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  1. richtips86

    1981 10p

    I’ve been doing some reading into the mintages of some of the larger sized 10p pieces and know there has been debate on here previously. A quick glance of some mintages are as follows: 1984 - 158k / 1988 - 134k / 1990 - 102k / 1991 - 74k and then there’s 1981 - 3.5m!! However, currently there are 11 listings on eBay for 1991, 15 for 1990 and 0 for 1981 and that pattern has been ongoing for some time. I’ve read some conjecture that those minted in 1981 ended up going down as 1980 and that the true number is much fewer. Is there anyway therefore of identifying how many 1981 10p pieces there truly are? I’m guessing significantly fewer than 1991?! <10k?
  2. richtips86

    1981 10p

    That's really interesting Rob - thanks for your thoughts. Ps - I still need to make it to the club one time. Number 2 is on its way in the next month hopefully so it may be a good excuse to get away from the M-I-L when she's with us!!
  3. richtips86

    1981 10p

    Thanks, yes it was seeing that that made me look into it
  4. richtips86

    new coin magazine

    Yeah I found this in Smiths. Felt like it was linked to Change Checker and had an understandable focus on decimals as such. But quite a good read!
  5. richtips86

    How did he do it ?

    If it’s who I think it is, I stumbled across his website a while back where you can order certain coins from him. Essentially he goes to the banks and takes out x thousands of the denomination and sorts through them
  6. richtips86

    Random accumulation

    Well I’ve just been handed an accumulation from someone in the family way back. A really interesting mix of pre-decimal, foreign and colonial coins. It must have been someone’s savings as anything that could have had decent value has been holed and put on a little ring. Anything of significant value would appear to have been ruined in that sense but still the history and possible stories are flying through my head. I’ll post some pictures of the more interesting coins
  7. richtips86

    Random accumulation

  8. richtips86

    Random accumulation

  9. richtips86

    Best Decimal Coins to collect - thanks, Chris

    What are the scarce 2p?
  10. Point taken regarding British mints producing coinage for others. So have you tried looking at coins from non-uk mint nations? Especially in your sketch, I’m seeing more of a shaggy dog and one of the coins I get a dragon!
  11. HI Jerry, a somewhat delayed response to my initial query when I saw this discussed on a different topic. Being completely honest I cannot see the images, but that means diddly squat. I guess a few comments / observations on what I've read so far. Apologies, I know so little about the topics you'll have to excuse my ignorance if these are blindingly stupid questions or don't even make sense a) Did we have (do we) the technology to imprint images into pre formed metal discs? b) If this really is something that we have been doing, presumably you wouldn't find this in other countries' coinage? Have you reviewed other coins? If other countries did this then you may expect other national images - France, the cock; Australia - kangaroo? If you did find images in other coins, then perhaps it's another tick down the line of metallurgy with hot metal cooling / the physics of pressing a coin / pareidolia
  12. richtips86

    Best Decimal Coins to collect - thanks, Chris

    Have you seen any figures or is that just anecdotal from what you’ve seen?
  13. richtips86

    Best Decimal Coins to collect - thanks, Chris

    That’s pretty nice. I finally managed to pick one up last month for £4.80 incl. postage. Perfect condition barring a few bag marks on Her Majesty’s cheeks!
  14. richtips86

    Best Decimal Coins to collect - thanks, Chris

    What I don’t know is how could the one for sale via LCA be one of only two possible examples? How could two coins be released with the error but not more?
  15. richtips86

    Best Decimal Coins to collect - thanks, Chris

    Nice going! Like you I’m after these types of coins for the thrill of the chase. Anything else is achievable if you want to pay for it. These you have to put the hours in searching for! However, what about the 2007 £2 technological achievements in BU which like 1999 wasn’t included in any sets and then also the 2007 abolition of slavery £2 without initials which wasn’t included in the sets! Im also after the 2009 10p mule however I’ve only seen evidence of it in a LCA auction in 2015!
  16. richtips86

    New pound coin

    I've had about 20 so far, has anyone picked up any anomalies so far? All mine to date have been consistent.
  17. I’ve recently come across the below dot to dot, and whilst it’s in lovely condition (the photo was just a quickie and doesn’t do it justice), it has a hideous fingerprint. Again the photo doesn’t show it but it’s got lovely toning as well. Has anyone ever tried cleaning a fingerprint off? I’ve never tried for obvs reasons but given it’s a relatively youthful coin think shall I? Would acetone shift it? Just some soap and water? I’ve never faced this predicament before!
  18. richtips86

    To clean or not to clean

    Thanks all, in the end I tried just soap and water and it’s come away beautifully!
  19. richtips86


    Good to see a third though supposedly final series being filmed at the moment!!
  20. I first got into numismatics with this idea that coins could be an investment. I quickly lost that view and then bought coins for the pleasure of it, enjoying holding them, imagining the history of who had used them etc. I have made a decent sum from trading recent decimals, but only through constantly scouring eBay, reading the mintage figures released by the RM and following trends and identifying possible future growth coins has that been possible. Coins like gold will never produce anything, they’ll never pay a dividend and are driven by fashion in terms of the price they will yield, so any investment is purely a punt that there’s someone who will pay more for the coin than you did in the future and is therefore not an investment but speculation. Like stuntman, my investment monies go on accumulation passive trackers and growth shares (buy Bango BGO!) There will be a downturn, but I’ll still get my divis/ greater buying opportunities.
  21. richtips86


    What a brilliant season and series. And finally saw the Christmas episode last night, strange to see an episode in the rain and mud!
  22. richtips86

    Decimal Values

    Could somebody let me know the most recently suggested values for BU Edinburgh 2011 £1 as well as the Commonwealth Games 2002 £2 set in BU? Thanks in advance
  23. richtips86


    It’s not on sky catch up unfortunately.
  24. richtips86

    Decimal Values

    Yeah but this was after the initial hysteria that kicked off in February 2014 for the kew. The prices did drop and then gradually grow again! I still remember buying my new for £4.63 incl. of eBay fees!