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PWA 1967

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  1. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Thanks John and about what i thought ,i wanted to be fair and not ask to much and didnt ask you privately as know the one you bought was also not attributed 🙂
  2. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    I dont know if anyone can help me please as i have asked a couple of dealers over the last few days and they dont have a clue. I have a 1858 Large rose Large date to sell graded CGS 70 AUNC UIN 42529 and a good one but nothing to compare it with. CGS have put a price of £125 and the only one they have graded , same price as a normal 1858 and worth more than that. http://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&searchterm=1858+Penny+Large+Rose&searchtype=1 The ones in LCA above are the only ones i have seen attributed correctly and most the small date and low grade. Any help on a price or guide would be appreciated ,please message me if you wish. Pete.
  3. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    When i did one ,i put the phone in a stand ( cut a hole in a plastic tub 😄 ) which then allowed me to have both hands free.I put the coin close to the camera ,tilted the coin a couple of times and turned it over ,so moving the coin at different angles.It was just an alternative way of looking at a coin that represents exacly how you would view it if looking in hand. I was bored the other morning and just a different way of putting the coin on the forum ,although Matt ( Forum member ) three or four years ago sent me a video of a coin which he wasnt sure was a proof. We both agreed at the time it looked so much better with regards being able to tell than the photograph. Much better to move the coin close to the camera and turn it over than just doing a video of a flat coin that isnt moving ,if anyone can be bothered 😃
  4. PWA 1967

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    I think most of us who often look on ebay have found coins cheap , not being attributed or the seller maybe not knowing what they had. One seller though who does deserve a Hat Off is Mr.Jerrams ,always described properly with good pictures ,quick postage and will accept returns. I probably get the quickest delivery as he just crosses the road and gives them my daughter straight away 😃 This is one i bought of him a few years ago ,which at the time i didnt realise was as scarce as it turned out to be and was described by him as " BP1896Ad Wide date GEF and Rare " . Below is the link for his current listings. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/topcarp2/m.html?_trksid=p3692
  5. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Had another go but sruggling 😂 1873
  6. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Dont knock it until you have seen a good one ,you may be surprised 😂 How many times has someone said "Looks better in hand" or "Hard to take a picture in plastic ". Proofs show much better and the video does not hide anything and can be better than a photograph . All good fun and was just trying to do something a bit different with a comparison of both a picture and video ,which then would of let you be able to decide .
  7. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Bored and cant sleep so done a couple more with a video for a change. Well Richard i should of perhaps listened properly to my mate who showed me as that didnt work 😂
  8. Having a mate to show me 😃
  9. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    1865 / 3 Satin 56c
  10. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Been doing a couple of pictures that i think look nice ,so thought i would share them. 1865
  11. PWA 1967

    Pennies High grade.

    Again not the highest grade but i think scarce. Dave craddock told me he had not seen one before (maybe his sales pitch ) and CGS only graded one to date. 1861 F29...Forward tilted Y over Y in penny ,which is really clear in hand and graded CGS 50. If anyone is interested please PM me for pictures before the weekend . £100 posted special delivery. Pete.
  12. PWA 1967

    Pennies High grade.

    Probably more suitable for a new collector and you wont have to look for another. They are all UNC with good lustre mostly BU and problem free. !900,01,07,19,20,28,29,30,35,36,37,38,39,40,45,46,47,48,49,50 and 51. Also 1903 open,1911 Gouby X and 1949 Forked tip.........the first two not UNC PM me if any of interest as some dates i have more than one for prices or pictures and if your not happy you can always post them back although doubt you will. Enjoy the sun today Pete.
  13. PWA 1967

    Pennies High grade.

    Not high grade but quite scarce BP1889Cd wide date with the elevated 9 and now CGS graded 8 UIN 37652 Its the one that went unsold in the Workman sale PT 2 LOT 67 for the full pictures although i can mail the CGS ones if anyone is interested. £80 posted Special delivery. Pete.
  14. You know a lot more than me Eric and dont profess to have any interest in them or had looked at any before they were pointed out to me.You mention the dies ,is there not a possibility that different dies were used or mixed OBV 1 & REV 2 from the standard proof , just a thought and maybe i am completely wrong. Why did they strike a different penny with indicators that everyone is aware of and not produce any of the others differently ? The person has been looking at coins for quite a while and has looked at probably at lot more than most.If he can tell me loads of indicators off the top of his head and just rhyme them all off i believe he has quite a stong opinion or view and they may speak for themselves when you compare one with a standard proof. Also he has looked at hundreds of 1953 proof sets and found two ,it makes me think the two he bought and sold were correct. Otherwise he may well of been selling them everyweek and would not be able to spot one straight away. With regards the other people you mention yes they will all have an opinion although maybe sometimes if you dont know what your looking for its going to be harder to find or confirm. All good fun and them being so rare i suppose will mean we wont find any or maybe there is know such thing 😃
  15. Fake news i have just read so deleated 😂
  16. Yes ,they all have different indicators Eric ,although aparently the hardest one to spot is the Brass threepence as they are almost identical.
  17. Sorry if this has been mentioned on earlier posts ,i am not interested enough to read this and other threads 😃. I remember talking about the 1953 VIP coins to someone a while ago and jogged my memory as we had a similar discussion over the weekend. All the denominations for the 1953 VIP coins have different indicators to the standard 1953 proofs and vary on each coin from teeth , letter pointings , designers initials ,size of the head / bust etc The person telling me has had 2 sets ( one with a couple missing ) and tells me you can tell from the indicators at a glance . I didnt have a clue and just thought it was the penny that was easier to spot . Pete.
  18. PWA 1967

    Pennies High grade.

    Yes they have done it a few times and went off the width of 11 teeth the same as the 1898B at the time.The CGS one Jerry has just bought says BP1898B on the label as you know the Ab attribution was only done a few weeks ago. All good fun so long as people who want one or both now know the correct attribution 👍
  19. I have sent you the link and form Ian ,although as Mel has just mentioned the ones she has done did not include Fedex. I would still speak to them before you fill in the form or phone anyone else as they are really helpful and will explain exactly what to do now or at anytime in the future.
  20. I dont think Fedex will re-invoice you ,just threaten you and go on with themselves 😀 ,but you could try. Mel is out at the moment but will mail you the link later when she gets home as its been her thats sorted it out a few times before.