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  1. Vote of no confidence tonight. I suspect that the Tories are about to vote themselves out of power for the rest of my life.
  2. Absolutely - a referendum should be a binary question, i.e. either option A or option B
  3. In order to be truly democratic there should be a people's vote on whether to have a second referendum.😈
  4. secret santa

    Sanny Bryson

    Check out these 2 websites below. Your penny is almost certainly a BP1860T and you will find examples of the coin on the rarestpenny site and information about the coin on the pennyvarieties site (go to the Victoria obverse page, look under obverse G).
  5. We're only talking of those that survived rather than those struck - there may have been several of these different anomalies which have got lost over the years.
  6. secret santa

    Windows Photo Gallery no longer supported

    I think I've answered my own question - Windows Photos seems to do the job.
  7. I am currently going through the traumatic process of upgrading my desktop PC and have found that Windows Photo Gallery is no longer available. I have previously used that to open photographs, rotate them, crop them etc - can anyone suggest a suitable alternative please ?
  8. secret santa

    LCA December

    The results are now up and differ a little from what I observed in the room. The R over B was unsold as was the 1827. For every lot, Steven Lockett announces that "£x is bid" and then if there are no further bids the hammer drops (actually he taps a drinking glass with a biro) and one might assume that it's been sold for £x. But no, either he's just flying a kite or someone has bid below the reserve (although this happens so often that it can't be a coincidence). It would be more honest to say "I'm looking for £X" in my opinion.
  9. secret santa

    LCA December

    Yes, I'd noticed that it was the same coin and wasn't surprised that they were selling it on because it's so nice - much better than the description in my opinion. Having seen it in hand, I thought it would go for much more. I think they will be disappointed in yesterday's price which I put down entirely to the lousy quality of the LCA photos on their website. The quality has really gone downhill over the last year or so. They are doing themselves no favours either by their poor picture quality or their failure to allow online bidding.
  10. secret santa

    LCA December

    The die 2 penny went for £5148 which I thought was reasonable. The E over P went for £514.80 but will probably go back as it's no more than a die crack. The R over B went for £397.80 and looks pretty authentic in hand. The 1827 was a real steal at £1287.
  11. And Freeman may have taken his comments from Peck who rates 1935 pennies "artificially toned as issued" as Extremely Common and 1935 "untoned" as Very Rare.
  12. secret santa

    Mintage figures

    Yeah, but he did brilliant.........
  13. secret santa

    Mintage figures

    I'm like surprised that like nobody's like mentioned the like worst one of all.
  14. secret santa

    Mintage figures

    So, how about the totally incorrect use of the word "literally" ? - I literally explode with rage when I hear this thrown into every other sentence.
  15. secret santa

    Mintage figures

    Do you mean RAOTFIS ?