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  1. I still maintain that one can't tell whether a coin has been "cleaned" or not from a photograph. Photos can differ dramatically according to the technology and lighting that are used to take them.

    None of the coins pictured above look particularly different from many other of the London Coins photos.

    There will never be a substitute for examining the coin in hand. If in doubt before buying or bidding, check that you can return the coin if not satisfied.

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  2. 1 - We've been in the same house for almost 20 years and never previously had trouble with squirrels digging up the lawn. They've always been around, leaping through the trees but this winter they've decimated my lawn and they're still at it, nearly every day.

    2 - I've had a pond for almost 20 years and never had a problem with duckweed but this spring it's appeared for the first time and doubles in number every day. I fish a lot out with a sieve every few days but it comes back even denser.

    Help !

  3. 5 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    So from a purely technical standpoint, if you got the 13 lots at exactly your bid amount, that would surely indicate 13 others bidding an identical sum to you, but after you made your bid.

    Not necessarily - I'd interpret it as 13 other bidders having maximum bids one increment below Mick's. A bit of a coincidence but if the bids were around the estimated price, then not altogether unlikely in my view.

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  4. In Spink's Coins of England (Decimal Issues), your specimen (with obverse by Ian Rank-Broadley and without denomination) is recorded as H29 and, as Pete stated above, it was issued in the various Royal Mint folders.

    Coins with obverse by Jody Clark are recorded as H31, also without denomination although the Battle of Britain 50ps struck for circulation did contain the denomination (50 PENCE) .