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  1. damian1986

    More Pennies

    Can we see the UNC 1848 for comparison?
  2. damian1986

    More Pennies

    My 1848 unaltered date penny reverse. The right breast plate is a bit flat but otherwise quite a minty coin so can't see it being wear from circulation.
  3. I prefer the chosen quote as a statement of effort. We rank 2nd in the list of number of Nobel Laureates by country with 132, 8th in the Ease of Doing Business Index and ranked 2nd the Global Innovation Index in 2015. So we're doing something right. 43rd for Expenditure on Education and 34th for net exports by capita isn't quite so good. Which is why I like the quote they went with. Crack on. Aside: 2nd in the world for Prevalance of Cocaine Usage 🏆
  4. Thanks for your comments. All part of the fun finding them I suppose 😅
  5. The first coin jumps out to me as better with less flattening of the ear and the tash. I struggle with any G5 coin with a flat top of ear as it seems to be the first place to go, but presumably this isn't always wear from circulation. @Peckris 2 ^ your two pence worth? I got a 1911 halfcrown recently and seems to be a slightly trickier date in the series too, so I'm OK with this one, it's decent IMO, but they're never quite there.
  6. damian1986

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    This one was an eBay find - not stupidly cheap, but given the grade and the type (rated VS in Peck) it was probably a lot cheaper than it should have been. It's not even about getting a bargain. It's just rare to find things in a decent grade on there. This one is an eBay win in my book anyway If I remember correctly, this was misattributed as a Richmond 1c. I also got a Peck 228 (rated ER in Peck) with Harp mintmark recently and that was also misattributed as a 1c, Peck 170-something.
  7. This is a dwarf Dahlia sp. I have half a dozen of them. Seems early for them to be out but nice to see 👍
  8. I think he was bored. I think it's safe to say we were fortunate to be spared a new bust. Compare Wyons Victoria with the jubilee head 🤐 A nice specimen, the BM just was used on the stamps too. Probably sick of the sight of it..
  9. I like most things George V, the halfcrowns and florins are frustrating and even the better examples have usually had a dip - you can't win! The 1916 looks decent, all lions struck up, nice one [jealous] I think people were probably super receptive to a commemorative crown and its design as a special one-off. Everything I read sums up as "yeah we don't want to issue things willy nilly but it's worth it for this occasion". Same with the stamps even though they'd done a few more commemorative issues by that point. PM had already done the Irish coinage for 1928. And he was involved in the recutting of the G5 portrait. Probably just 'felt right' as a design for the time. A few clippings from The Times:
  10. damian1986

    50p Scarcity *

    What are the figures for BU coins issued, do we know? I understand these are just for-circulation numbers? If they issued 1.4 million for circulation they must have done an absolute shitload on top of that in BU packs and change-checker cards. 50k, 100k, ... ?
  11. Richard I use Adobe Photoshop which has quite a lot to it. GIMP is a free alternative if you search that. The key tools within the software are the circular marquee (for cutting out circular milled coins) or the pen tool (jagged romans or hammered). YouTube videos run through the basics of layers and using those tools to 'cut out' something. I'll give you a bit more info after you've had a look and if you have any questions. There are a few other things like drop shadows and messing about with different fonts that I might do for some coins or if I'm going to move them on, will attach a couple of examples below. It's all a bit vain ! But useful to have in some form as a 'consistent' point of reference.
  12. Not sure it's the best photo, but I only use a phone and didn't want to mess about too much with the light or settings. I cut out and catalogue all my coins again solid backgrounds with a few notes like this yes, just so I have a digital point of reference that I can access anywhere on my phone.
  13. Pete put me on to this - he should have bought it himself as it was too cheap really; i am extremely grateful. This to go with Mike's F176 posted earlier which also came from John. Not as serious as you lot when it comes to pennies, but this is a reign I really like.
  14. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Sorry Newark whoever that is, but... Santa Claus 😂 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123839413231 Or maybe this is groundbreaking, wonderful discovery on a par with the pre-Neolithic cave paintings taking us back to our ancient past.
  15. I meant sell to them in the first place
  16. It's a shame really, coins around the £300 mark are costing £400 with postage, which puts a lot of reasonable but still common Saxon coins out of reach tbh. Vendor is only going to see £270 back on such a sale, so assuming they want most of their money back, £400 is only getting you a coin worth £270 a few years ago, which isn't a lot. Obviously over simplifying this, but I did see my 1c/1a E1 mule sell on here with coinery for probably only half what I paid through DNW (of course I got carried away 😅) Let the dealers have em. No point whinging about this and then hitting the bid button. Likewise they're running a business and and provide a good service and this is how it is. All in all... 🤷‍♂️
  17. Thought I'd share this as it's not a bad one mostly, but has the interesting die clash -- (and if you think it's something else that caused this let me know so I can update my notes!! 😆)
  18. damian1986

    Bags of Roman

    Might be being optimistic to think you can get bags of the stuff in any sort of reasonable grade (VF) with the chance of finding the odd scarce one But would pay a reasonable amount for unattributed lots more for research purposes Have a small collection but when buying singly in higher grades they get to "I could probably spend the money elsewhere better" sort of prices.
  19. Wouldn't mind a reissue of the Pistrucci cameos, to wear on my favourite lapels
  20. Had a brew with Pete and came away with this.. not bad at all 😎
  21. Not sure how many boats this will float 😆 This is number 11 out of 40 wanted for the hammered copper farthings (covering types). Provenance always a win. But where are the remaining 29 coming from 😆
  22. Oh I just dug this out didn't see the thread at the time 🧐 you pay a premium for lion over sideways lamb?
  23. Went to see Pete he's a decent bloke! and picked a few decent bits up off him. Don't know if I could really do better than the 1934 and for some sadistic reason I chose that as my wanted example for the 5th Freeman obverse, and the halfpenny is 'kin glowing with lustre and can't get a decent photo. A few more boxes ticked off. Sat here, melting, trying to understand the reference to lions and lambs 🙄 I'll assume that speaks to my naivety 😅
  24. I'm seeing demons in everything at the minute 😄
  25. I'd rather defer to the experienced guys we have here who will give you an honest opinion bu it'snot BU and a few bag marks and edge knocks rather than flan flaws? - smidge of friction to ear maybe? That would knock it down from UNC by a grade. It's a good example though for the year as far as I can tell.