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  1. secret santa

    More Pennies

    Not the greatest photo but looks like an R or S (I'm not convinced there's a difference between the 2 varieties).
  2. secret santa

    Gardening advice required

    I fear that my wife will not support the installation of this device because squirrels are so fluffy and entertaining.
  3. secret santa

    Stuff to Make Us Laugh

    Idris Elba - think recent Ann Boleyn.
  4. secret santa


    Not a lot, I venture to suggest.
  5. secret santa


    Not necessarily - I'd interpret it as 13 other bidders having maximum bids one increment below Mick's. A bit of a coincidence but if the bids were around the estimated price, then not altogether unlikely in my view.
  6. secret santa


    As I posted last week, I secured a lot at £140 below my maximum bid. And every time I've attended their auctions (literally dozens) it's appeared to be done fairly. But, who knows ?
  7. Looks like another example of police brutality to me. Or, at the very least, indecent assault.
  8. secret santa

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114834798543?hash=item1abcaff7cf:g:dMAAAOSwNhJgklqM £600 for a worthless 1900 penny, and that's not the worst bit - economy delivery is a mere £800 !!!!! What planet do these cretins inhabit ?
  9. secret santa

    Side effects of the covid vaccine

    Yes, we had the Pfizer jab and had no side effects from the 1st jab but after the 2nd I had a very sore arm for a couple of days and my wife was quite poorly for 2-3 days. Still, small price to pay.
  10. In Spink's Coins of England (Decimal Issues), your specimen (with obverse by Ian Rank-Broadley and without denomination) is recorded as H29 and, as Pete stated above, it was issued in the various Royal Mint folders. Coins with obverse by Jody Clark are recorded as H31, also without denomination although the Battle of Britain 50ps struck for circulation did contain the denomination (50 PENCE) .
  11. secret santa

    More Pennies

    A couple of undescribed decent pennies - 1860 missing colon dots and 1861 F25 have just been withdrawn from Ebay. It will be interesting to see if they reappear.
  12. secret santa


    A wooden tooth pick is perfect.
  13. secret santa

    More Pennies

    I've never seen a specimen well worn through circulation as per every other date so that must mean something ? Although, if the bronze coins were issued soon after, maybe they wouldn't have circulated for very long anyway. So, actually, I've added nothing of value to the debate.
  14. secret santa

    Charles Kennedy

    Why does the subject of politics make people think that they can behave like Trolls ?
  15. And I'm not convinced about the 1863 over 1.
  16. secret santa

    More Pennies

    Or, being incuse on the working die, a cavity that gradually filled ?
  17. secret santa


    This lockdown has a lot to answer for....................
  18. secret santa

    CGS Grading

    I always struggle to understand how 3rd party graders can hope to achieve consistency given that the same person won't always grade a particular denomination of coin, the lighting conditions (whether natural or artificial) will always be slightly different when examining the coin, and it's not possible to make comparisons with other coins of that denomination other than via photographs and we all know how photos of the same coin can differ dramatically depending on conditions and technology used. Theoretically, the only way to grade truly accurately would be to have a library set of every denomination of coin in every physical (not photographs) grade to make side by side comparisons. Given that that's not practical, we have to accept that 3rd party graders will have to work from previous photographs of similar coins and written descriptions of grades, much like the rest of us, and can only be accurate to within a range of uncertainty.
  19. secret santa

    Halfpenny ID check

    I'm sure it's obverse 11 - see my halfpenny website to get you more confused !
  20. Absolutely - they are spherical beads quite separate from the rim and linear circle. Sometimes, parts of a toothed border may appear to be beaded but they will not be separate from the rim. Beaded border Toothed border with some teeth looking like beads, particularly between the I and A.
  21. secret santa


    What are you testing ?