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  1. ozjohn


    Poincianas are tricky things to grow. My advice is to keep them dry in the winter., You could also try soaking the seed in hot water for 24 hours prior to sowing as this aids germination. They also like plenty of sun. I can send you some seeds if it is legal to import this material as they are everywhere on the ground around here. I don't think it will grow to the same size in the UK. However it would make a very nice pot plant. When I was in the UK some time ago I visited the Horniman Museum at Forest Hill where they were selling Poinciana seed pods at GBP 1.00 each I am not sure they Were aware what they were selling
  2. ozjohn


    Christmas in Queensland. delonix regia in bloom otherwise known as Poinciana which is a native of Madagascar .
  3. Om the 1893 coin there seems to be 3 small metal flaws starting from where the crown meets the veil towards the Queen's eyebrow. Maybe this is only dirt or toning as it is sometimes hard to tell from photos. Overall IMO the 1897 coin is the better of the two examples. A very attractive toned coin.
  4. Very nice toned coin. I think the reverse is a tad better than the obverse. As for grade I think there would be a low MS if it was graded by one of the US TPGs. One of the advantages of the Shelden scale is the extra scope for micro grading which IMO this coin deserves. Not that I agree with all the TPGed coins I see. If this coin is submitted for gradingI hope it is accurately appraised.
  5. Just a quick look on ebay.co for 1902 UNC half crowns shows a price of GBP 200 + - with GBP 200 fo the rest of the coins GBP 400 fot the lot does not seem unreasonable. Retail coin dealer's prices are usually higher than those realized at auction.
  6. Note they are all encapsulated and graded. I checked with the Value of British coins site which gave a price of close to GBP 400.. If you can assemble these coins with similar grades for sale at that price I look forward to seeing your listing.
  7. https://www.colonialcollectables.com/halfcrowns/6772-edward-silver-coins-1902.html A set of high grade 1902 Edward coins for sale at a what I think is a reasonable price which maybe of interest to a new collector starting an Edward VII collection.. I have no financial or other interest in Colonial Collectables but being a NZ operation they may not known in the UK.
  8. ozjohn

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    hot oferts ?
  9. http://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&auc=157&searchlot=2670&searchtype=2 A London coins offering of a 3B reverse 1921 halfcrown with a photo of my own example.. I'm not going to count the denticles, but on my coin however examination of the second 1of the date in the coin below the reveals a curl on the tail of the 1 rather than a straighter 1 which is the case with the London Coins example
  10. ozjohn

    108th birthday ?

    The same thought occurred to me when I recently saw a similar sales pitch for a halfcrown. No doubt the same seller
  11. Thanks everyone for the info on my pennies.
  12. A higher resolution scan of the reverse.
  13. A higher resolution scan which may help. Just looking at the scan it looks like the king's mo is fully struck.
  14. Thanks for the interest and comments. It's obvious there are a lot of enthusiastic penny collectors out there. I'll try to provide a higher resolution scan of the 1913 obverse within the 500k file size limit