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  1. I dont have a clue why you thought the 192A was mine ,as it wasnt and have never had one 🙂
  2. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Give it a couple of months Pete and with more to choose from off dealers lists / websites and at shows the prices will come back down...........Hopefully 😂
  3. I was only interested as i sell bits with them in most auctions and wondered if there was a reason why someone would bid the day after a sale. If the coin had a low estimate and it was the same as the reserve(they are sometimes changed after the catalogue was printed ,although altered on the website) of say £500. It receives no bids at all at £500 and doesnt sell you risk not getting it to someone else who bid £500 before the auction ,so not saving anything and just buying something for the same price that nobody else wanted ? You mention you have to be quick ,which made me wonder if it happens often (but as far as i know never one of mine) or if thats because they mail all the sellers the results of there lots and you have to phone them first. I am sure you know what you are doing and none of my business ,but waiting for a funeral to watch online i am passing time looking on here 😃 .................................................................... I get it now as you edited your post after i made mine and yes makes sense now ,thanks 👍
  4. Trying to work it out Mike ,why not just bid low estimate before ,if someone bids after you would still get it anyway ?
  5. If they dont show on the sales results / prices realised they didnt sell ,so if you look at any prior to the sale and not in the auction results it didnt sell.
  6. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Dont know if you have looked at the Ian Sawden collection for sale at DNW ,interesting collection 👍
  7. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Yes they are aware but cant alter it untill the office opens 👍
  8. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Yes your right Pete ,it isnt the Jackson coin. The picture i used was the grading companies photograph ,Baldwin have done there own picture and with the magnifier on the website will be much better to give a true picture. I think considering how difficult it has been to get stock for auctions of such rarity and high grade they have done a fantastic job putting such a good sale together. A couple of nice rare farthings and a realistically priced estimate 1860 copper penny also i believe.
  9. PWA 1967

    DNW Sale Today 7/9/21

    So long as your happy Mike and it fits in your collection and not for re-sale , it does not matter what you paid or someone else thinks 👍
  10. PWA 1967

    DNW Sale Today 7/9/21

    I think most prices were reflected in the coins being cleaned and dealers who viewed the coins not bidding ,which although they would only bid low makes the end price higher. Some that were contested in this auction and other auctions are maybe years that people know that even if common are hard to find well struck or full natural lustre and it only needs two people to both want the same coin. The 1856 Penny although cleaned wasnt attributed as the OT ,which is much scarcer and was maybe wanted by two people.Also the 1848/7 Penny seemed expensive , i do know someone who bid on it though which obviously pushed the price up. On the whole though ,a lot of these prices over the last 12 / 15 months at auction are possibly due to people not being able to find much anywhere else. Dealers have not been buying anything hardly ,NO SHOWS for people to buy and sell definately makes a big difference and ebay also has not had much as far as decent grade coins. Most of the ones on ebay or dealers lists have come from group lots at auctions ,some prices for 10 /20 coins at auction have been expensive also.This has also pushed the re-sell prices up and why some individual coins on dealers lists and ebay may seem expensive. I feel sure talking to dealers almost everyday that now the shows are slowly starting again and more activity as we get back to some kind of normal , MORE CHOICE will make things much better and maybe with more choice the prices will start to even out.
  11. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    A couple of high grade for type pennies in the next Baldwin Auction on 6th October. The coins are not mine but have permission to share the picture of this one ,i believe the full auction will be online Thursday night / Friday morning if you are registered. Alternatively pre - register online or phone up for the hard copy catalogue ,if you are interested.
  12. As much as i am laughing ,i would bet you could sell that on Facebook ,just need it attributed in the description with a good name 😀👍
  13. Yes ,although not much detail left ,Wide date and type ,thin neck and small head ,taller straighter helmet and plume closer to linear circle. The sea doesnt cross the linear circle ,at least the parts that can be seen and the lighthouse keeper had turned the lights off 😯
  14. I wasnt going to bother taking a picture of this............ Whats the odds of finding two F76 on eBay in the same week ?