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  1. Sorry if this has been mentioned on earlier posts ,i am not interested enough to read this and other threads 😃.

    I remember talking about the 1953 VIP coins to someone a while ago and jogged my memory as we had a similar discussion over the weekend.

    All the denominations for the 1953 VIP coins have different indicators to the standard 1953 proofs and vary on each coin from teeth , letter pointings , designers initials ,size of the head / bust etc

    The person telling me has had 2 sets ( one with a couple missing ) and tells me you can tell from the indicators at a glance .

    I didnt have a clue and just thought it was the penny that was easier to spot .


  2. 45 minutes ago, alfnail said:

    I see that London Coins incorrectly attributed that lot as an 1898B, which is of course the type with the different numeral 8 font on the 2nd 8.

    Should have been an Ab as you say Pete


    Yes they have done it a few times and  went off the width of 11 teeth the same as the 1898B at the time.The CGS one Jerry has just bought says BP1898B on the label as you know the Ab attribution was only done a few weeks ago. All good fun so long as people who want one or both now know the correct attribution 👍

  3. 4 minutes ago, alfnail said:

    Thanks Pete / Jerry,

    I haven't paid the invoice yet, so if you think VAT should be 5% should I tell Fedex to re-invoice me, or should I pay the 20% and then try to reclaim the 15% difference afterwards?

    If the latter, then do you happen to have a link to the page where I can get a form printed, or the actual form itself please Pete?

    As for the transfer  'wire' fee they invoiced me for that  without me advising how I was going to pay, so the $35 appeared to be their standard amount regardless of payment method. I actually paid using paypal so I think their actual costs would have been way less than $35.

    By the way if anyone reading this ever pays in $ using paypal then it's quite a bit cheaper if you use a credit card with no foreign transaction fees (e.g. Santander) rather than accepting paypal's own exchange rate. You get that option when settling whilst logged onto paypal. It saved me about £8 on this particular transaction.

    I dont think Fedex will re-invoice you ,just threaten you and go on with themselves 😀 ,but you could try.

    Mel is out at the moment but will mail you the link later when she gets home as its been her thats sorted it out a few times before.

  4. VAT on banknotes like coins unless Gold or Silver is 5% and not 20% if you have paid more then you go onto the GOV.UK website and print off the form including the invoice and Fedex number on the envelope.

    Takes 3/4 weeks normally for a refund.

    You still have to pay the 5% though when the item arrives in the UK and Fedex will not be interested as they just pass the VAT on anyway .


  5. A newly attributed by Michael Gouby 1898 11 teeth wide date BP1898Ab who says  " Scarce to Rare as very few have been discovered ".

    Its in a CGS slab graded 70 A / UNC UIN 42212 although they have put a price  of a standard one £40.

    I wont be selling it for that and thought i would put it on here first before the Facebook groups and if anyone interested over the next couple of days happy to mail pictures if you PM me.

    £90 Posted Special Delivery.

    This is the last one i have seen sell at LCA.



  6. 1 minute ago, Rob said:

    Yes, but things can get filled/degrade through use, so that in itself is not conclusive.

    I agree although i dont suppose any theory will be conclusive.It is almost perfectly round aswell like the 1897 that has different opinions although in a different area .I have looked at others closely as i did initially think it was part of the N but not seen anything that would confirm it on another.

  7. Yes forget buying the intercept as IMO they are not worth the extra as the quadrums are fine.If you phone Andy up (coin gallery) you can buy them singly ,however the prices for 5 / 10 / 50 are probably cheaper than anywhere else.

    If some of the coins are low grade or not of much value i prefer the stamp envelopes put inside a paper envelope you can write on ,you can still take them out and look at them without handling and can store loads in one small box for just a few £.

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  8. 13 minutes ago, Paddy said:

    Wow! A lot of work gone on there! I don't think I could get into half that much...

    Most of what's in my garden was left there by the previous owner. Very old cob-stone walls abound, which give it great potential for roses and espaliered trees. Every ground surface is either paving slabs or concrete, so no lawn (a bonus) but nowhere to plant anything new (a slight disadvantage).


    Believe me Paddy the bigger the garden the bigger the ballache,my daughter has nearly 4 acres they have been mowing and by the time they have done it will need doing again 😂

    We are in a flat and can just let the gardener get on with it twice a week 👍

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  9. 20 hours ago, DaveG38 said:

    There are two on ebay at the moment with bidding at £205 and £255!!! And that's with more than a day to go. Paid £3.49 for mine.

    Yes Dave WH Smiths must of charged more as were definately £1.99 from the Royal Mint ,you have done well should you wish to sell it as one sold last night on facebook for £260 👍

  10. 8 hours ago, RLC35 said:


    They appear somewhat that way in the photo, but they are at the same location.

    They do look different Bob as the one that is circular is a tooth closer to the E and the flaw being in the correct position.

  11. These have now doubled in price during the last few weeks and people now starting to ask for even more ,they have sold as soon as listed on the facebook groups.

    Crazy considering they were £1.99 from WH Smiths when they were released.

  12. Maybe get some of the whitman folders or similar and take out decent ones to fill the folder with a date run.

    Doing it that way you will get much more than scrap and sell 20/30 coins in one go on ebay.

    Obviously check the coins first to see if the folders are worth buying 😃

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  13. 39 minutes ago, alfnail said:

    Excellent example Terry, and agree with you that this is extreme enough to be interesting and more desirable to collectors than most date width varieties.

    The 1889 Wide Date, pictured below, is another more extreme example. It is also rarer and more desirable than the 1889 Gouby B Narrow Date, which is itself quite sought after.

    1889Ad Reverse.jpg

    Although i have had 3 of those in low grade thats by far the best i have seen .HAT OFF 👍

  14. 39 minutes ago, terrysoldpennies said:

    There's a narrower type as well, it I think will be in Michael Gouby's next update as BP1895Ba perhaps you could confirm that Pete.


    I know he is aware of lots of date widths and varieties he has been told about or found since 2009.

    How many and which ones he decides to attribute though Terry i have not got a clue 🙂

    As far as your question on the value Wayne i have no idea sorry , £25 in that grade maybe ( a guess ) they are scare but not many interested in date widths .Although there would only be one way to find out really and maybe put it on eBay.

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  15. On 4/14/2020 at 9:13 PM, jelida said:

    Thanks both, most interesting,  my other three ‘eight bisects’ 1898 are all the previous BP1898B variety, nice to add the BP1898Ba, unknowingly!  Any idea of the relative rarities?


    About 5 /6 years ago i was the underbidder on the 1898 wide date in LCA that sold for £150+.Since then i have looked at hundereds if not thousands and a lot scarcer.I have found 4 decent ones (well 3 as Jon on here spotted one for me on facebook over 2 years ago ) so should say bought 4.The one you have i bought in America and Damian sold you on eBay ,another i Let Terry have as again you dont see them so often.I have a spare in a CGS slab graded 70 (just wide date on the slab ,the one Jon spotted) and then the one pictured in an NGC slab.I have had perhaps about 15 others but all really low grade similar to the one that sold for £29 in LCA which is the same one that sold about 15 years previously for £90.

    The narrow date bisect is also much scarcer than the wider one ,much more than 1/3 IMO and have never seen one better than VG to Fine other than your own.

    As Ian said to me a few years ago "have you got a thing about these 1898 pennies " which although sad 😃 was when i was quite ill and looking every day. 

    So i have looked at a lot ,however there will be plenty more turn up if someone wants one ,which they probably dont.😃

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