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secret santa

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  1. secret santa

    Any garden pics this year?

    My 3 tiered cordyline also bit the dust. I've cut the trunks down to ground level and with luck they will regrow - it did once before when the same happened.
  2. secret santa

    The rarest coin you own?

    That makes sense now. Thanks for the pics.
  3. secret santa

    The rarest coin you own?

    Have you posted any photos of this ?
  4. secret santa

    The rarest coin you own?

    My rarest coin is a 1922 penny obverse 4+ reverse C - unrecorded and the only specimen I've ever seen come to market. I have a photo of what appears to be a BU specimen of the same die pairing but I can't find any confirmation of its existence.
  5. secret santa

    More Pennies

    I'm not sure it's there.
  6. secret santa

    Any garden pics this year?

    Campanula ? (blue, bell-shaped flowers)
  7. secret santa

    More Pennies

    I think I remember Michael Gouby told me a few years ago that DNW had asked him to go through a collection of pennies to help them identify the varieties but, as they didn't offer him anything for his trouble, he declined.
  8. secret santa

    More Pennies

    Not a trace !
  9. secret santa

    Coin cabinets

    You can always get replacement drawers with the appropriate size of recess - I did that a few years ago with a second hand cabinet that I bought.
  10. secret santa

    More Pennies

    Some rare pennies in the Spink auction: The Numismatic Collector's Series Featuring The George Blaine Collection Part IV e - Auction Ends: 17 May 2023 at 10:30 AM EDT Spink USA | 458 Lots VIEW ON SPINK LIVE
  11. I sympathise, Eric. Many's the time I've just done a "5 minute job" before my lot came up only to get engrossed and completely forget about until it's too late. The scars never heal !
  12. I have noticed that the normal obverse 1 has 157 border teeth and the Hollow Neck variety has 163 teeth.
  13. I've just been looking at these 1911 reverses and it seems to me at first glance that the best way of distinguishing between them is by the position of the middle date numeral 1. It is either (virtually) over a bead or a gap. Or am I barking up the wrong tree ?
  14. Ignore my previous post - I wasn't aware of Gouby's new types. I'll do some work on those and update my website.
  15. Bad news - reverse A 151 teeth, although A of HALF points to a tooth. More work required - watch this space.
  16. secret santa

    Color Flying Scotsman £2 coin

    Hang on a while - it may be worth a fortune.
  17. I remember that well - "Lay down girl, let me push it up, push it up". Subtle it wasn't.
  18. I think the original was "What's the difference between a magician's wand and a policemen's truncheon ? Answer - one's used for cunning stunts and the other..........."
  19. "Cupid Stunt" - the most risque spoonerism on TV.
  20. secret santa

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I messaged him and said that it was "naughty" as such copies sell for a few pounds - must have tweaked his conscience.
  21. It downloads rather than displays.
  22. secret santa

    Coin prices continue to rise

    I attended that Gregory sale and examined all the pennies. I put a tick and the word "nice" in the catalogue next to that 1859 proof (lot 416) meaning that I'd bid for it which suggests that I thought it was genuine but also put an exclamation mark against the hammer price (£1100) which meant that I was very surprised at the price. All of which tells you (and me) nothing ! As you say, too much of a gamble to bid remotely.
  23. secret santa

    Halfpenny ID check

    I last emailed Iain Draycott about 3 years ago when I was putting together my halfpenny site. I have his email address from then if anyone would like it.