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  1. Absolutely right Mike - that's why I posted it !!!
  2. One thing's for sure - you can't make a decision on whether a coin is bronzed from a photograph. See the photos below of the same coin: LCA (top pic) and NGC (lower pic) both describe the coin as bronzed copper. My own photo shows a very patchy colour, unlike the consistent finish that Rob describes. So, is this bronzed or not ?
  3. secret santa

    Halfpenny ID check

    Please let me know if it's as good as it sounds and I'll get a copy to update my halfpenny site.
  4. Today, from nowhere, my browsers have virtually slowed to a halt. When typing from the keyboard, each character takes at least a second to appear on the screen. There is not a problem typing into a Word document. Similarly, it takes several seconds to open a new tab in either Chrome or Edge. The scroll wheel on the mouse is similarly delayed in action which makes the sizing of images on a web page impossible. A broadband check shows that speed is unaffected. The PC has become unusable. Any advice out there ?
  5. secret santa

    My Browsers have ground to a halt

    I've never knowingly downloaded restoro and a search with File Explorer doesn't find it so it's still mysterious. Malwarebytes says it blocked it rather than deleted it. I'll read your link later, Mike - thanks for that.
  6. secret santa

    My Browsers have ground to a halt

    Even weirder - I have downloaded Malwarebytes and run a scan and although it didn't find anything, it seems to have cured the problem in all browsers - but time will tell. Actually, I've found that it blocked a website called restoro.com which "appears to be malicious" - maybe that's the cause ?
  7. secret santa

    My Browsers have ground to a halt

    This is weird - 24 hours on and Firefox has now slowed to a standstill like the other browsers. It must be a virus.
  8. secret santa

    My Browsers have ground to a halt

    I have now installed the Firefox browser which is so far working perfectly which suggests to me that a virus has somehow infected both Chrome and Edge although as I said before, McAfee scans don't find any issues. Strange !!!
  9. secret santa

    My Browsers have ground to a halt

    Onedrive is using nearly 30% CPU; nothing else reaches double figures & most are zero.
  10. secret santa

    My Browsers have ground to a halt

    What should I be looking for - something that takes all the CPU or something that takes all the memory ?
  11. secret santa

    My Browsers have ground to a halt

    McAfee scan shows no issues.
  12. secret santa

    Back to the future?

    It's really quite simple - my generation was raised on feet and inches and pounds and ounces. We think in those units and can estimate in those units. Don't ask me to describe a person's height and weight in metres and kilograms. I can't do it - full stop. I have to do a mental conversion whenever metric is used. Use the 2 systems in parallel until my generation is dead.
  13. The deadliest footballer in the box of my generation.
  14. secret santa

    The Iain Dracott halfpenny article

    I have these articles and could send scans if required.
  15. secret santa

    More Pennies

    Ian, are you happy that I add these pics to my varieties website, crediting you ?
  16. secret santa

    More Pennies

    As you know, Ian, I started to work on this and soon gave up !
  17. Much like many Ebay sellers.................
  18. secret santa

    More Pennies

    No, I've only got the photos of it !
  19. secret santa

    has there been a software change?

    Yes, I can get on now.
  20. secret santa

    More Pennies

    This is the Jackson coin.
  21. The last of my 'heroes' has gone. This shitty world has just got a whole lot worse.
  22. I won 2nd prize for my runner beans today (mine are on the left in the picture) and 1st prize for longest runner bean (mine is the curly one on the top). All that hard work paid off !