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  1. First worlds and there stock markets and there currencies who will ride?At the very least they have a system etc. just a comment. first world they must be the leaders.
  2. Just posting.Maybe. Trade-weighted US dollar GBR sterling pound and commonwealth EU euro?
  3. Celtic Coin, what do you think ?

    Just posting ,Zeno Paradoxes,Eye of Horus.Imperial weight and Measure,Coin and fractional denomination and weight and dimension ratio?Megalith and ancient Celtic coin recording events in the sky coin astronomy?Archaeoastronomy? 1/64? denomination seen other Celtic coin in the web with loads of dots and blank on the other face or side days before every moon phase or cycle depending what tribe or coin or Megalith they have?maybe? maybe
  4. Trump v Clinton

    Business,Politics,Government, as one?with Currency?Cents-Pound?
  5. Brexit and money talk

    Just posting.
  6. Brexit and money talk

    Just posting. Judiciary???,Parliament House of Commons,House of Lords?,People,UKGB, Queen?EU? What will happen if MPs voted against article 50 who will have a majority in next election and what will be the value of the pound then? It seems UKGB is the epicenter ? ¿ ? Never ending one on top of another?
  7. Brexit and money talk

    Supreme Court?European Court of Justice?International Court of Justice? MPs,People,Referendum.? ? ∞ ?
  8. Brexit and money talk

    Just posting.,_2016 De Facto Constitution? Central Bank?Government?Constitution? Brexit,Referendum,Law,Act,Bill,Demarcation line?
  9. Brexit and money talk

    Very good info. they really love spelling?Philip pines?Fine, Central Bank of Philippines it means maybe they owned most bulk of gold reserve in the world,Philippines due to high temperature create other minerals into gold,Tectonic plate etc,... Maybe that's why 2008 others banks don't want to trade to each other that is the main reason for the collapse? and later on the hardest hit was Ireland RECORD bail out?squeeze bet all strata of politics,economics,etc between USA,EU and UKGB? Monument or Megalith of today banking and stock market?No war,peace time even in the time of easy money 2004-2008 I thought EU will boom several state merging with combination of UKGB AND COMMONWEALTH and the POUND?all of a sudden crisis,I did not read that but other predicted it.. On that time thought the world will be in chaos or will end feels like that way. even they don't yet merge EU and other continent to have their own super state maybe others have there own plan?They created is a load of hardship,body ache tears and sorrow it just like they are playing like gods? Follow the Money. Keeping up with the Joneses. You should maybe look up which banks the Rothschilds own?, just a sequences of thought? just posting?.
  10. Celtic Coin, what do you think ?

    Just posting. geoglyph? Pegasus?Unknown Horse constellation Celtic,Domestication of Animals,Hunter Gatherer dog,Farming,goat,Bull or cows,War Horses,they may also represent constellation?carrier today in information Hi-way?
  11. Brexit and money talk

    Just thinking bansky art of two couple hugging each other while texting they say internet is addicting maybe through cell phone or computer internet another kind of activities stimulate the brain?
  12. Brexit and money talk

    just posting. I question?,Israel question?.Jewish Israel?Christian Israel? and there fore fathers?Conspiracies? 1% of elite wealth more than 99% wealth on this planet where it goes wrong?Maybe they are using the money and power to build a Temple or something like Ancient monument made by the elite?nothing change?
  13. Brexit and money talk

    If Nissan leave in two years or more from now this company are taking over the market now? They must building up there sales and supply chain? maybe they are on a research on electrical-electronics-mechanical car,smart car or no driver car etc robotics etc?
  14. Brexit and money talk

    Maybe UKGB can flood the market with UKGB products like cars etc and supply them with spare parts,Nissan will stay and will make a super factory something base in UKGB for EU,wish DMC in Ireland.
  15. Celtic Coin, what do you think ?

    Just posting. Maybe Sirius,Sun,dog and Horse?Domesticated or in the wild?