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  1. Time

    Where are you seeing/using the time? The post times should show as '2 hours ago' or '18 hours ago' up until 24 hours which it then changes to a date and time, and I presume you're not using posts from over 24 hours ago to work out what the time is at present!
  2. Hey Brian, Brockage should always be a mirrored image of whatever design is on the other side, from the pictures it looks like someone has stuck a genuine brockage onto a normal 2p. Can you see any seams anywhere? The different colouring on both sides also makes me think this. Is the reversed side in relief or is it just a trick of the photo? Should be incuse. Edit: Must be a trick, because all of a sudden I see it incuse now!
  3. Very sorry to hear. Condolences and best wishes to you and your family David.
  4. Lots of quality pennies, you can view them all here - https://mypennycollection.wordpress.com/ All the Freeman numbers and die pairings are included as well, you can also click all the photos for a larger image. PM me if any take your fancy before I sell the rest through eBay or something, I'd prefer for them to go to members here before elsewhere. Thanks!
  5. Still here chugging along, work keeping me too busy for my own good
  6. Please stop spamming the forum with a link to your ebay listings. Thank you in advance.
  7. More Pennies

    Can you overlay it with the obverse?
  8. Couple LCGS pictures

    I removed the email, saving you from crawlers picking it up and spamming you forever I'd wait for a reply to the thread and then PM direct with your email, just in case.
  9. I'm not so sure, if this were the case you aren't very likely to end up with this result because the metal would quite equally spread across the coin and produce an overall duller effect, as opposed to one particular area being 'un-struck'. More likely is a damaged die or a piece of foreign material in the area in question during the strike.
  10. Yeah same for everyone http://www.predecimal.com/forum/topic/11485-dnw-down/
  11. Looks like heat to me, Jim. You can get similar effects using a heat gun. I remember people used to use Taco Bell napkins because they contained sulphur (?), wrapped the coin in a napkin and inside tin foil for a few months and they come out with extreme colours. To each their own.
  12. Good coin dealers

    We have some very reputable and reliable dealers right here on the forum WD; - Rob - Declanwmagee - The Coinery - RLC35 - mhcoins Just to name a few. Anyone with a green 'Coin Dealer' title under their name is also a forum trusted dealer, although not having that does not mean they're not.
  13. Yes just a bit of doubling is all, nothing to see here.
  14. Coins get stuck in the fins of commercial clothes dryers and are not removed for weeks or months until the machine is serviced. The continual tumbling against the steel drum beats the snot out of a coin and causes the rims to roll and fold inwards. Not sure about yours though, looks like something a bit more than just tumbling around. They almost look like capped die strikes but the poor quality of the metal means they're probably not.
  15. That comes from the rolling too, usually in a dryer.