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  1. Hope that UKGB can have both worlds be part of EU and Commonwealth and can easily trade all over the world and control its border etc. and maybe EU can use the pound as its currency instead of Euro to counter the dollar or Yuan just a posting.
  2. Crazy weather

    They say UKGB have a unique location... that's why it have that kind of wheather, located in between continental Europe and USA also,from time to time some polar jet stream from the north,sometimes warm air from south of Atlantic like last December sometimes weather is crucial specially when farming.on other things exchange rate of that tough sterling Pound inside the airport in UKGB i think is quite high almost half or 3/4 slice the value of Euro and other expenses is still quite high for ordinary pundit like me all things are getting expensive now these days.
  3. Crazy weather

    It was forecast to have some snow it happens sometimes it was not that bad in Chelmsford a couple of days ago,back to 4 seasons in a minute here.
  4. Markets

    Just posting UK is rich in history also one of the oldest currency reserve compare to others,UK is not paying their debt in gold.. before war or post war debt..just a comment,just wonder if UK will pay them like other countries did and what is the role of UK pound or its future to the rest of the world in globalized stock market just a comment.
  5. Mrs Peter

    Condolences Peter.
  6. Putter-togetherers

    Sometimes i do look for letters and marks if it is metal,sometimes even old hinges have letters or mark,but im having problem with well known brand and no letters and mark on it specially Victorian and others etc it is very hard to research on who made it and where it came from. At least it is one of those piece will last for a life time maybe,not like other in industrial made and maybe not that good quality easily broken.
  7. Putter-togetherers

    Posting. Good film. A pair of scissors.there is also a pair of key hole in block of the pyramid.
  8. Very good thread. I have seen this topic before not sure which forum maybe in CC forum. Maybe it depends where the coins came from,where it is use,who will accept it and who authorize it,somewhat like debasement and purity of silver ever since....from first silver coin or flan to clipping in medieval times to metal composition of silver in the center of a silver coin.. to silver and gold standard, coins in far east have a hole in the center like China and other country like the giant circular stone..Rai stones,dont know when they started coins that have a hole in the center also cowrie shells is empty or nothing in the middle or inside i think.
  9. Recent aquisitions

    Nice token. I did bought GETTONE token,,BELGIE 25c 1938 and several worn 191o downwards UKGB ... penny from car boot last June.
  10. Happy 4th of July. Members can update this every year if members like. Just a comment.
  11. Posting. Maybe same as this one? This is the nearest i think.
  12. Early mechanical adding and subtracting machine,from Abacus to calculator to cash register to computer,adding machine was invented by pascal. I do not know what denominations they have in 193o,if the nos. in the machine is fraction or not,add all nos. o-9...1-8 still 9 last digit decimal or predecimal?. just a comment.