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  1. This is the coin in Baldwin you mention Peter and has been CLEANED however the SMALL date and much scacer.
  2. A couple of DOT pennies ,seems lots of interest in these now ,probably penny collectors who have everything else. 1861 F26 which i havent seen another one and 1875 BP1875Cd.
  3. A couple i bought at the weekend. 1929 Missing waves and rocks ,clear nice example and hadnt seen one for the year before. 1858 Large rose ,not the best although have seen worse and only £10 not attributed.
  4. F7 although listed as F6.
  5. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Well done Jerry and thankyou for being able to confirm what i originally thought but from the photos could not be sure ,even the owner of the coin having a second look wasnt aware 😀
  6. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    I wasnt sure ,so as it was in an auction sent the link to someone i know. They asked the seller as it was started at about £280 who replied it was a F114 but NOT a 2 over 1 ,so unless the seller did not look closely enough it wasnt one and just a mark showing on the picture.
  7. Just seen this on another group and thought it may be of some interest. Coin-Tickets-Main-List-007.pdf (britnumsoc.org)
  8. I dont understand what your on about Dave ,whats that got to do with Numistacker ? Guy Fie is The coinery and if he chooses to have his wife as a director thats his business and does not need putting on a public forum.
  9. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Prax or his mate Gary put the picture on from memory ,although dont think it was theres and just a picture. Be nice to know its genuine and not an edited picture and that it really does exist.
  10. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    1858 Large rose SMALL date.
  11. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    A couple of recent rare ones. 1856 SINGLE COLON after REG.
  12. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Yes i spent 10 minutes deciding if i should buy it myself and it was only that it was in Australia and was going off a picture i decided not to 😀
  13. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    Having had a message i maybe didnt explain mine and others thoughts very well ,what i meant is the coin may of been slabbed but broken out as details and not that it was for sale slabbed in the auction. Obviously a maybe and have no evidence to back that up and just a thought ,however the coin did not IMO look in the best condition and unsual not just in this auction (were most of the others were slabbed ) but when a seller knows what they have in America to not put the coin in a slab to confirm its condition ,not just grade.
  14. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    If it had been slabbed as ok then it would of definately gone higher or atleast more interested bidders before the auction went live ,not just attracting more interest in the US but here also. A couple of people i know were both concerned about the condition of the coin looking at the picture and took that into consideration before the auction went live ,maybe the coin had been slabbed. Hopefully the coin went to a collector who hasnt got one though ,like jerry with the F90 (Hat off) rather than the same people / person possibly bidding the price up or buying others.
  15. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/313980809514 This coin has been backwards and forwards too and from America enough hopefully. It originally sold in the Workman sale ,then was in Baldwin St.James Paul Hayward sale (unsold £200-300 estimate) ,now back to the uk.