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  1. 1985 silver proof coin

    ..and you seemed to have forgotten how to use any type of dictionary/spell check. Although I admire your shortcut to get around the problem of having to work out how to spell cupronickel.
  2. Spanish Pesetas

    A bit of a longshot but does anyone have any pesetas that have any type of error on? I don't even necessarily want to buy it, although I will if you want to sell it, I just need some good quality pictures. Thanks Matt
  3. March LCA catalogue now up

    In person in London. They might email you a picture if you ask nicely.
  4. Penies - Edward VII

    Titles aren't editable, unfortunately.
  5. I in BRITT in penny?

    Only 4 years late to the convo better late than never
  6. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    It does check out though
  7. More Pennies

    Pictures from VS of his 1932
  8. More Pennies

    Not sure but that's one ugly looking coin, even if it is rare.
  9. Actually, it is here too! So nostalgic
  10. There's certainly a starkness to the darkness
  11. It really depends on the metal. Have a look here, it's quite informative.
  12. Probably there just to show the size/thickness as opposed to the design or denomination.
  13. More Pennies

    Sounds like a very good purchase. Pics if you can VS!