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  1. Yes, they are very good likenesses but fortunately they have different numbers of border teeth.

    True 1933 - obverse 162 teeth, reverse 184 teeth

    Fake 1933 - obverse 160 teeth, reverse 159 teeth ( I did a quick count and must check these)

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    Sorry about the size and quality of pics but, comparing the obverse of the "fake" against the real thing, the fake has 10 teeth across the width of REX whereas the real thing has 11 teeth.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Martinminerva said:

    I thought these were a famous Peck "miss" ? Certainly not in his original book - 1882 he logs as numbers 1726 - 1729 and all have an H mint mark. Or did he pass comment in a later work??

    My 1970 edition contains the numbers you mention. No mention of missing H and I don't think there's a later edition ?

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  4. Michael Gouby has recently sent me pictures of an 1860 F10 with  an interesting variation on the reverse. There are 2 additional lines to the border of St Andrew's cross in the top left quadrant of Britannia's shield. They seem to be too accurately placed to be the result of a die clash and Michael has asked collectors to check their reverse D pennies for any further instances. I have checked all mine and can't find any. Michael (and I) will be interested to learn of any additional examples.


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