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  1. geoffhobson

    coin cases in Lidl

    In Lidl today, they have the cases back in. £12.99 Did not have a good look at them but they looked like the ones in last time, Geoff
  2. geoffhobson

    Provenance Question(S)

    I have a book that I record who I bought from and how much, and I have my original entries from when I first collected and then sold all my collection including some of the invoices. Which is just as well because when my computer fell ill and the doc could not help it had to be put down and I had to re enter all into my coin manage database for the second time! I also like to see the information that one dealer gives for the ones I have from him where he has weight and diameter as well as some other information. Geoff.
  3. geoffhobson

    Collecting Software

    Well, you notice when an English winner is just that but when it is a Scot then he is British? I have tried to use Excell, but I just can't get the hang of it. I will stick to what I have for now.
  4. geoffhobson

    Collecting Software

    Yes, ok, but I bet the Canadians would say they are not American. No, the problem I have is that the lisings are only English. I collect Isle of Man Irish and Scottish. I can add them, but it does take time. I don't find it particulary user friendly as they say, some of the reports are not so easy to do and I would like to do them differently, but generally it is ok. I have looked at a couple of others byt this was the best. Geoff.
  5. geoffhobson

    Collecting Software

    I just find Excel so difficult. I am self taught and have been using a PC for over 20 years, and I have tried Excel over and over, but can't get it. I can use a sheet if it is made up, but otherwise no. The main problem with Coinmanage is it is not British, it is American. The database is only for English coins. Nothing else, so I had to add my Manx Irish and Scottish to it. Then I upgraded to the 2013 version and lost the lot so I had to do it all again. Luckily I always keep paper records so I did not lose the records. If there was a database that was better then I would try it, but for now I will stick to this, Geoff.
  6. geoffhobson

    Collecting Software

    I don't like Access and I can't use Excel. I have tried for years and it is impossible. It is also expensive.
  7. geoffhobson

    Collecting Software

    I find it quite easy to use, but I had to add all my coins. I find that a bit tricky at times, with some going to the wrong set, but that may just be me. It is not perfect, but it is the better of the the ones I tried. Geoff.
  8. geoffhobson

    Global Warming

    Or you could divert at Andover through Middle Wallop to Salisbury and down the A30 to Shaftesbury and on to Wicanton that way. I used to do that if I thought it would be too bad on a Friday afternoon when I left work to drive west. But it is a nice run over that part of Salisbury Plain, Geoff.
  9. geoffhobson

    Global Warming

    The worst part of the road is at Stonehenge. The queue is regulary to the roundabout at the bottom, and the traffic light have made it worse.
  10. geoffhobson

    Global Warming

    Yes, it is about 15 miles east of here. I go past it every time I have the misfortune to go along the A303 to Andover or further. Geoff.
  11. geoffhobson

    Global Warming

    I have been lucky, my house is quite high so not likely to flood. We were down at Crewkerne on Sunday, and there was a lot of flooding. On the Somerset levels it is once again under water with villages cut off. I noticed today that I have two Pelargoniums in a hanging basket still alive. Just shows how mild it has been, we have had a few frosts but not severe. But last winter it turned colder in late January. Roll on next month I can get to work on my trees. geoff.
  12. geoffhobson

    Coin To Sell

    I just tried to open the .rar with Picasa and it would not work.
  13. geoffhobson

    I Wanted To Say Hello

    I think that is the one I have. I also have and Olympus OM 20. I bought the Pentax *ds because I also have a Pentax slr and the lenses are compatible. OK on the radio I had a friend who worked in radio and he did not want to go amateur either, He did use CB though, just at the time when it was possible to listen to New York taxis and not be able to hear your mate down the road. Things became so bad though, that I stopped using CB for about 10 years. Then I started again after the bubble had burst, but it was nearly as bad, so I decided to take the RAE. The sunspot cycle has been at the low point for a long time and is only just getting back up. I just have a long wire to work HF and a di pole for the VHF and UHF bands. There are a couple of programmes that I use which allows me to talk PC to PC or Radio to PC to Radio, quite complicated and "nt radio" some say. I try to take pictures that are not rushed and I necer look to see what I have taken until I get back, it's like haveing a film which you can't see so if I think I have not got the shot I can take it again. Most of the time I use a tripot too.
  14. geoffhobson

    I Wanted To Say Hello

    It's over 7 years old now. Works fine the resolution is not as high as I would like. I would not want to project them. I am not home at the moment so I can't look at the model.
  15. geoffhobson

    I Wanted To Say Hello

    I used an Epson scanner, I have had it for some time. It's ok, but not as good as I would like it.