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  1. PWA 1967

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Now he has been rumbled Dave and you have caught him out, i will have £500 on him making his listings private in the next couple of weeks 👍
  2. Peter Shhhhhhhhhh . The 1933 penny is a really good buy and well spotted
  3. I notice Richard Lubbok mentioned a couple of times on here and just read the book . Not much about coins and more about what else he was up to ,although often mentions him going to shows and having a shop in London. Good book and is often funny ,although had the down times such as being sent down.
  4. PWA 1967

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    As you say yourself " there are a few of us " just the same as there are some who are just trying to have people over. This thread is....Ebays worst offerings and therefore not about the people who are genuine sellers being honest.
  5. PWA 1967

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Typical ebay seller buy some coins cheap ,Hype them up or just say they are something that has sold for a few quid (even if they are not ) and add a nought on the price......Easy money and every seller is a winner on ebay . Cheap listing and if we dont find someone this week who we can shill or sell too we will try again in a month. SAD and the people who do it hide behind a computer thinking they are being clever , whereas most just tell lies and PISS ME OFF ☹️
  6. Definately is NOT Findlow thats a mistake 🙂
  7. Nice coin and yes scarce. The provenance is..... Baldwin St.James Edward V11 Part 2 Paul Hayward Collection. LOT 374 Incase you were not aware and are interested. https://bsjauctions.auctionmobility.com/lots/view/1-1XDHE0/united-kingdom ......................................................................................... Sorry i have just seen the ebay listing and hadnt noticed it before
  8. PWA 1967

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Also other indicators may help you to do the honest thing and take the listing down. If you look at the N in ONE.......The two LEGS ( straight parts ) should both be to a gap between the teeth and NOT both to teeth. The TRIDENT middle prong (fork looking thing ) should be between two TEETH and NOT just below one. Hope this helps you to confirm its NOT right.
  9. PWA 1967

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Why you have now registered on here ,you can read this please . Please take your RANG 1909 penny off ebay as its not as described ,not rare and not worth anything ,it isnt fake but not the scarce type. Would you not feel guilty taking some honest persons hard earned money off them ? I hope by you reporting me ebay wil remove your listing before perhaps someone possibly pays way to much.The people messaging you have given you the opportunity to take the 1909 penny off ebay yourself and you have decided not to listen. You mention you have had your coins valued and think you should question the person who did this for you , please also direct them to this site as the coin is only worth £1. The comments on this forum were not nasty and just the truth , although if you want to air your view please post on here. PETE.
  10. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    You already have them on the site Richard.
  11. PWA 1967

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Victoria-Penny-1892-1-Nice-Grade-Very-Rare/254278549041?hash=item3b342ebe31:g:-Q0AAOSw7CBdFcRy Whats this noodle on about ? I call him a noodle as he bid on a mates coins and when he won them didnt want them,even though they were in slabs and nothing wrong with them. 1892/1 😮
  12. PWA 1967

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Yes Michael..........Although everyone can tell thats RANG
  13. PWA 1967

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Out of order ,especially using the LCA picture to try it on even more ☹️ Hopefully someone spending that kind of money will know its not.
  14. The Andrew Wayne collection was before they stored the photographs on the computer in 2006 ,so not any pictures. LCA and Colin cooke did not keep the pictures before 2008 and can only be found in printed catalogues.
  15. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Thats a really good one and a fantastic buy.....HAT OFF 🙂