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  1. Mynki


    So, on the 08th of february just two days before you posted Glencore were at 95.38p. Yesterday they hit £3.07 before falling to £3 each so more than tripled in ten months. Just saying..... Sirius Minerals (SXX on AIM) look interesting. In essence they want to build a mine in Yorkshire, mine a multi nutrient fertiliser and sell it globally. Reserves of their potash could be good for over 100 years. This video covers the details... http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/business/business-news/sirius-minerals-watch-how-potash-12246715 There is obviously risk and I doubt the 20p per share price will move north for a while but if this has more than trebled in five years time I won't be very surprised. Anyway I've put my money where my mouth is buying in at 18.75p the other day. My biggest single AIM based investment ever. Interestingly the shares were 50p before the company had guaranteed stage one financing for it's proposed mine. Existing shareholders were offered extra shares at a discounted rate of 20p (the offer price). The company then confirms that they have stage one finance to begin their project and the shares plunge to below 20p. Lots and lots of shorting has been going on but for a 5 to 10 year investment this could do very well. It's also noce to see some serious investment in the North of England. We all know it needs it! Been trading in and out of Lloyds a lot these last few months due to their volatility and doing OK. Anyone else have any thoughts about current investments?
  2. Mynki

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The condition is absolutely appalling and he's being blatently dishonest in his listing. But come on... Mo posting to Merseyside. I'm sure ebay wouldn't approve!
  3. Mynki

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1827-UNRECORDED-IN-MY-BOOK-THIRD-FARTHING-HIGH-GRADE-almost-200yrs-Old-/252667235317?hash=item3ad4240bf5%3Ag%3AcRUAAOSwImRYEgOu No deliveries to Merseyside!!! LMFAO!
  4. Mynki

    How Are US TPGs with English Coins?

    I'm in total agreement. When I first started reading about TPG's on here and how it was as 'American thing' I thought at the time that it would catch on. After all, globalisation isn't going anywhere and so many things from the US eventually catch on over here it was pretty much guaranteed that interest in grading would increase. It's a damned shame IMHO that we don't have a truly independent and respected UK based TPG specialising in UK coins though.
  5. Mynki

    How Are US TPGs with English Coins?

    Totally understand. I'm not questioning the competence or even integrity of the guys who used to grade for CGS. Really I'm questioning the reputation and integrity of LCGS. As has already been stated they're not a true third party grader as they're clearly not independent due to their links with London Coins. The other concern I'd have is that CGS and now LCGS are not respected on the global stage in the way PCGS and NGC are etc. I have a few I want slabbed, they'll now be going to PCGS or NGC as LCGS have no credibility to me.
  6. Mynki

    How Are US TPGs with English Coins?

    I guess you need to sit down and ask yourself if you think that LCGS will ever become a respected TPG? Do you trust the people behind it to build a trusted company? Each to their own, but after what has just happened with CGS I think I'd avoid them. Or to look at it another way, can you tell me of a valid reason to use LCGS? I ask because right now, I'm struggling when there are respected TPG's who are far more likely to still be respected in the future. All IMHO of course.
  7. Mynki

    LCA December.

    They'd refund immediately I assume. The moment word gets around that they don't refund fakes is the moment they lose credibility and a lot of business.
  8. Asking on behalf of a friend, does anyone know any reputable dealers who has authenticated sovereigns from RMS Douro please? Thanks in advance
  9. Mynki


    UK banks are not doing much at present. Made a little bit trading in and out of HSBC with the generous dividend helping to a degree etc But won't be retiring any time soon. Anyone else looking at anything interesting?
  10. I'm not hearing too much support for the remain campaign either Rob. Right now I think we probably will leave. Friends of mine were telling me why we should leave the other week whilst discussing Somalian immigrants here in the UK. They looked surprised when I pointed out that if we're in or out you'll still have Somalian immigrants entering the UK... Ah well...
  11. Both LC and CC have nice examples of these for sale at present. I've got my eye on one right now. We shall see...
  12. Mynki


    Well HSBC are annoying me. They went from £4.30 to £4.75 quite quickly and are now down to around £4.30 again. Taking into consideration their dividend they look under priced to me but just won't shift upwards. I've been using bullion vault a little bit but I don't know how much more gold will climb. I keep thinking about buying dollars too a taking a punt on Brexit etc. I'm off to South Africa very soon. A couple of friends own private hunting reserves out there. They got involved in game ranching, one of them in a very big way and started breeding line bred antelope for the game hunting industry and the price of their stock rocketed. I had the opportunity to invest in the most random of alternative investments there but it all resembles tulip mania a bit too much to me. It will be interesting to see how his black impala and golden wildebeest are doing these days. We also looked at buying a holiday home on the coast there. Glad we pulled out of that one though as the RSA government changed legislation making it possible for them to reposes property owned by Johnny Foreigner.
  13. Mynki

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I'll pm you later when not on my phone.
  14. Mynki

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I had the listing pulled earlier. Ebay are fantastically strict on what can and can not be stated in a listing. Theirs breached two biggies. Personally i I don't think they expected to sell them for that price. I believe they were listed to draw people to their ebay shop and facebook group. If you check their feedback they appear to be moving very low grade to low grade inventory.
  15. Answer me this... Do the faceless bureaucrats tell me what house and car I can buy? Tell me where I can go on holiday? Who I can be friends with? What hobbies and interests I can pursue? Do they get in the way of either of my jobs? Do they affect my health, wealth and love life? If so, please explain in detail how so. Lets assume we do come out of the EU and I'm starting to think we may. Imagine all of that red tape imposed by these faceless bureaucrats for a moment, do you really think it will all just vanish. Will it all be improved? If people want to live in a nation with genuine 'sovereignty' then they should move to North Korea....
  16. Mynki

    I must be paranoid

    Yes I know Dave, I've looked at the coin, as soon as a good example comes up I'll be looking to buy one, probably. But the reality is that CGS value the coin at £250. A fact you have missed. If you enter the UIN code into the website you'll see the actual CGS valuation on that page. You need to pay attention to detail on the CGS site. In the 2015 edition of Collectors Coins, Chris Perkins values it at just £160 in EF grade. But another fact you've also overlooked on your moan about dealers marking coins up on another thread is that a coin is actually worth what someone will pay for it. Bucks Coins have had that particular coin for sale for quite some time now, it's been viewed over 600 times and still failed to sell. Some (read most) would therefore see it as overpriced.
  17. Mynki

    I must be paranoid

    Ebay is worth a look, just bear in mind that prices can be wildly inconsistent compared to the specialized auction houses. At least the sellers have a really good sense of humour though, just look at their gradings. Remember too that the dealers operating on there are having to add both ebay and paypal commissions to their buy it now listings, which will be around 12.4% ish. I bought a godless florin with a CGS 78 rating from London coins a few months ago for £450. On ebay Buckscoins have a CGS 60 rated example also for sale at £450, people complain that CGS valuations are on the high side, but even they only value the 60 rated coin at £250... I'm sure other people can highlight other vastly over priced examples.
  18. Well I once asked for feedback on Colin Cooke and as it was all positive on here I've bought coins from them. I've found Neil to be very helpful and would have no issues in recommending Colin Cooke to other collectors. It's a damned shame that dealers like them are put off using forums due to a very, very small number of dealer hating, wannabee idjits! I'll be making a couple of bids on this auction anyway.
  19. I've just read the item description "good - high grade". The seller is a complete and utter moron!
  20. There was a good piece on radio 5 about ex pats in Spain on the radio earlier today. Many want to stay in. Their pensions are paid in pounds and leaving is very likely to reduce the value of the pound, certainly in the short term of leaving anyway.
  21. Worth a read... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-35751919
  22. So, how are these alleged immigrants a problem? If they're not in the system they can't be claiming benefits etc.
  23. Just out of interest, what evidence is that statement based on? There will of course be illegal immigrants here. Always has been, always will be just as there are in every other country. But whether we remain in or not, they'll always be here so they make no real difference to the decision to stay in or leave do they?
  24. I think immigration is a subject that some give far too much impotance too. The impartial studies suggest it's not the burden on the UK taxpayer some seem to believe it is. They also forget about the 2 million plus brits working in the EU. I suspect many have issues with people from other countries. Likewise there are some people voting out as they think it will cost Cameron his job. The job he's already planning on resigning from in the near future. These fools really should try and focus on the big picture and the long term future of the UK.
  25. Mynki

    LCA March

    Me too, all five. Three shillings (1842, 1852 and 1856) and two gothic florins (1860 and 1883).