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  1. Sorry about the spelling of course it should be except.
  2. I assume Ebor is York other than that I can offer nothing on its provenance accept it seems an extremely well struck coin for a hammered sample.
  3. My latest acquisition a 1926 florin graded PCGS MS 64. I'm not sure it's MS 64 perhaps a bit lower but the price was okay. As discussed recently in another thread these .500 KG V coins are hard to get in the higher grades.
  4. Given the large amount of .925 silver pre 1920 George V coins that are still around which are in around VF condition suggests that a significant number were hoarded at an earlier time. Obtaining the 1920s issues in the higher grades is far more difficult.
  5. ozjohn


    Hi Vicky I've long since upgraded this coin. As it happens with a PCGS MS 63 version which I obtained from Sterling & Curency of Fremantle, West Australia , for a good price. As it happens I brought the coin not the grade. That's the good thing with slabbed coins when the stated grade and the true grade coincide. Which is not always the case as demonstrated by the subject of this thread..
  6. ozjohn


    If you look at the PCGS photos included with the listing it is obvious the coin has been badly cleaned and IMO should have been noted by PCGS. If a coin like this was listed in the Coin of the Week thread of these forums any number of people would comment on the regular scratch marks like the coin shown below.
  7. ozjohn


    Noticed this one on Ebay and thought of pointing it out on Ebay's Worst. Although the price is over the top the problem with this coin is the grading by PCGS. The coin is graded at PR 66 which is generous but the real issue is the cleaning that is apparent on the obverse .https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1927-GREAT-BRITAIN-FLORIN-PROOF-PCGS-PR66-GEORGE-V-BRITISH-SILVER-SUPERB/324172643210?hash=item4b7a31fb8a:g:kIcAAOSwLlleXiHH
  8. ozjohn

    Did the CGS numbers reconfigure?

    IMO CGS along with other TPGs would be better employed in maintaining consistency in their grading practices.
  9. Very nice with a well struck reverse. Many of the first type Victorian half crowns are weakly struck on the reverse especially the harp and the surrounding leaves in the wreaths.
  10. PS according to CGS it's a Freeman 13 which I think is one of the more common types. As far as I am concerned it is a good example as I do not collect minor penny types. As far as I would go would be Low Tide , KN & H mint marks.
  11. My latest penny received to day from the Coin King CGS 75
  12. Nice coin. I f you had issues i including both the obverse and reverse of the coin on one post you could use an image processing app to crop the images, combine into one image and then resize into a file size of .49 MB that the Predecimal For,um supports. One called Infan View will do this for you. It can be downloaded for free.
  13. Perhaps the days of "good" speakers is over. The approach now is to use fairly ordinary speakers and enclosures and compensate for their defects using digital equalization where the venue is scanned by a microphone its response logged and the equalization calculated to compensate for the defects of the speakers and the venue. I first saw this demonstrated when I was at Uni where one of the student projects did just that using a basic PC, and an isotropic microphone plus an 8 bit ADC and DAC to digitize the test frequencies and the response of the system to them. I can remember thinking what a good idea it was. Of course the speakers would have to be able to handle the power and not saturate which would generate large amounts of harmonic distortion. The enclosure has always been an important part of improving speaker performance. For example the base reflex enclosure which was effectively a mechanical equalization system to improve the base response of loud speaker systems. Speakers have always been the weakest link in the chain because of the non linear nature of magnetic circuits due to the effects of hysteresis and saturation. Hence the Quad electrostatic speaker which employed an electrostatic transducer to convert the electrical signal into audible sound which is linear and does not saturate..
  14. A rare date. I think it would be difficult to find a better coin. It all depends on price. London Coins have a CGS 78 for GBP 680. Their prices are inflated and your coin IMO is better than the London Coins offering but it gives some idea. I've seen other 1925 florins of lower grading GVF to aEF for around GBP 250. I hope this helps
  15. Thanks. That's good I hope you have success this time. Just to make you jealous the road outside my place is littered with poinciana seeds. Well and truly on the mend. It wasn't the big C.