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    Just posting UK is rich in history also one of the oldest currency reserve compare to others,UK is not paying their debt in gold.. before war or post war debt..just a comment,just wonder if UK will pay them like other countries did and what is the role of UK pound or its future to the rest of the world in globalized stock market just a comment.
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    Mrs Peter

    Condolences Peter.
  3. josie


    Sometimes i do look for letters and marks if it is metal,sometimes even old hinges have letters or mark,but im having problem with well known brand and no letters and mark on it specially Victorian and others etc it is very hard to research on who made it and where it came from. At least it is one of those piece will last for a life time maybe,not like other in industrial made and maybe not that good quality easily broken.
  4. josie


    Posting. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scissors http://www.queensnewyork.com/history/hair.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hairstyle http://theknifeconnection.net/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=15 Good film. A pair of scissors.there is also a pair of key hole in block of the pyramid.
  5. Very good thread. I have seen this topic before not sure which forum maybe in CC forum. Maybe it depends where the coins came from,where it is use,who will accept it and who authorize it,somewhat like debasement and purity of silver ever since....from first silver coin or flan to clipping in medieval times to metal composition of silver in the center of a silver coin.. to silver and gold standard, coins in far east have a hole in the center like China and other country like the giant circular stone..Rai stones,dont know when they started coins that have a hole in the center also cowrie shells is empty or nothing in the middle or inside i think.
  6. josie

    Recent aquisitions

    Nice token. I did bought GETTONE token,,BELGIE 25c 1938 and several worn 191o downwards UKGB ... penny from car boot last June.
  7. Happy 4th of July. Members can update this every year if members like. Just a comment.
  8. Posting. Maybe same as this one? http://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_694123 This is the nearest i think. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comptometer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Method_of_complements
  9. Early mechanical adding and subtracting machine,from Abacus to calculator to cash register to computer,adding machine was invented by pascal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal%27s_calculator I do not know what denominations they have in 193o,if the nos. in the machine is fraction or not,add all nos. o-9...1-8 still 9 last digit decimal or predecimal?. just a comment.
  10. Posting... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_George
  11. English language is getting harder and harder for me these days...still trying to learn. From start of this thread it is more like a passion for football like passion for politics and passion for raw and slab coins it is like debate in all isshhh language .English or Scottish At least i know the debate in slab coins that is enough for me.
  12. Thanks Nordie,next time use He,male or bloke or lad.
  13. Yes. it is broken. Old broken compvter still in latin v,maybe it is time for me to learn,slang..idiom etc,even it is broken i did post and stay active and learn a lot.
  14. I think it is more than quantitative research,techniqves,and analysis they are vsing..bottom line profit,they have to wait for gracing period to log in. When they pass the bovndary line....then they will post for their Ads,Im still learning ettiqvtte etc in the web,bvt there are people these days that think and act that they dont care and act like they are more better than the owner or residence or members of the place or site,(thanks for members that are watching things in this site}... sorry for that....bvt that what i observe long time ago.another white hair for me...jvst a comment.
  15. How funny is this ad?..... He must be using a translation program to convert from Spanish! At least he may be vsing translation in google.I am now learning to search qvotes in google. I keep in mind to step my toe in the right place here,I may step someone and weigh me in the scale vsing a piedfort plan in the scale......especially abovt ads. Jvst a comment.
  16. I do not know what are the laws of America regarding 1oo yr. old coins for importing or exporting coins,seen some article that there is an issve moving ancient and 1oo year old coins in America. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:NhzlLRgrfgIJ:coins.about.com/b/2007/02/01/coin-collecting-faces-a-dire-legal-threat.htm+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ie There is a thread in this site abovt foreign coins and cvstom laws of each covntries,not svre if it is related to coin prices and not commvnicating to other markets.I thovgth there will be a comparison between GC of America and GB that may effect the price of a coin.seen some article year 2o14 that America cvstom did get several ancient coins do not know if they get british coin 18oo onwards bvt some articles are saying first 13 state coins of America in 16oo are not allowed to be exported i think .
  17. young and old both dont hold back,older have a bigger thigh when they speak they make the young awe. Better for the young to walk with the old and wise...all the best for the team.
  18. England did block several shot of Italy by the players not the goal keeper good defense. England keep attacking and kicking taking the play on there shovlder impressive for yovng players to take a shot. Maybe it is jvst me that I expect England will take them in second half they are yovng loads of energy.
  19. Maybe someday England, or maybe Ireland may have a dream team or other new best player in there generation,,maybe Philippines may also pass the elimination it will take several generation to have good players for soccer,most like basketball in there soccer ball in the hoop in the early days of baskettball. Rvgby,soccer a team game like hand to hand...shovlder to sholder game of vnity. Like liverpool team when they win the cvp that they came behind,the coach of England is English like latin motto and can speak 5 langvage a lingvist maybe like others who like latin motto. Like other motto like measvre for measvre,ovnce for ovnce. Before the first half is over most players boith are tired i think. Hope England will pounce back in there next game.
  20. New generation of player...they say mostly compose of yovng players....hope they play like america hockey team that beat Rvssia,by strength and resistance against veteran players,waiting for England players to move fast back and forth in the field it did not happen,..instead they are phasing and setting the game,Italy can gasp for air in that way...jvst a comment maybe next time british coach.