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  1. richtips86

    New UNC Coins

    But surely half a million +- the 1992 withdrawal doesn’t result in an absolute paucity of coins. Like has been said previously go on any eBay seller sites that have annual coins to choose from and there is never a 1981 coin. This is in context of being able to readily buy 1989 when there’s “only” 160k coins
  2. richtips86

    New UNC Coins

    The media definitely influence the market value of modern coins. I remember someone commenting on the Blue Peter 2009 50p back in April 2013/14 and saying you could buy them for a £5. I know coz I was in a Spoons and bought three! They’re now going for £250 plus! It’ll be interesting to see what the Brexit SYO 31/01 will be going for once the mintage figures are published which was date stamped just for one day. The Harry and Megan £5 had 508 made over two days (weekend) whilst and goes for eye watering prices.
  3. richtips86

    New UNC Coins

    I managed to find one (99 £2h BUNC on eBay about 5yrs ago for £25 in auction. I know Michael has a few on his site at varying grades.
  4. richtips86

    New UNC Coins

    Indeed, I tracked one down from Michael G a while back so now have a selfish interest in understanding how many there may be
  5. richtips86

    New UNC Coins

    The app is great and likewise coin checker have one (although it’s really bad). I always hope the developers use it to gather census data, i.e to understand number of uncirculated £2 1999 “standing on shoulders, UNC 1981 10p etc although granted that relies upon people being able to grade effectively.
  6. richtips86

    2020 penny

    Isn’t the metal value of the 2p coin actually worth about 3.5p?
  7. richtips86

    2011 Aquatics with Lines

    Sorry Rob - my reference to “cheeky” was more solely because I hardly engage on here. Two new additions to the family and work have got in the way.
  8. richtips86

    2011 Aquatics with Lines

    Just a cheeky enquiry to see if anyone may have one they’re willing to part with?
  9. richtips86

    Check your Change App

    Does anyone else subscribe to the app, and if so, have you been having problems with your subscription / monetary value aspect?
  10. richtips86

    1981 10p

    That's really interesting Rob - thanks for your thoughts. Ps - I still need to make it to the club one time. Number 2 is on its way in the next month hopefully so it may be a good excuse to get away from the M-I-L when she's with us!!
  11. richtips86

    1981 10p

    Thanks, yes it was seeing that that made me look into it
  12. richtips86

    1981 10p

    I’ve been doing some reading into the mintages of some of the larger sized 10p pieces and know there has been debate on here previously. A quick glance of some mintages are as follows: 1984 - 158k / 1988 - 134k / 1990 - 102k / 1991 - 74k and then there’s 1981 - 3.5m!! However, currently there are 11 listings on eBay for 1991, 15 for 1990 and 0 for 1981 and that pattern has been ongoing for some time. I’ve read some conjecture that those minted in 1981 ended up going down as 1980 and that the true number is much fewer. Is there anyway therefore of identifying how many 1981 10p pieces there truly are? I’m guessing significantly fewer than 1991?! <10k?
  13. richtips86

    new coin magazine

    Yeah I found this in Smiths. Felt like it was linked to Change Checker and had an understandable focus on decimals as such. But quite a good read!
  14. richtips86

    How did he do it ?

    If it’s who I think it is, I stumbled across his website a while back where you can order certain coins from him. Essentially he goes to the banks and takes out x thousands of the denomination and sorts through them
  15. richtips86

    Random accumulation