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  1. Hi Richard. I wondered if I might ask you a few things.    The 2* 145, have you heard of any more being found other than the four I already know of.

    2  You list your 1967 missing waves as R8, how many of this type do you know of .

    3  I have a 1953 penny with the standard B+b [1+B  pairing, but I think it might be a matt finish, as it has a strange kind of sheen, most unlike the normal production coin.  I don't have another toned matt finish to judge it by, except a 1986 matt and polished 2p proof that's in a bright condition.  Have you heard of the possible existence of this type.         I think i might get it checked out at the mint in the summer while on holiday. Would you know who to contact about taking the coin along in person, as I don't trust the post with it     Terry

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    2. terrysoldpennies


      Sorry Richard . I meant the 1860 penny I found . Thanks for the info on the 1953, it doesn't sound very promising   Terry

    3. secret santa

      secret santa

      Ah yes, 145 teeth - I was a bit slow there. No, still the same 4. I'm sure there are lots of us looking for them too !

      For some reason, I only get to see this conversation when I go to your personal profile and check postings - I get no notification. Do you know why ?

    4. terrysoldpennies


      Richard . its probably me doing something wrong, I don't know what . but thank you    Terry