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  1. Very nice collection of sovereigns. Although I do not specifically collect sovereigns I've managed to collect some on the way along with other gold coins.
  2. I use the Irfan 64 Resize app where you can chose the amount of pixels to suit. Also it is very easy to merge the obverse and reverse images. With regard to your 1930 SA sovereign the rim seems to be raised indicating it was not correctly located in the press when it was struck.
  3. Sounds like you have a similar macro lens to me. To be honest I just move the SD card from my camera to my desk top out of habit as I mostly down load a lot of photos at the same time . I will certainly try your techniques to try and improve my coin photos. Many thanks
  4. Your setup is much more sophisticated. I just attached my Sony 5000 camera fitted with E mount macro lens to an Aldi tripod. the coin was placed on a sloped matt black surface. The camera position was adjusted to be normal to the coin. The photo was taken using a delay to minimize movement with a clip on LED desk lamp probably 3000 K. for illumination. The image was cropped and the file size reduced using irfan 64 photo editing app.
  5. I've always struggled with photographing coins. I've tried iphones and my Sony camera with a macro lens mostly with poor results even with a light ring. Nonmortuus a contributor to these forums suggested putting the coin on a sloped mount with a black mat to make it normal to the camera lens and illuminate with a LED light as high up as possible. I've found this gives satisfactory results. I will continue to experiment and try to incorporate your techniques.
  6. Nice coin and photo. Shows the coin's luster well.
  7. Thanks. If the seller does not sell this coin he may relist at a more reasonable price. We shall see.
  8. 1915 Silver Florin, NGC MS63, Scarce | eBay The listing is a very nice coin but the price is on the heavy side especially after freight and GST charges which bring the total cost to about GBP 200. I'm tempted but for the cost. Any thoughts?
  9. Take 2. I think the black background gives a better result.
  10. Just a very quick try with your technique. Coin on a slope with overhead light ( LED mounted in ceiling) and camera on tripod with macro lens and sloped to suit. Seems a reasonable result will try to refine.
  11. Obverse:Glory be to God on high and peace on earth to men of good will Reverse: To 15 Paris workers who have skillfully represented their French colleagues at the London peace congress 22,23 & 24 July 1851 https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-british-studies/article/abs/richard-cobden-and-the-international-peace-congress-movement-18481853/DEADE50EA37DB5668A4BFC2921EEAAF5 An interesting medal.
  12. Thanks for that. That's basically what I have used in the past other than the wedge shaped wooden block. I have always thought the secret is in the lighting. This is where the angled block will help. I assume you adjust the camera angle as well to ensure it is normal to the coin's surface. I will try that . Many thanks, ozjohn
  13. Snap. Your photographic technique is much better than mine as per my recent post "Another Find in my Coin Cabinet" that featured the coin below. It was photographed with my iphone although I have a Sony mirrorless camera with a macro lens all mounted on a tripod. The results are disappointing and any tips would be welcome
  14. I was looking at my duplicates and found this 1923 half crown although a common date a nice coin with the king's ear well struck also now an antique as it's a 100 years old.
  15. Yes it’s a member of the pea family. It needs a sub tropical to tropical conditions to grow. I saw one at the Eden Project a few years ago.