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  1. Had a brew with Pete and came away with this.. not bad at all 😎
  2. Not sure how many boats this will float 😆 This is number 11 out of 40 wanted for the hammered copper farthings (covering types). Provenance always a win. But where are the remaining 29 coming from 😆
  3. Oh I just dug this out didn't see the thread at the time 🧐 you pay a premium for lion over sideways lamb?
  4. Went to see Pete he's a decent bloke! and picked a few decent bits up off him. Don't know if I could really do better than the 1934 and for some sadistic reason I chose that as my wanted example for the 5th Freeman obverse, and the halfpenny is 'kin glowing with lustre and can't get a decent photo. A few more boxes ticked off. Sat here, melting, trying to understand the reference to lions and lambs 🙄 I'll assume that speaks to my naivety 😅
  5. I'm seeing demons in everything at the minute 😄
  6. I'd rather defer to the experienced guys we have here who will give you an honest opinion bu it'snot BU and a few bag marks and edge knocks rather than flan flaws? - smidge of friction to ear maybe? That would knock it down from UNC by a grade. It's a good example though for the year as far as I can tell.
  7. Thanks Rob it's hard to say - I would say no, except around the 1 in the date there's a case for a displaced tooth but with the coin in hand I'm still not really sure. The "double striking" is only really clear in 1 GEORGEIUS III DEI running clockwise from the 1 to the I in DEI. The portrait shows no signs of double striking which is why I initially considered to not be double struck.
  8. Just wondering if one of you kind people can explain what's happened here? A second punch to working dies? Why the broken 1 in the date?
  9. That's how I got here initially... 🙄 The earliest memories I have of coins in hand were the bigger 50ps... so never saw a predecimal coin except in a tin my dad had. Obviously cash still reigned supreme, but my interest since mid-20s was always further back, without ever having connected to the predecimal system. I was thinking about young lads I know who collect things... Magic cards is one thing at the minute... There's an end result to collecting those in that you play the game with them. The collector mentality is pervasive in society. But the *outlet* has to be kept going, by promoting the hobby and linking it to our history. That's not to say that younger collectors will have a spare £1600k to buy a not-very-pretty few grams of bronze. But the buy in is gradual and has to start somewhere.
  10. So it's good that the coinage is reaching a wider audience, or it's good that people with plenty of cash to spend are keeping prices propped up? Sounds like the buy-in is "the market is booming", rather than "look at what you can get out of the hobby"; this isn't conducive to bringing in new collectors of worse-than-fine pennies at 2 grand a pop!! 😄
  11. Here's the Wilson obverse to accompany the Hancock example previously posted. The edge being plain I don't think this specific type ever saw circulation. But that's ok 😊
  12. I have a couple of rose and at least something in the series for every issuer and main type (currently at about 10 coins total), but the goal is to have at least one of every Peck subtype - the 'type 3' Rose farthings are looking like they will be tricky to obtain; since-discovered or Everson types may play a part but this will come together over time. The series seems quite tough full stop as they aren't really ever going to set the world alight, so get buried in any auctions where I saw them for sale, until a farthing specialist sells or a kind forum member drops a high grade one under your nose... Colin G got me a nice Harrington type 2 Peck 54 ex Lingford, ex Rogers and most the rest came from Rob with excellent provenance.
  13. Some useful suggestions in here. I like the suggestions in and around the mainland Britain issues such as the anglo-irish penny and half penny, and the Napoleon III Birmingham mint bronzes. On the latter, it's said that "Birmingham mint pioneered the bronze coinage", but I see coins of the Paris mint dated 1952 but only 1953 onwards for Marseille. Did the Heaton's pioneer the coinage, or merely support that Marseille mint in something that was already being done in the French capital??
  14. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I picked up a thread on the Moore model pennies from 2006. Apparently you can get a good one on eBay for a few pounds. Not true in 2019, it's junk. Searches for things like 1937 proof penny also yield junk. Appreciate they might come up, just don't really see the point in eBay anymore - if the "easy" stuff isn't really there then the alternatives are ...? I figure a good reason to be getting to the fairs