I would hate to see someone taken in by this coin as a member of this forum was in the past. I’ve tried in the past but Ebay ignores these complaints and may take more notice from an organization such as the Predecimal Forum
  4. The Ebay listing shows a 1905 halfcrown for sale. Looking at the I in QUI it looks very similar to the example of a forgery from these forums although the Ebay screenshot is low definition due to restrictions to image size on these forums. Any opinions would be useful given the price for this coin. Caveat Emptor
  5. My latest acquisition arrived today a 1929 PCGS MS62. While a common coin this one is a pleasing example with the thistle on the reverse well struck with the base of the thistle showing the detail a feature often missing on even high grade coins.
  6. I've been looking for an UNC 1934 penny for a long time. Your's is a very nice example.
  7. George v florins in high grade are as you say hard to find although the .925 silver issues in GVF are common. I suspect when they changed to ,500 silver people held on to the sterling silver issues. I think I have shown this one before but it's the best 1920 florin I have although I do have a NGS AU 58 that IMO is not as good as the first coin. Your 1920 florin is a very nice example.
  8. Another coin from my collection, A reasonably struck 1912 florin. The lion's face on the upper shield are weak but the pearls around the edge on the reverse are all well struck. Apart from some bag marks on the obverse overall a good coin IMO in the MS range although this series is hard to grade due to strike issues.
  9. Another coin I've had for a while .Again photo taken with hand held iPhone. as it produces a better result than my Sony camera with macro lens A 1926 ME halfcrown withe first issue shield. A nice coin with the reverse better than the obverse on account of some small scratches on the obverse.
  10. This 1913 halfcrown has been in my collection for some time and was put away in a box. When I recently looked at it the coin had taken on a tone where very little existed before. More importantly the tone has improved IMO the look of this coin considerably. There seems to be some flattening to the Kings ear but the hair close by seems to be fairly intact suggesting strike rather than wear. Overall I think a pretty good example for this date. PS the picture was taken on my Iphone that seems to produce better results than my camera with a macro lens and my new flat bed scanner.
  11. Thanks everyone for your comments. Sorry about the confusion in my first post. Like most posts i think my ungraded coin is better than the PCGS MS 64 coin.
  12. Quite right I got my tops and bottoms mixed. Just to be clear I thought the bottom coin (un graded) was the better coin. Sorry for the confusion. In my defence when I posted the images I though they would be horizontal but instead they were in vertical order and I had to edit the post and made a mistake mixing my tops and bottoms.
  13. The top coin is graded PCGS MS 64 while the bottom coin is ungraded.. IMO I think the top coin is the better example although there are a couple of light scratches on the obverse but overallI think a better struck coin. Any opinions would be appreciated It's interesting to speculate what grade the coin on the bottom would be given if submitted to PCGS.
  14. Another recent acquisition a reasonably struck 1920 halfcrown.
  15. Received my latest coin yesterday. A NGC MS 61 1888 halfcrown. Perhaps a little under graded especially the reverse. Very difficult to photograph in the NGC holder due to scratches on the plastic capsule.