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  1. Today, from nowhere, my browsers have virtually slowed to a halt. When typing from the keyboard, each character takes at least a second to appear on the screen.

    There is not a problem typing into a Word document. Similarly, it takes several seconds to open a new tab in either Chrome or Edge.

    The scroll wheel on the mouse is similarly delayed in action which makes the sizing of images on a web page impossible.

    A broadband check shows that speed is unaffected.

    The PC has become unusable.

    Any advice out there ?

  2. It's really quite simple - my generation was raised on feet and inches and pounds and ounces. We think in those units and can estimate in those units. Don't ask me to describe a person's height and weight in metres and kilograms. I can't do it - full stop. I have to do a mental conversion whenever metric is used. Use the 2 systems in parallel until my generation is dead.

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  3. 3 hours ago, alfnail said:

    The fact that I have 6 different 3/3’s, all with Date Style C (Plain 5), I think demonstrates the difficulty that would be encountered if one ever tried to re-catalogue all the minor sub-varieties that are found in this copper series.

    As you know, Ian, I started to work on this and soon gave up !

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