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  1. 10 hours ago, Coinery said:

    sorry I meant TopCarp2 and he’s definitely signing himself off as Stephen???

    Yes, it's John Jerrams but he seems to call himself Stephen on communications. On a separate note, someone (Bill somebody) last year was preparing a new digital update of John's Bun Penny book but it has never surfaced.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Rob said:

    10 years ago there was virtually no mention or discussion of wide and narrow dates

    Wide and narrow dates, Rob ? Tut tut - it's large and small dates we geeks are talking here.

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  3. OK - I've found it on page VP1 in the obverse description. I would say that this is an error in that:

    either Michael meant to include "away from edge" on every obverse D in order to differentiate them from obverse E which is definitely "close to edge".

    Or, he accidentally copied it from the obverse DE below which is (like Obverse D) also away from the edge.

    I certainly wouldn't expect the V over inverted A to be different from any other obverse D coins.

    Do you have a particular coin that you are looking at in hand ?

  4. Rob

    I'm not sure where you found that JB has the signature in a different place.  As you say, they are all obverse D (Freeman 2).

    I agree about the Je to Jk repairs. I'm assuming that collectors have sent in photos of these repairs to Michael who decided to include them, purely for illustration. The list of die repairs is virtually endless and I personally don't regard them as particularly noteworthy, other than the occasional spectacular example, e.g. N over Z, E over P etc.

    Clearly, these repairs are of interest to some collectors, viz Larry's numerous examples of similar repairs on halfpennies on this Forum.

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  5. This penny is listed as an "E over F" in the next LCA - can anyone see anything to verify this ? And why would anyone have picked up an "F" punch to work on the reverse die of a bronze "ONE PENNY" ? And would an "F" punch of this size even exist ?