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  1. 21 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    Managed to get an 1831 proof penny (the commoner type with the reverse inverted). It is true to say there is a small but visible edge knock on the obverse side, but that apart the coin is immaculate.

    Any reason why you don't crop your photos Mike ?

  2. I worked in the development of I.T. systems all my life and to see something this poorly tested really annoys me. It may not have the importance of the Royal Mail Horizon system or an Air Traffic Control system but if they're blaming the lack of rigorous testing on tight deadlines (set by themselves) they should be ashamed. And it doesn't say much for the level of respect they show to their customers.

    End of rant.

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  3. Scientists claim to have discovered a planet with intelligent life. This planet is populated by a number of species of flora and fauna and is effectively “run” by a race of bipeds who seem to be at the highest evolutionary level. This race is incredibly arrogant, claiming to have been created in the image of the all-loving deity that many of them worship, yet appearing to only tolerate the existence of lower evolutionary species as long as they either provide entertainment as pets or curiosities, or provide food for the bipeds, for which they are bred and killed on a huge scale. The “master race” is also incredibly hypocritical in that they go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that handicapped members of their own societies can lead a full life but have no scruples in mass extermination of other members of their species whose culture and beliefs differ from theirs or whose territory is rich in products which they desire to own. Where can this planet be ? 

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  4. 10 hours ago, alfnail said:

    Gouby says that the 1882Ha is 'Rare', and that the 2/1 variety (same obverse/reverse) is 'Extremely Rare'.

    I should probably include the 2 1882H over 1 varieties on my rare penny website. Could I ask collectors to email me photos of their examples please.

  5. Looked at Peck earlier and the of two obverses it could be, KH22 and KH23, Peck says the only difference is a flaw on the first G of GEORGIUS in KH23 - I can't  seen it at all in Peck's plaster cast photograph of KH23! Perhaps other people can spot it. However, your photographs give better resolution I suspect, and I can't see any flaw on these either.

    I also checked Peck and couldn't find the flaw that he referred to.