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  1. My Spink CofE 2016 catalogs an 1847 Gothic crown at EF GBP 3000. I guess it's overpriced but still a nice coins with a few minor edge knocks.
  2. Maybe a tad under graded as the king's ear on your coin looks pretty good. I think the king's ear on my coin has more wear than your coin while my coin has a higher assigned grade by PCGS at MS 63.
  3. ozjohn

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Fake coin offered as genuine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1900-Florin-Victoria-British-Milled-Silver-Coin-Two-Shillings/123825467047?hash=item1cd492aea7:g:5SsAAOSw2OZdH2Gm
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Great-Britain-1-Florin-1918-Silver-XF-Extra-Fine/401793179018?hash=item5d8cbd5d8a:g:D~gAAOSw8w9dDnie This one IMO would find it difficult to make Fine.
  5. ozjohn


    I used to work for the MOV company who made the KT 66 and KT 88 vacuum tubes and have always a bit of respect for vacuum tube audio amps they were well designed and mostly based on the Williamson amp published in Wireless World in 1951 along with the Baxandall tone control and preamp. One of the early designs using control theory.. The Williamson power amp employed the "ultra linear" design that introduced extra negative feedback using taps on the primary winding of the output transformer in addition to the normal negative feedback from the output transformers primary winding back to the input. It has to be said insulated gate FETS make very good power amplifiers as they have a similar transfer characteristic to vacuum tubes as against BJTs (transistors) that have a different characteristic. As an aside I should have brought a lot of KT 88s when I was at the MOV company and sold them to vacuum tube amp makers as they are very much sought after and they mainly use Russian tubes that are inferior to the original MOV ones.
  6. ozjohn


    Hi Jelida, Nice place. We have nothing like it in Australia. I think the oldest European structure in Australia is probability Capt. Cooks' cottage in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne which was brought to Australia in the 1930s. ozjohn
  7. My Latest Halfcrown. Probably one of the more common dates but I didn't have one until now.
  8. ozjohn


    Monte. Our next door neighbor's cat keeping the hot water service warm. A firm favorite around our units. Plant in my courtyard. Strophanthus gratus a source of arrow tip poison in tropical Africa.
  9. ozjohn


    Poinciana tree in bloom. Redcliffe, Qld. (delonix regina)
  10. ozjohn

    1971 £.s.d. to Decimal converter.

    I wasn't implying it was difficult only making 10/- the currency unit was an easier option. With regard to long division and multiplication of imperial quantities. This had the bonus of improving the ability to carry out complex calculations improving the mathematical level of everyone as you had to be able to perform these calculations to survive. In addition handling complex relationships between quantities ie 12 pennies = 1/-, 12" = 1 foot etc. introduced the importance of understanding units which is essential for higher learning in maths, physics etc. A good example was when a new employees from high school started where I worked and were asked to fill out a time sheet they couldn't do it correctly as they did not have the skills to understand the relationships between the units of days, hour and minutes and could only handle units based on 10, 100, 1000 etc. As an aside I can remember even into the early 1970s up market department stores still advertised prices in guineas and used car lots used pounds to make their prices seem lower which was several years after decimalization in 1966.
  11. ozjohn

    1971 £.s.d. to Decimal converter.

    When Australia converted it seemed so much simpler. 10/- = $1, 5/- 50 cent, 2/- = 20 cent,, 1/- = 10 cent. 6d = 5 cent. One new silver coin and 1 & 2 cent bronze coins and the old silver 3d piece, and the bronze penny and halfpenny coins abandoned. Compared with the UK conversion 50p' 20p (horrible little coin introduced later) 1/2, 1 & 2 newpenny bronze coins. Changing to 10/- = $1 preserved the numerical relationship between the coins which made the whole process simpler. I suppose the reason for preserving the GBP was the reason for keeping it but you have to wonder if it was worth all the confusion it caused
  12. Given that circulated 1927 florins and halfcrowns turn up on Ebay it is not beyond the possibility that crowns went the same way. After all they were legal tender.
  13. You don't get it you've had the referendum. It's time to implement it. Three years is too long to be stuffing around like chooks with their heads off only succeeding to make your country laughing stock. Even your friends in Australia are shaking their heads in disbelief.