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  1. secret santa

    New member

    Bryan Take a look at London Coins website. Their auction archive contains good quality photos of the coins they've sold and you'll find examples of just about everything. It might lead you to being attracted to a particular denomination, monarch, or whatever. Good luck with your collecting.
  2. I like the look of copper/bronze coins against a very dark background and want to what my own coins look like so I'll give it a try. I'll get back to you for more assistance, I'm sure. Thanks Richard
  3. secret santa

    F 67 - Specimen?

    I have always been a little sceptical about some of the so-called "proofs" and/or "specimens" of the 1874 series. LCA have sold several F74 proof pennies (I have bought one) and although they are sharply struck with good surfaces, I have never been totally convinced that they were struck as proofs. Interestingly, they offered in September 2012 a "unique" 1874 (no H) 6+G penny for sale, ex-Freeman who described it as proof. The accompanying description was interesting as it exemplified the debates around proof/nonproof pennies of that era. The coin was unsold and I don't recall why I didn't buy it - I guess I wasn't convinced.
  4. What software do you use for this ?
  5. secret santa

    1913 penny - Freeman 175 & 176

    I had put the £320 figure on my website but I've deleted it to avoid people trying to knock John down on all his prices.
  6. Nice artwork Damian, did you produce this yourself ?
  7. secret santa

    F 67 - Specimen?

    Have you seen it in hand ?
  8. secret santa

    More Pennies

    I think I'd plump for obv 9 too - the letters look thick enough.
  9. secret santa

    more FAKES

    It has just sold for more than £300 - outrageous. I'll try the above later.
  10. secret santa

    more FAKES

    The seller has now blocked me and the price is over £100 - how does one contact Ebay about fraud ?
  11. secret santa

    more FAKES

    That crossed my mind but it could persuade someone that it's genuine and they might go even higher - that's the last thing I want.
  12. secret santa

    More Pennies

    In 1968 between university and starting work I used to go through £5 bags and found one 1950 and a couple of 1953s.
  13. secret santa

    more FAKES

    Despite my telling him to amend the description he has ignored it and the bidding is up to £93 now and will probably go higher. This is blatant fraud.
  14. secret santa

    The end of an era - CCA

    Most of my early penny acquisitions were from CCA and I was a regular through the 80's and 90's. Laurie always had the first pick of the pennies but he was not a hoarder and if he had a better example he would always let the next best go to his auction. Sad to see them go but it's good that they're finishing (at Croydon) through choice rather than being a victim of the internet.
  15. Shane You will soon get used to the "humour" expressed on here.
  16. secret santa

    more FAKES

    The original fake copper pennies were easy to spot with their shiny surfaces but it appears they're being produced with a more "lifelike" finish which is harder to spot. The coin below has already attracted several bids (although the starting price should be a clue) but is a modern copy. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1843-Large-Penny-Queen-Victoria-UNC/174046700799?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160811114145%26meid%3De054dda566274366a6b0092fb5fbe2f0%26pid%3D100667%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D5%26sd%3D174046700799%26itm%3D174046700799%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2045573&_trksid=p2045573.c100667.m2042 If in doubt - count the teeth - 175 on the genuine obverse, 180 on the fake.
  17. secret santa

    Waterbird Collection

    I've just had an private exchange with CoinageBritannia who has agreed that suggestions for improvement should be sent to Spink because they are preparing improvements to the system. I won't quote the email addresses I was given in case they don't want to be deluged with comments but perhaps they will formally invite constructive suggestions.
  18. My experience: Coins I've won from Davissons come packaged with no valuation on the label and so far have attracted no customs duty. Fedex always charge 20% and getting it reduced to 5% has only proved successful once for me. UPS always send you a form on which you can declare it as numismatic items and get the correct 5% charge.
  19. secret santa

    Waterbird Collection

    Suddenly the link just worked for me - but the archive search is a dead loss.
  20. secret santa

    Waterbird Collection

    This link doesn't seem to work on my desktop PC and the Spink website is the worst in the world at finding past lots in the archive - just doesn't work.
  21. Interestngly, I submitted 3 commission bids to Lockdale's last auction, and received an invoice showing that I'd won 2 lots. I paid immediately and then received an email saying that someone else had won one of those lots with a bid that was well below my highest commission bid and I was due a refund. After kicking up a stink and showing them all the evidence that I had won both, I have now had confirmation that I will receive both. Are there errors in the systems that they use ?
  22. secret santa

    Spink's "Coins of England"

    I see that Spink have formally separated the predecimal and decimal books and are now charging for both, thereby increasing the total price from £30 to £39.99. OK for the decimal-only boys but a cheeky move for the rest of us.
  23. secret santa

    1965 Double Obverse Crown

    Well done Eric - I was hoping to get that coin myself, but the F112 wiped me out !
  24. Who said "nothing's impossible" ?
  25. Difficult to disappear for several hours clutching magnifying glass and chequebook without arousing suspicion............. In fact, difficult to do anything without arousing suspicion.