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  1. This one ? (I have the picture - not the coin !)
  2. Definitely an underappreciated variety, along with F20.
  3. Die 3's don't come up very often so, well done. As you say, you have to grab these opportunities when you can (at least that's what I tell myself, and the wife).
  4. DNW are pretty accurate at grading nowadays (by the book) and tend to understate grade as Spink used to be known for, presumably to avoid arguments post-sale from buyers going strictly by the accepted definitions. And, to be fair to DNW, there is the slightest wear on the highest points of Britannia's gown to the right of the shield - but many dealers and sellers would offer this at AU or better. I went up to view the coins pre-sale so I knew this was a good one.
  5. Fortunately, there can't be many more left out there ( I hope !)
  6. Domestic relations are an all-time low despite a gushing Valentine's card yesterday. The new bathroom budget has been blown again on Hiram Brown's F76. I'm in raptures about it but the other half is unimpressed.
  7. I agree - Peck recorded a proof (P1698) with this die-pairing and Gouby notes that some examples are considered specimens - I don't think that there's a definite answer to this one.
  8. Well spotted Terry - I've added it to my site.
  9. secret santa

    1908 F164

  10. secret santa

    More Pennies

    2 earlier versions of the same pattern - I counted the teeth (122 and both A's point to gaps) on the Royal Collection specimen and it was a 3rd specimen. More details on my rare penny website.
  11. secret santa

    More Pennies

    Thanks Terry, that's an interesting site. I've discovered that it holds a 3rd specimen of the QEII pattern penny (122 beads) stating that it was struck on 17 September 1952, backing up the Royal Mint's comments to me when I had my example authenticated.
  12. secret santa

    More Pennies

    Where did you find this information, Terry ?
  13. secret santa

    More Pennies

    Ah yes, F789 - thanks guys.