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  1. Help with academic study requested - survey for coin collectors

    That's a very good info. Any results on the survey for slab or raw Irish coins?
  2. I'm just thinking between gold and silver currency and GB sterling pound and other coins and currency that other commonwealth countries now use then in the pre WWI,now most countries use fiat money the more they use the more it grows for now leading currency reserve is the USA dollar among its stocks market and federal reserve banks and multinational banks and companies,third in ranking is London stock exchange in between USA stock market and European stock market there is a cable connecting USA and Europe with the help of high speed internet UKGB maybe can connect or merge the two market to make it a free single stock exchange with UKGB as the third stock market with commonwealth maybe to cushion or to take over if any shift of leading currency or if USA dollar goes down and take over by Renminbi just thinking it is always stock market is one of the test use in ones country to test their currency,economy,maybe political events and policies etc.especially if China Renminbi will goes as a reserve currency and heavily traded by USA-China export-Import Trade?socialist-capitalist? just in case they will have a problem if not other small countries can be bullied by any form just a comment maybe like the Russian Crisis I'm just worried what these world leaders up in there mind and will surprise the common people especially loads of things happening this year most of them or there leaders or there people do it for a silver currency Fiat manipulation,devaluation,inflation if any ,SDR,legal tender in there law,union of state or nation or who will be a next supper power along with other super power or what is the destiny or predestined UKGB and the pound if there is any for it wont go it always stay as it is for a long time till now against all the odds.
  3. What are the chances that EU will use GB pound as legal tender? What are the chances that current commonwealth countries and other countries that will apply will use GB pound as their Legal tender? Among the basket of International reserve currencies in the western world and English speaking countries Sterling Pound is the oldest, USA dollar-GB pound-EU euro soon Renminbi,Rand?Rupee?Rubles?Maybe others are looking for strong or dominant reserve currency besides US dollar if other major currencies cannot stay in there current place or standing and might create a space or vacuum for other currencies to step forward just a comment.Just posting.
  4. I thought in the past that the pound will be demonetized or UKGB will join EU and Euro for stronger currency like super state, like USA but with additional members outside EU due to commonwealth countries and other countries occupied by EU member state in a way EU will unite and make a super federal state even countries outside Europe or organization or make one super currency but the pound will not go and it stay,today i think it is the value of pound against all the wishes of other world leaders and financial organization lowest level since 1985 maybe Margaret and Reagan era don't know what they are up to in those time why pound came to its lowest in history maybe they are blocking trade from Russia, I admire and impress on UKGB referendum mostly western countries do make there history and still now the people of UK and its government and its pound are still making its history, I'm just sometime awe in some reports on sky depends on there line which side they support from time to time leap of faith comes out in the mouth of younger generation. I'm just a commenting ,having my opinion,expressing myself and beside I'm watching any development in Europe and USA or in the world that will effect other countries it may means progress or hardship and it is mostly attached to currency and coins etc that they can sometimes predict an outcome to prepare for something in the near future or any prophetic events that world powers and there leaders are doing so I keep watching.

    Belated Happy Birthday.
  6. Just posting. From Monarchy to democracy to capitalism to corporation???From gold,silver to digital to QE.From world reserve currency for trade to currency to Security to one percent of worlds wealth. What will happen to top major world reserve currency if sterling pound is gone?
  7. Hope that UKGB can have both worlds be part of EU and Commonwealth and can easily trade all over the world and control its border etc. and maybe EU can use the pound as its currency instead of Euro to counter the dollar or Yuan just a posting.
  8. Crazy weather

    They say UKGB have a unique location... that's why it have that kind of wheather, located in between continental Europe and USA also,from time to time some polar jet stream from the north,sometimes warm air from south of Atlantic like last December sometimes weather is crucial specially when farming.on other things exchange rate of that tough sterling Pound inside the airport in UKGB i think is quite high almost half or 3/4 slice the value of Euro and other expenses is still quite high for ordinary pundit like me all things are getting expensive now these days.
  9. Crazy weather

    It was forecast to have some snow it happens sometimes it was not that bad in Chelmsford a couple of days ago,back to 4 seasons in a minute here.
  10. Markets

    Just posting UK is rich in history also one of the oldest currency reserve compare to others,UK is not paying their debt in gold.. before war or post war debt..just a comment,just wonder if UK will pay them like other countries did and what is the role of UK pound or its future to the rest of the world in globalized stock market just a comment.
  11. Mrs Peter

    Condolences Peter.
  12. Putter-togetherers

    Sometimes i do look for letters and marks if it is metal,sometimes even old hinges have letters or mark,but im having problem with well known brand and no letters and mark on it specially Victorian and others etc it is very hard to research on who made it and where it came from. At least it is one of those piece will last for a life time maybe,not like other in industrial made and maybe not that good quality easily broken.
  13. Putter-togetherers

    Posting. Good film. A pair of scissors.there is also a pair of key hole in block of the pyramid.