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  1. I have an 1855 P.T. penny which I bought because it appears to have the date numeral 5s in different fonts with the right hand 5 slightly "fatter".

    However, the reverse of this coin appears to have a slightly different design with Britannia's chain mail bodice having what I describe as an ornate central panel. It's a pity that the coin isn't a higher grade but nevertheless it does look different to me.

    1268042853_1855P1509PTrevzoom.JPG.5e63a8a0bdd883d863fa326835e5eab2.JPG Normal Plain Trident reverse

    1487391702_1855PTfat5anddiffchainmailzoom-Copy.jpg.dc9a184cad9498fe8b919b35b420d321.jpgMy coin's reverse

    Sorry about the size difference - it must be to do with the resolution of the originals.

  2. 8 hours ago, Iannich48 said:

    Would it be normal if the first coins of Charles III sold out very quickly, and then on eBay at inflated prices?

    I think that's a racing certainty, but hopefully they will be produced in such volumes that speculators won't be able to cash in.

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