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  1. secret santa

    More Pennies

    The true 1858 over 3 (or 2 as is now thought) always has a die flaw through the base of the date numerals:
  2. Please post a photo of the obverse
  3. Could you post the 1909 obverse please so that I can add it to the website
  4. secret santa

    F38 having 2 different obverse dies

    Ah yes, I hadn't recalled that or even seen it when looking through it last night - I bow to your superior knowledge, Gary 😡
  5. secret santa

    F38 having 2 different obverse dies

    I don't think that he goes into the number of die pairings found for any given variety but I'm willing to be proved wrong.
  6. secret santa

    F38 having 2 different obverse dies

    I can only find a mention of an 1862 penny on page 31 which he describes as "as for Number 38" with 2 struck over 1, and which "should be included as Satin 38A", but none of the 1862 2 over 1 examples that I've seen are the F38 die pairing. I'm not sure that John is correct here. Or have I missed something ?
  7. secret santa

    F38 having 2 different obverse dies

    I'll add your coin pics to my website. Would you like me to credit you by name ?
  8. secret santa

    DNW changing names.....?

    I wonder whether the management at Noonan's is aware of our feedback ?
  9. secret santa

    DNW changing names.....?

    No acknowledgement of any kind.
  10. secret santa

    More Pennies

    Yes, definitely Obv 11 - the hair to the left of the tie knot gives it away.
  11. Well done - lovely coin.