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  1. My latest coin. A common enough date but an upgrade. I included the PCGS picture as it is better than mine and reflects the coin well.
  2. PS It looks like a Coin King photo.
  3. Not bad. I think you will be pushed o find much better. Not so long ago I saw a slabbed 1913 halfcrown PGS MS 64 which in my opinion was worse than your example both in strike quality and wear.
  4. I have noticed in resent times that the number of listings of British coins on Ebay UK have diminished considerably. Has anyone else noticed this? In general I avoid buying coins on Ebay even from reputable dealers as anything brought via the big online auction sites attracts a 10 % GST levied by the Australian government but when buying direct from an overseas dealer you can import items free of GST up to $1000 in value. This was due to political pressure on government by retail traders in Australia who complained that they were loosing sales due to competition from Ebay, Amazon etc Also some dealers increase their prices on Ebay listings to cover their costs with Ebay.
  5. A 1920 florin graded at AU 58, IMO over graded. However it does give an idea of the strike quality of the time even though it's a deep cut example whereas your coin looks to be struck with the recut die. Given the strike quality at the time your coin looks like a pretty good example.
  6. I think the camera focused om the slab but the depth of field showed a good image of coin as well. The photos were taken by the Coin King who kindly obliged as my photos were worse. Slabbed coin pictures are difficult at the best of times and I thank the Coin King as his photos are much better than the ones I took.
  7. My latest acquisition NGC MS 63 1924 Halfcrown. It looks much better in the hand with reasonable luster. .
  8. ozjohn

    Coin Reverse Orientation

    Still being curious about the change from coin orientation to medal orientation in 1887 I contacted the Royal Mint. Their reply is attached for information. However US coins are still minted in coin orientation and changing it did not seem to help the George V silver issues. As a general observation US coins seem to be deeper struck than UK coins and possibly a benefit in the quality of strike results..
  9. ozjohn

    Coin Reverse Orientation

    Is there any reason why the RM changed the orientation of the reverse design on half crowns when the jubilee coins were issued in 1887?
  10. ozjohn

    Confederate $20 Bill

    It certainly looks the part. There was one exactly the sam on the site you suggested for $US175. Maybe the condition was a little better.
  11. ozjohn

    Confederate $20 Bill

    I was hoping for some guidance on whether the bill was genuine rather than a moral judgement on the rights and wrongs of the American civil war.
  12. ozjohn

    Confederate $20 Bill

    I was looking through my late sister’s papers and came across $20 confederate bill. It was only printed on one side and I initially thought it was a copy. On closer examination and looking at one online at real examples it seems that they were only printed on one side. Whether this one is genuine I don’t know but it’s trying to look like a real bill. My sister was very interested in th American Civil War and the Confederacy.
  13. Perhaps the RM should consider a rerelease of the Churchill crown as a proof in silver which would be a better looking coin..
  14. ozjohn

    PCGS Again

    The reverse of the coin is badly minted, worn or damaged in some way and IMO shouldn't receive a MS 64 grade.
  15. ozjohn

    PCGS Again

    I think the condition of the coin and the accuracy of the grading is the issue not the slabbing of a coin of little value.