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  1. 6 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    That's how it was printed. It does end abruptly though, and looking again at the article in the magazine itself, there is no full stop after the word "specimen". So I do think something has been inadvertently omitted from Freeman's article, even if just, perhaps, the word "nonetheless".    

    In geek-like fashion I had recreated the article in Word, even including the 2 photos and decided to insert the word "nevertheless" after "specimen" - so we're on the same wavelength (is that a good thing ???)

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  2. I still maintain that one can't tell whether a coin has been "cleaned" or not from a photograph. Photos can differ dramatically according to the technology and lighting that are used to take them.

    None of the coins pictured above look particularly different from many other of the London Coins photos.

    There will never be a substitute for examining the coin in hand. If in doubt before buying or bidding, check that you can return the coin if not satisfied.

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