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  1. 11 hours ago, Martinminerva said:

    Just as a matter of interest, how can you do that now if the listing doesn't tell you at what seconds it finishes?!

    As an auction nears completion, the time remaining shows in seconds and counts down before your eyes. If you've input your bid but not confirmed it, you are able to time confirmation for a few seconds before closure. But I have done this only to find that the remaining time changes and sometimes to over a minute remaining.

  2. If they were using up old 1853 dies, it's reasonable to assume that there was more than die that got altered, and the state of the queen's hair could differ between the dies. The above coin and one that I have certainly appear to be 4 over 3 types, with stronger hair.

    I have now added Jerry's coin and my own coin to the rare penny site together with an updated description of the variety to include these "stronger hair" types.

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  3. Thanks Rob. I bought a 1552 crown myself many years ago (Lord knows why) and have only just noticed the variation in different examples. Spink just pictures a single design and the various examples that I've seen in auction never seem to differentiate between obverse or reverse designs. Are they all more or less as common as each other, to the best of your knowledge ?

    And is the Lingford catalogue accessible online ?