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  1. secret santa


    Do you mean suck seed ?
  2. Any pictures of a 1903 florin anyone ?
  3. secret santa


    Presumably they will ban you if use the phrase "frog in my throat" ?
  4. secret santa


    What on earth is this world coming to..................
  5. secret santa

    More Pennies

    Not convinced !
  6. secret santa

    More Pennies

    A decent 1893/2 sold recently on Ebay for £175 - see https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144097308499?ul_noapp=true Strangely, it's now for sale at £500 from the same vendor............... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144118332001?hash=item218e1f3a61:g:GFQAAOSwM-xg3fL6
  7. secret santa


    and Obv *8 Rev C#
  8. secret santa


    I'm posting the following images for Gary: Obv 7 Rev C#
  9. secret santa


    I can't get at those scans......
  10. 1 - We've been in the same house for almost 20 years and never previously had trouble with squirrels digging up the lawn. They've always been around, leaping through the trees but this winter they've decimated my lawn and they're still at it, nearly every day. 2 - I've had a pond for almost 20 years and never had a problem with duckweed but this spring it's appeared for the first time and doubles in number every day. I fish a lot out with a sieve every few days but it comes back even denser. Help !
  11. I still maintain that one can't tell whether a coin has been "cleaned" or not from a photograph. Photos can differ dramatically according to the technology and lighting that are used to take them. None of the coins pictured above look particularly different from many other of the London Coins photos. There will never be a substitute for examining the coin in hand. If in doubt before buying or bidding, check that you can return the coin if not satisfied.
  12. I see that LCA have an 1875 F79 penny in their next auction, described as very rare. I have gone back through their auction archives and, indeed, there are not many examples. My own archive compilation has only 11 in total. Can it really be that rare ? Perhaps collectors could share their specimens and I'll decide whether to add it to the rare penny site.
  13. secret santa

    1875 F79 Penny

    I bought the F79 in this week's DNW sale. It's virtually BU.
  14. The 1869 penny was described as "wiped" in the catalogue. What exactly does this mean ???? I can "wipe" my brow or I can "wipe" all trace of something. Another ambiguous term.
  15. yes, that was a nice overdate - I had it down as a possibility but drew the line at the F6A and the F79.
  16. It certainly looks very nice in the DNW photo.
  17. secret santa

    Decimal coinage

    They all have denominations: https://www.westminstercollection.com/p-403M/50th-Anniversary-of-the-50p-Military-BU-Set.aspx
  18. Mike - the Freeman 7 went for £500 hammer - it was the nice F1 that didn't sell, surprisingly. I expect your 7 was a typo. The 1864 was a good buy - nearly went for it.
  19. secret santa

    Gardening advice required

    When I saw there'd been another response, I thought that maybe I'd got a sensible reply...........................Silly me !!!!
  20. "cleaning" is a dangerous word - does it mean the careful removal of lumps of dirt or grease or is it the artificial enhancement of lustre ? A more descriptive word would be more useful.