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  1. Dunno about Kew Gardens coins. Have you seen the entry cost to Kew gardens( GBP 16.50). Mt Cootha botanical Gardens here in Brisbane which are like the Kew glasshouse with no roof are free.
  2. Jerry, An accurate appraisal of the UK situation. Thank you.
  3. DaveG38, Perhaps. However the application to leave under A 50 was applied for by the UK and accepted by the EU who are the only people who can rescind it. As you can see the EU is using this to put pressure on UK MPs who do not want to leave without a deal. As it stands the UK has painted its self into a corner and a no deal Brexit is the likely outcome. Perhaps that's May's strategy! Personally I do not think this is a bad thing for the UK. I have to say If the UK in the top ten of world economies cannot thrive on its own there must be something seriously wrong with the country. Prior to signing up to Treaty of Rome the UK managed to operate as a successful country. No shortages of food or medications or other scares put about. The ports and customs worked ok as well (subject to industrial action). It has to be said in its negotiations for Brexit the UK has not acted like a country of this stature.
  4. Pekris2 you are at it again marking other people's work like a frustrated old school master. This a forum where people express ideas and you are overstepping the line by annotating their posts with your ramblings. IF YOU HAVE THING TO SAY WRITE YOUR OWN POST. On the subject. A delay in Brexit seems to have been arranged . It seems a month subject to an acceptance of May's deal being passed. Assuming the parliament is allowed by the speaker to debate and vote on the motion it still needs a massive change of heart by MPs. A no deal is looking increasing likely.
  5. ozjohn

    Toning while slabbed

  6. ozjohn

    Toning while slabbed

    When you see some of the grading decisions from TPGs it's probably a combination of all three.
  7. Cigarette machines took a florin for a packet of ten. Always felt good using an Australian florin to buy a packet of cigarettes. Trouble was Australian florins were sterling up to 1946 and 50% silver until decimalisation in 1966 so we were fooling our selves.I gave up smoking in 1973 when I started uni. A packet of Camel or Chesterfield cost 85 centts at the time.
  8. As it happens 3 pre 1920 florins contain 1 oz. of silver which was worth about 15/- at the time. For post 1920 3 florins are worth about 7s 6d. Giving a premium of 1s 6d. At the time I remember dealers offering twice face value for scrap pre 1920 silver coins. I cannot remember any premium offered for post 1920 silver coins but it probably encouraged people to hoard them. Neither did it clean up the pre 1920 silver coins given the amount that still seem to be around.
  9. A double florin? First issued in 1887.
  10. I find this annotating and vetting of posts insulting. It is like you are not allowed to have an opinion. Rob's opinion is just as valid as anyone else. If you disagree at least have the courtesy to write your verson rather than correct someone else's like a schoolmaster. I used Rob's post as an example as it was the most recent case but comments I have posted have been annotated in a similar way in the past.
  11. ozjohn

    Toning while slabbed

    Some time ago a NGC video was posted that clearly shows NGC graders handling coins with bare hands leaving the subject coin exposed to finger prints, fallout from sneezing etc. and I do not remember any degreasing proceedure with acetone to remove tis contamination before placing the coin in a capsule. Perhaps this could be the source of contamination that can cause the coin to deteriorate after slabbing.
  12. Very well put Rob. Reading between the lines and given that May's deal was un acceptable the UK ha only two real options if Article 50 cannot be rescinded. These are leave with no deal or go back to the EU and rejoin on much worse terms than exist now. As you say any extension is really living on borrowed time. and hands the EU the opportunity to tighten the screws even further. As an outside chance a general election that delivers to the government an overwhelming result to leave may shift the EU but somehow I doubt it.
  13. May's deal splits the UK into two parts. N Ireland staying in the EU while the rest sort of leaves. This was always going to be unacceptable. No deal may have some short term economic risk but the UK can trade under WTO rules which Australia does with the EU. The advantage of a no deal is the UK is free to go it's own way. Delay all this does is kick the can down the road. Maybe a general election could resolve the N Ireland issue but I doubt it the opposition to it crossed party lines. A second referendum ? Who knows what the words will be and no guarantee that it will resolve anything.
  14. Rudd. I was stupid enough to vote for him. Along with Gillard one of the worst PMs we have ever had both of them had no commitment to their cause it was all about them. Australia hasn't had a decent Labor PM since the Hawke /Keating era. Last I heard of Rudd self styled foreign affairs expert was he was sulking in New York because the government refused to nominate him as our UN ambassador. I wouldn't take anything in the Guardian seriously. their badly dressed journalists (Vinnies charity shop seems to be their clothing store of choice) infest the current affairs programs of the ABC spreading their left wing views without challenge as they all sing from the same song sheet as well as spreading biased journalism in their on line paper