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  1. 1 minute ago, Test Mod said:

    I just got about 20 reported posts messages from a 'guest' concerning going-ons on this thread in 2017. Each message was the same and read:

    "Please take this post down, as this is not my coin and my ebay user id is being linked to it, this is not my coin and this is slander, please take this down i have only just seen this post today

    Thank you."


    Obviously anyone can report a post and say 'this it wrong, or it's this or that' but I'm afraid without a name to verify any info, I can't just go removing posts. If you see this 'guest' what is your user id on eBay and exactly what are you referring to? I'll then look into it and take the appropriate action?

    Thanks, Chris (Perkins)


    I removed the capabilities for a Guest to make a report, I think he wasn't going to stop.. 

    If someone wants to report something, I'm sure they wouldn't mind providing a bit of info!

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  2. 4 hours ago, zookeeperz said:

    Lmfao. ok if you say so. Do you do it on purpose or are you actually looking to piss me off with a ridiculous comment??? What a f-ing Moron

    I think I speak for everyone that Peckris is a wealth of knowledge and very far from being a 'f-ing moron'.

    It's unecessary to talk to people like that, so please don't.

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  3. Where are you seeing/using the time? The post times should show as '2 hours ago' or '18 hours ago' up until 24 hours which it then changes to a date and time, and I presume you're not using posts from over 24 hours ago to work out what the time is at present!

  4. 16 hours ago, bhx7 said:

    Hi Guys

    Need a bit help. Is this a genuine brockage or is it something else...


    Hey Brian,

    Brockage should always be a mirrored image of whatever design is on the other side, from the pictures it looks like someone has stuck a genuine brockage onto a normal 2p. Can you see any seams anywhere? The different colouring on both sides also makes me think this.

    Is the reversed side in relief or is it just a trick of the photo? Should be incuse.

    Edit: Must be a trick, because all of a sudden I see it incuse now!

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  5. 15 hours ago, bargainhunter757 said:

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what this coin is ? ive asked 100s of people including the local museum and know one knows what it is.

    Its got St George and the dragon on one side and Queen Victoria on the other, Dated c1887, measures about 1 cm.

    Thank you in advance.          

    Please stop spamming the forum with a link to your ebay listings.

    Thank you in advance.

  6. 3 minutes ago, cathrine said:

    Comparing the coin with the photos indicates that the surface roughness patches in the photos are due to enlargement of a grainy photo; the actual surfaces are smooth.

    The lower right portion of the shield is poorly defined; a possible explanation may be that the amount of material in the blank coin planchet was insufficient to fully fill the die when the coin was struck.  

    I'm not so sure, if this were the case you aren't very likely to end up with this result because the metal would quite equally spread across the coin and produce an overall duller effect, as opposed to one particular area being 'un-struck'. More likely is a damaged die or a piece of foreign material in the area in question during the strike.

  7. We have some very reputable and reliable dealers right here on the forum WD;

    - Rob

    - Declanwmagee

    - The Coinery

    - RLC35

    - mhcoins

    Just to name a few. Anyone with a green 'Coin Dealer' title under their name is also a forum trusted dealer, although not having that does not mean they're not.

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  8. 6 minutes ago, mrbadexample said:

    Same for these 5ps do you think?

    I'll be honest, I don't see how this would be achieved in a tumble dryer. 

    Fake 5ps (1).JPG

    Fake 5ps (2).JPG

    Coins get stuck in the fins of commercial clothes dryers and are not removed for weeks or months until the machine is serviced. The continual tumbling against the steel drum beats the snot out of a coin and causes the rims to roll and fold inwards.

    Not sure about yours though, looks like something a bit more than just tumbling around. They almost look like capped die strikes but the poor quality of the metal means they're probably not.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Colin G. said:

    I am not as convinced, I think it could have been squashed (hence the flat areas) and had the rims filed off. It is amazing what a difference in thickness occurs if the rims are removed. I have seen a few farthings without rims (post mint damage) and the coins just appear substantially thinner. What convinces you it is on the wrong blank Rob? I admit is does seem slightly off-track on the Obverse, but that could also be due to being squashed.

    I wouldn't say it's filed because the rims still have their reeding, otherwise it would have a lot more striations which wouldn't be as uniform as in the picture. I would also go with wrong blank.

  10. 1 minute ago, brad said:

    5 specimens in 1 year should only mean there are more to be found. However Rob may have a point the 1862 B over R in BRITT has been documented for more than a couple of decades yet we know of just 5 in existence. Did a forum member but the VIGTORIA?


    My point exactly, VIGTORIA = 5 examples in 1 year, B over R = 5 examples in 20 years. They didn't find all 5 of those B over Rs in the first year after the first was found, I'm pretty sure more will be turning up.

  11. 1 minute ago, brad said:

    I am not convinced the VIGTORIA is scarcer than the F103 1881H Freeman (discovery) coin, yet it sold for close to twice as much. Surely that reveals a lot about how much my personal opinions are to be respected :huh:. £1400 (nearly £1650 including premium) is a bit for a coin in such a nauseating grade, yet I must concede that the LCA description is not off the mark especially when a narrow date 1877 went for a similar sum albeit 7 years ago.


    " probably rarer than the 1877 Narrow date coin, of which an LCGS Fine 20 example realised £7020 in our June 2010 auction " - YUCK YUCK YUCK

    Very much agree, it's only about a year old plus change that variety so in subsequent years we will see more and more turn up. I think there's around 5 or so VIGTORIAs found since the first now?

  12. 3 minutes ago, Guest guest georgie said:

    Lol. Well it's has been through a lot guy's lol. Been stuck in the mud for God knows how many year's lol....

    If it's got sentimental value then it's worth keeping, but monetarily speaking you really would have to pay someone to take it off you because of the amount of corrosion/verdigris. Not the best patina shall we say haha.